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  1. I really like my Scum pilot in HOTAC. Works great so far! I will only take scum pilot abilities as I level up more. Made this dup top lay when the wife's working late or doing homework: Scum hawk 'Carbonhawk' that was a bounty hunter back in my SWTOR playing days. PS4 - Greedo - Cloaking Device - TLT - Moldy Crow -Stealth Device - Predator He's running with a B-wing piloted by my Commando (Republic Trooper) from SWTOR, 'Jumpsteady'. PS4 - Sensor Jammer - A. Proton Torpedo - Proton Torpedo - HLC - Navigator - Predator (yeah PS3 and predator made this last mission a nice walk in the park) Taking these two down the 2 story arcs the wife and I blew on our current runthrough. (2-1 Imps with 2 stage 3 missions left!)
  2. any way to still grab these? Links I clicked are all dead.
  3. I followed the suggested printing materials that came with the set and had them printed at Staples. Did my own cutting and mounted the turrets with small split pins. Nothing was difficult to cut. Mounted the mines, ion clouds and station pieces to mattboard I picked up from Michaels. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/3180149/thehastytadpole I did print a bunch of character sheets on the extra full sheet lables I had. 1, pencil erases better off of them, and Ive been able to cut out shield, hull and action numbers/icons from other ships to make my stat card accurate. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/3180152/thehastytadpole
  4. I guess I shouldnt be surprised with the collector "trait" a lot of us have that there are other AFOLs here. http://brickset.com/sets/ownedby-TheHastyTadpole Since I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2011 I have been collecting Lego (mostly Star Wars) with the extra money.
  5. I would buy these if I saw them on etsy. . . . .ijs
  6. Just wanted to post my Y and my wifes X builds now that we're 5 missions deep into our campaign. So far the only mission we've completely failed was the 2nd one in the capture officer arc, which is a bummer because I was really looking forward to the 3rd mission there. Oh well, next campaign! We have survived a few by the skin of our teeth and the Wife's ejected twice now and I have once. Anyhow, we've been really successful with this combo lately. We're both really new to X-wing and pretty much played only HotAC with my ever growing collection of ships and cards. (and Lego proxies) Beaver Squadron: Zeus - Y-wing - PS (6) - R2 Astromech - Advanced Proton Torpedo - Proton Torpedo - Ion Cannon - Extra Munitions - PTL - Engine Upgrade - Trick Shot (fire torpedoes out of arc) - Shield Upgrade. Airburner - X-wing - PS (5) - R2-D2 - Advanced Proton Torpedo/Proton Torpedo - Extra Munitions (House Rule lets her take 2 of either torp or one of each) - Pilot Ability that gives free Target Lock on enemy who targeted her - Shield Upgrade - Predator I'm Zeus, and with that build Ive got 4 torpedoes, and can fire them 360*, a boost, and can still ion tag a target. I feel like a boss in this ship. If I can get in range 1, Ill PTL and focus+TL for a nasty modified 5 dice attack, or I can PTL > Boost > TL for the standard torpedoes and do a lot of arc dodging with return torpedos. R2 lets me clear the stress with any speed 1 or 2 maneuver the following round, and the 4 torpedoes have seemed enough for our 2 player opposition size. My wife doesn't seem to do as well, although I just suggested she pick up Predator and I let her upgrade to a T-70 for 5XP when she leveled to PS (5) and that upped her contribution to the battle a lot this last mission (part 2 of minefield). I think going forward in the T-70 with Predator, she'll rack up some more XP. To help her out, Ive made a few XP house rules, like adding mission complete XP (2 per mission per pilot) and adding 1 XP for a Crit (so long as it lands on a hull and a card is flipped) and giving her 1 assist XP if I kill a ship she damaged. It's all about fun right?
  7. hah. this thread. I picked up both cores and everything needed to play HotAC with my wife and, as STAR WARS FANATICS, we love this game. We'll never tournament, I'll never know what pulping your aces does, and I could not be having any more fun on game nights. Fun > all for me. But hey, I didnt PVP in MMOs or enjoy trying to kill my friends in Halo. I liked to Raid and do co-op in FPS. Im sure I'll keep on having fun battling co-op and a few vs. with my wife, flying the star ships I recognize from a galaxy Ive loved my whole life. We watch Rebels and cant wait to pick up some of Sabines Ties! Not for any other reason that Sabine is an awesome character in the show and we want to make up some fun scenarios to fly that ship in. Hell, I made one out of Lego after I saw that episode Im glad I signed up for the forums (honestly just to see what was in Mission Control ) so I could see this thread tho. If this is how casual is seen I know that I probably shouldnt go to the X-wing nights the guys at my comic shop keep trying to tell me about when I buy more stuff. Well, back to making a Lego proxy for the Rebel Transport so we can do the HotAC missions that need it.
  8. +1, new to X-wing and found Mission Control a couple days ago. MC has amazing potential. I hope it gets some love and updates.
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