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  1. Thx for clarification about that, I understand that if rebel hero was withdrawed then he doesnt receive credits.
  2. Should I understand that if IP will kill Han it means that all heroes withdraw and they do not recieves credits?
  3. Hi, watch for spoilers below... I played today Fly Solo, as my get ready for campaign training. I'm playing alone to make sure I will be ready with rules when playing with my friends this week. It was my first time to approach this mission, as I just bought the game. After playing 5 times and seeing that there is no point to continue for Rebels, I Gave Up. BUT... I went to prizes for scenario and found out that Rebel's prizes are pretty awesome independly from scenario results. They recieving 100 credits for each player in game, so if I play with 4 heroes Irecieving 400 credits. Then if you opened the door within 3 turns once again 100 credits for each. Do I interpret above correctly? What if I would play only with two heroes? If yes, I think, the clue of the mission from Imperial perspektive is to not allow to open the door in 3 rounds, and not to kill Han, but to eliminate as much heroes as possible before Han will escape. On Rebel side it would be best option to lose Han as fast as possible or escape... Opening door within 3 rounds is not a big deal for Rebels. Sry for language. Regards. Just to add, roleplaying aspect is also achieved in above approach. Introduction to scenario builds a feeling that no one cares about Han as much as for information he have. No one says find and rescue Han, debrief says, go and find what Han found.
  4. Thanks for sharing. What are the dimensions of your box?
  5. I took second chance today - little adjustment to my deck [still questing is a failure] - won after 8 rounds Question: If I use Feint - do this enemy Shadow Card effect should be still applied [ex: de-attach item]? In my opinion No, as the attacker do not take attack phase so no revealing shadow card. Today I will look into all FFG erratas and FAQ. Second question: Have you got some tips how you organize your card in the box? or how you store them on daily basis?
  6. Hi, First of all thank you all for all advises I had read in this forum. I was look pretty long for a solo board game. After many final decisions I found that LoTR LCG suits me at best even that it is my first card game and second board game. I even didnt know what LCG means. While I wait for my order which unfortunately was delayed for a week I took opportunity to get familiar with this forum, BGG resource and other links mainly proposed here. But I never look into sites which shows how cards look like or any deck building tips. I wanted to start by my self. I ordered Core Set + hunt for Gollum + dead marshes + two first saga expansion [not Hobbit]. Yes it was all bet. Succesful. Easy i thought after reading scenario reviews for Core Set (no spoilers ofcourse), I decided that I will build Hobbit deck and I will not use prebuilt one. After recieving my order, I built Deck which I named Old man guide newbie". So Bilbo Bagins, Pippin and Merry. No spoilers also... I was pretty sure it will not take time to finish first scenario if everywhere it is noted as easiest one. It took me 4hours But I won. I finished it after 18 rounds have 38 threat points I took all my cards and only one left on adventure pile. (sry im using polish version, not sure right now how it is named in english). As many mentioned Gandalf was executioner of scenario. My deck wasnt sucessful. I have too much cards on the hand. To low on resources. And most frustrating was lack of willpower to adventure thru the lands. In many rounds i was equal to staging cards. But all Heroes return to homes healthy. So there is room for improvment. So once again thank you for your community and Regards. I'm really happy I got this game.
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