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  1. Hey guys, I've been playing Roland solo for my first play through. Gave the last scenario in Night of the Zealot a go last night, got crushed even when forgetting to activate goatmen's retaliate ability!! Is it even possible to beat this scenario solo, or should I try it two handed?
  2. Hopped into my local game shop last night and reserved a Kylo set. Was hoping to pick up some packs this morning when I picked it up, everyone is completely wiped out. Lame. FFG needs to boost production for releases as anticipated as this one. I know, easier said than done. Was able to play a game with the starter at the shop though. Rough going with a 20 card deck, but fun.
  3. Ugh! Three attempts, three failures! The chaos bag is punishing!! Giving it up for tonight, have to go eat some turkey. Try again tomorrow.
  4. I spoke too soon!! Just got it handed to me in act 2. Didn't even make it out of the first location, chaos bag was none to kind to me.
  5. Hey guys, Played my first game tonight with Roland solo. I played on standard difficulty and felt that it was almost too easy. I am pretty sure I followed the rules thoroughly and had the reference handy. I was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience at this level. Thanks!
  6. Hey!! nice to see another newcomer on the forums. I am not alone!! Just got my HFG pack too, haven't had a chance to play the scenario yet. The hall of Beorn is an excellent resource, check this site out too https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/. Welcome!!
  7. Thanks for the tips guys. I just ordered HFG, should be here Wednesday. I think I want to play in order because I do not have much experience with deck building games, played a little magic, but that's it. I'll check eBay out for copies of some of the better cards in the core set, but for now it's full steam ahead on packs!! How often are adventure packs released from one another? Anyone know? Just want to get an idea before I buy my next pack. I know there are tons available now, but was just wondering.
  8. Ok, another question. How necessary is it to buy multiple copies of the core set? I would rather spend money on the expansions and packs, just wondering.
  9. Thank you!! Just got through my first game using the spirit deck. I won, but I think I was using the Lorien Guide incorrectly; don't think I was supposed to be putting progress tokens on the active quest with that card. By the time I figured it out, the game was pretty much over. Anyway, I loved it!! I'm going to pick up the Mirkwood packs through Amazon; local game shop had zilch. Got a lot of catching up to do.
  10. Ok, cards sleeved up and ready for my first game. Question, the rules say to choose a deck from one sphere of influence plus one of the Gandalf ally cards. This would give me, I believe, 30 cards in my deck. Is this the number I should have? I keep reading that decks supposed to be composed of 50 cards.
  11. Got my core set!! Sitting at home reading through the extensive rule book. I wasn't able to get to my local game store. I'm going to wait to play my first game until tomorrow when I can pick up some sleeves, don't want to ruin my new obsession....I mean, investment .
  12. Thanks!! So, I guess I should just try and follow along in order according to release. I'll start with HFG. I can already feel my wallet getting lighter . What do you guys think of the Saga expansions? I hope The Black Riders doesn't take too long to become available. It says it's on the printer. Anyone have an idea of how soon I can expect it to be released after that?
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