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  1. Agree with above, and probably would debate making a few changes to what I just put together. That being said, something like this would probably has a better chance of winning, IMHO. Black Sun Ace (26) - Kihraxz Attanni Mindlink (0), "Hot Shot" Blaster (2), Vaksai (0), Vectored Thrusters (1) Black Sun Ace (26) - Kihraxz Attanni Mindlink (0), "Hot Shot" Blaster (2), Vaksai (0), Vectored Thrusters (1) Black Sun Soldier (16) - Z-95 Headhunter XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1), Feedback Array (2), Guidance Chips (0) Black Sun Soldier (16) - Z-95 Headhunter XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1), Feedback Array (2), Guidance Chips (0) Black Sun Soldier (16) - Z-95 Headhunter XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1), Feedback Array (2), Guidance Chips (0) The tracers help with action economy so that your K-fighters have a good chance at full mod shots on first pass and the feed back make the z's very dangerous blockers.
  2. The dual YT-1300 list will be easier to handle and more forgiving to mistakes. You won't need to manage arcs (outside of maybe trying to dodge a few). Personally I would change the flavor and look at using counter measures/glitterstim etc over engine upgrade. With the low PS Engine upgrade is really only going to help to set-up a block or sneak behind asteroids or gain speed.
  3. In the current "Look out for those crits" Meta, Old school Chewie with DTF is a solid choice, and I have ran it regularly with Rey/Finn/Kanan, add upgrades to flavor (3pts if you use new falcon title)
  4. Not sure where or how it fits best, but wingman is screaming at me as a needed EPT
  5. Looks like it could be fun casually, but be aware that the two bombers don't have the staying power to go right at most other jouster lists. LW Frame may help the bomber. Echo is a little bit of awesome, and if you get good at piloting her only High PS turrets scare her much, and she can solo a list with great piloting and some luck. If I were to fly against it I would likely try to drop the GV before it can shoot, which is possible with most ace type lists. It would be a great way to learn to fly Echo, but in a tournament you will likely bleed MOV even if you do clear the table of your opponents ships.
  6. So, Toyed with my idea and the points. Not sure its amazing, but it should be interesting Green Squadron Pilot (28) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3), Proton Rockets (3), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Wired (1) •Keyan Farlander (41) - B-Wing Push The Limit (3), Fire Control System (2), Seismic Torpedo (2), Extra Munitions (2), B-Wing/E2 (1), •Jan Ors (2) •Biggs Darklighter (31) - X-Wing •R2-D6 (1), Proton Torpedoes (4), Integrated Astromech (0), Crack Shot (1) So, fly in for a joust formation, trying to land just outside rng 3. Then send the A in fast to cause a block. A should TL/evade or focus/evade most the time (if no boost), with wired he re-rolls focus. Biggs should likely use his ability the first time it looks like Keyan will get focused and should try and push damage with that torp early with crack. Keyan should PTL as often as possible and use the stress for off focus. Jan can make any focus taken by Biggs or Keyan an evade instead.
  7. Vader can't take AT, that's why he is a bit more challenging to fly these days, he should have Engine upgrade to help him dodge and control rng
  8. In particular, I recommend using Proxy for upgrades!!!!! In particular the Rebel side. A, needs test pilot and chardaan, B is a lil better when it can use a crew and the X must have integrated astro if no other mod is preferred. As casual players, don't be afraid to use pilots you don't have cards for also. For example, Biggs flying with maybe Keyan and a GSP blocker with PTL and Wired or Snap-shot and Juke. if the points fit a torp on Biggs isn't the worst, but I would keep Kyan relatively cheap, cuz even with Biggs, the Nerf means Keyan will likely be the first target. I'll play around with points and come up with something
  9. I like Jim's idea. Below is sorta what I was thinking. Another interesting idea would be to use PTL Fel or standard whisper to make it hard for them to get arcs on you. Omega Squadron Pilot (18) - TIE/FO Fighter - Crack Shot (1) Omega Squadron Pilot (18) - TIE/FO Fighter - Crack Shot (1) •"Omega Leader" (26) - TIE/FO Fighter - Juke (2), Comm Relay (3) •Countess Ryad (36) - TIE Defender - Push The Limit (3), TIE/x7 (-2), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) I have played around with this idea a lot. It has 2 hard hitting potential blocker/fodder (hard hitting due to crack and speed (get in close for extra die) or if he uses lower PS bombers these guys have a PS advantage. Ryad is a typical beast, and if she can either get in behind or flank side to side with 5k's and barrel rolls she can make short work of those bombers, and OL is a great end game piece, just keep him out of the furball until ordinance is gone and he can rock any bomber set-up 1v1.
  10. More ships, High defence/Arc dodge/rng control. More ships: means a couple good torps don't wreck your list.; High Defence: 2-3 agility with focus and evade actions; Arc Dodge: have at least one highly mobile Ace ie. Vader, Fel, Inqy, BB-8 Poe, EU Rac, EU Horn, A-wings (Jake) etc. ; Rng Control: Stay just outside Rng 3 until you are ready to dive down to Rng1, unless he has cluster missile or prockets or Unguided rockets, he won't have anything but is primary, watch out for bombs, after the first 1-2 passes you should easily out fly him. This is just my opinion, and your list looks like it could put down some hurt, Ryad should easily out fly the bombers and take them down quick, as long as she survives the first round of shooting.
  11. With the expansions you mention, you will struggle to be competitive. Academy Pilots can be useful blockers, Howlrunner is great, but her Pilot ability disappears when she dies, which can happen before any of your other ship ever shoot if you aren't careful. Youngster with Rage is a bit more efficient. That being said I would grab your favorite Ace and fill in with Ties as you see fit. Whisper and Echo are solid flankers (but tricky to fly) and really require Veterans Instinct EPT to be good (and even then are under PS in many Meta match-ups) Ryad is a fun low PS ace, but you will want to have Pred, expertise, PTL and Twin Ion on her to make her hit like a truck and stay alive (she will want to focus as a minimum every turn and have the x7 title). Soontir Fel with PTL,Targ Comp, AT or SD is a fun Glass Cannon. Honestly, put what ever you want together, go fly it some, and ENJOY!!!! As a new player with a limited collection, I highly recommend you to fly whatever sounds like fun for you, relax and expect to lose, but learn. Ask questions, re-hash mistakes etc. with your opponents and improve your flying. If you are going to stick with Imp, be aware that overall it is the least forgiving faction when it comes to pilot error. Welcome to the $$$$$ Suck that is X-Wing, have fun, fly casual!!
  12. IMHO, the only other option would be Pred and RecSpec to save the point since there are far fewer green moves, and you don't want to be to predictable. Yet, this combo makes getting blocked a bigger problem.
  13. So, suggestions I have are: 1) Try some x3 T-70 action, you will have a lil more firepower 2) This is a favorite of mine that can hold its own and is fairly forgiving and you can play with the upgrades plenty for personal play style Falcon/A-Wings- Copy (100) Green Squadron Pilot (24) - A-Wing - Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Hull Upgrade (3), Wired (1) Green Squadron Pilot (24) - A-Wing - Push The Limit (3), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Hull Upgrade (3), Wired (1) •Chewbacca (52) - YT-1300 - Expertise (4), Gunner (5), •Millennium Falcon (1) - Autothrusters are good too if you expect turrets - Snap Shot/Juke is another fun combo on the A's (one of each can work well, fly them together and use PTL boost to set a block right in front of the Snap A) 3) Adjust your upgrades some, as much as outmanuever seems awesome, you are typically better off with something that automodifies or gives extra actions ex: Predator, Expertise, PTL, Intensity...
  14. What does your collection include?? As far as tourney strength I would give us a heads-up as to what we have to work with (just name the expansions, we know whats in there ). That being said, expect to lose at your first tourney! Take what is fun for you, go in with the intention to have fun and maybe learn a few things, ans ask questions!!!! Most of us x-wingers are pretty friendly and helpful, even at a tourney. You are going to see opponents with exponentially more experience, so I recommend being that guy that everyone enjoys the table time with and seeing what you can learn. My last tourney, a guy who hadn't played in a few years showed up with 4 baby blues and got tabled by everyone and so had I. So we are playing the last match, both winless. My list was ok, but I had been flying poorly and he did catch me in the first pass. I was left with just Ryad vs. 3 B's and managed to solo his list from there and he lost it, I almost flew of the mat just to stop the match. Anyway, my point is keep it casual and enjoy yourself first!!
  15. Sorry for the double post
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