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  1. If you don't think white/male privilege is a thing, or that companies are "pandering" by including women or people of color in their products, maybe stop and consider what the world would look like if you were born something other than white or male. As a thought exercise, imagine the races/genders of every character you love is flipped. All men are now women, all white characters are now non-white. Do you still feel represented? This is what life has been like for everyone who isn't a white man. I'm not saying white men are bad, I'm just saying we've been pandered to for SO long and SO much, that anything that moves the scales SLIGHTLY toward equal representation feels like persecution to some of us. It's not pandering to let other people feel seen the way you have been your entire life. I'm not going to keep preaching, but I wanted to say something because I feel like these attitudes of racial or sexual superiority have been getting louder in geek culture, and I wouldn't feel right ignoring it. I'm looking forward to this game, and I hope we can foster a welcoming and supportive community for everyone that is willing to be welcoming and supportive.
  2. My local store posted that they were shorted on product, and will have a limit of 4 boosters per person per day until they run out, or the next wave of stuff gets shipped. I'm hoping my CoolStuffInc order makes it to me before Christmas...
  3. There are clearly some independently wealthy Star Wars fans that don't have the patience to wait for their booster boxes to arrive.
  4. You won't regret it when you buy 23 packs and pull another Vader.
  5. If the singles in a box are worth more than a box, people will open more boxes, until that is no longer the case. Supply and demand and CCGs yay!
  6. I agree that the market cannot sustain prices like these, I was just shocked to see anyone dropping such cash on singles for a game that isn't even out yet. "I got it first!" might seem cool for a few days until everyone else in the world has access to them.
  7. Zoo wee mama! Are you guys seeing what people are selling some stuff for on eBay? Vader for 70 bucks. Phasma for 25. Crime Lord for 35! Those are actually completed auctions, not "best offer accepted" or asking prices. If this continues for a couple more weeks, it looks like I'll be cracking my boxes, selling the Legendaries, and using the money to buy more boxes!
  8. We're all noobs here by definition, so I'm not sure if these are wrong, but I'd argue with the logic. In the examples, you aren't "resolving" the dice, you are using them for another purpose. So the real question is does +M count as M? I'd say that it does. The dice SHOW melee damage. Maybe not usable melee damage, but that icon sure is on there.
  9. Star Wars: Destiny will be responsible for the return of cards in your bike spokes.
  10. Because there is no use for a card with no die. *Edit* More specificallly, a rare card. If it comes with a die, it is not playable without a die, so no one would (or at least should) buy cards without die included. Your extras will be worthless. Maybe we can make a nice Burger King crown out of them.
  11. There will absolutely be trash Legendaries that are worth a buck. There will also be some worth upwards of 20 bucks. Harmonica was right when they said the free market will decide. If singles prices get too high, more boxes get opened, supply goes up, prices come down. If singles prices are too low, no boxes get opened, singles are all bought up, and supply goes down, so prices then go back up. Unless of course there is no demand for this game, but that seems fairly unlikely.
  12. It's not going to happen in one year, but Star Wars, unlike Magic, has a finite amount of material. If we want the game to last, then that material needs to be spaced out enough to allow it to last. If we accept that the game has a 4-5 year lifespan, then bring it on. Until we have 3 different Sio Bibbles. Then I'm done.
  13. Magic can sustain its model because of draft/sealed play. 80-90+% of all new sets are completely unplayable in competitive constructed games. Those cards get used only in limited games (and around the kitchen table, but those players will just use whatever they have, so it doesn't much matter how good the cards are). So WotC can pump out 1000 cards a year, while really only adding about 100 to the metagame. Destiny does not appear to be built with draft in mind. If there is no use for the "bad" cards, how long are people going to pay for them? I'd love to see 2 sets a year come out. That way we don't burn through the source material at a rapid clip, where in 3 years we've got the second version of BoShek as the headlining card. Sadly, I don't think the CCG model can support that. The metagame will be solved in a matter of 1-2 months, and players will get bored if it sits stagnant for too long, especially if there are degenerate decks because of the tiny initial card pool. Given that we haven't heard anything about a follow-up set yet, I think 4 sets per year is unlikely, as that next set would basically already have to be completely done. So maybe 3 per year? If they keep set sizes small, I could see myself keeping up with this game, even alongside other games.
  14. Would this make my massive SW:CCG collection that is sitting in storage more worthless or less worthless?
  15. Is Kylo Ren too whiny for you? Sort of like...nevermind.
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