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  1. Yes, the Shortcut Action of the Beginner Game is basically replaced by the Chase Rules. I'm afb, but wasn't the Shortcut Action of the Beginner Game just an opposed piloting roll? You can still have them in situations where you don't want to have a big chase scene, since in the full rules opposed checks are still available and important.
  2. I only watched the film in the German dubbed version but it seemed pretty clear that the 600cr worth of McGuffonium would always only get them through the check point, which in their mind was the most difficult step for their freedom. Then they wanted to get off planet (unclear whether they had a concrete plan for that) and then they wanted to get their own ship somewhere else. Maybe they had some pocket money which would get them on a transport off planet (but not enough to bribe an Imperial Officer) or they planned to offer their work on a freighter in exchange for a ride. At least that's how I saw it the three times I watched the film ?
  3. Maybe they were at medium range... Stun only works up to short range...
  4. Stumbled across it today and remembered this topic : There is a rule for when to spend XP on page 35 EotE-CRB: "Players can spend experience points during character creation and at the end of each game session when they receive additional experience points." I still stand by my statement that I allow to buy a talent or raise a skill during play for flip of a destiny point.
  5. GM Fred

    Capital ship attack action questions

    The GM could (and maybe should) let the Players also control the friendly NPCs. But I agree, too many slots will bog the gameplay down and it stops being a fast paced space action adventure. For more than two capital ships I'd use mass combat rules and play out the important stuff happening on the PC's ship in-between. Also, IMHO, there should always be a secondary goal other than "destroy the enemies fleet", especially if the players are rebels. There might be a big space battle going on, but there should be a task outside the battle (rescue a ship/ escape pot, break through a blockade / send a transmission / hack slice a database / destroy super-weapon of the week /...) and there should be more than one way to reach that goal. Such a goal also gives the PCs a reason not to jump to Hyperspace, other than "you encounter an Interdictor. Again.". And even if they fail to reach their goal, they can still jump to Hyperspace and live to fight another day. Otherwise you could just as well play Armada or X-Wing....
  6. GM Fred

    How to handle an sith holocron

    Maybe it could give the PC the ability to use dark side pips without spending the strain. But dealing double the conflict while doing so. That'll make the dark side really tempting... This would lead to the dark side rather quickly, should the PC decide to use it. And once they are a dark side user, the hoocron looses its benefit, (i.e. light side points can now only be used for strain), since the dark side always betrays you in the end...
  7. I think it was the brilliant Dice for Brains Podcast that had the following house rule which I really liked: They allowed players to spend XP mid session by flip of a light side destiny point. This encourages players to normally spend XP outside of sessions rather than hoarding XP to buy talents when they need them, but it still allows for cinematic scenes where a character learns an ability right when they need them, making it a special moment, the characters destiny! I would say it is up to the player to narrate how the character learns or improves an ability in that moment. It could be the force guiding them to try the move power for the first time or it could be that the gunner suddenly finds out that they need to press that big red button in order to fire the gun by accident when they set down their coffee mug on that button!
  8. I would like so second that request as I would like to make a German version. :-)
  9. GM Fred

    Re-attuning a Kyber Crystal

    ...but he never used it in the desert? Are you referring to something from the movies? Because the only time he used it on a desert planet, he was indoors. Every other time was in Empire, and it was either in a murky swamp, or indoors. In Empire he only used the lightsaber out in the snow or indoors, therefore blue was no problem. In Jedi, where he got a new lightsaber anyway, they decided to make it green, so it would be visible against the blue sky on Tatooine when Luke opposes Jabba. At least that's what I heard in some commentary as well.
  10. GM Fred

    Sell me on this game.

    If you want to get an idea how this game can work with one player and one GM, have a look listen at the Silhouette Zero podcast https://silzero.podbean.com/ It is a very well done 1 Player 1 GM podcast around the smaller sized beings in a galaxy far far away. They start of with Edge of the Empire but they currently seem to transition towards Age of Rebellion. Other than that I would also recommend picking up the beginner game. If you want to run it for one player you'll need to adapt either the difficulty or run one or two of the PC-Characters as NPCs. In that case I would recommend that the player's PC outranks them so he/she can drive the rebels decisions. One more thing, since you played Imperial Assault before: The big difference with the RPG is that, although as a GM you control the antagonists of the PC, this is not you vs. them. This game is focused on cooperative story telling where everyone at the table should work together to create stories and characters they enjoy and have fun with. It is not a strategic game of Rebels vs. Imperials. May the Rebellion be with you Fred
  11. GM Fred

    Vehicle Damage

    That is correct. But they could also try to hit the pilot directly. I'm not sure about the rules for that though. I think the AoR beginner game increases the difficulty by one in order to hit the pilot. Per Core Rulebook you could probably aim with two black dice. May your speeder bike evade the trees Fred
  12. Capes. How come we don't have stats for capes yet? There could e.g. be a blue cape, which adds auto-advantage to charm and deception rolls. Or a black cape, which lets you use the bind power over a holo-transmission-screen. Or a white cape, which generates three auto-threat to whatever roll you're trying to make. Yet, I can't find any capes in my books.... Clearly this is a huge oversight by FFG. Or maybe they are planning to release a source book specifically for capes? My your capes be with you! Fred
  13. Hello there, I have a problem with the stun grenade. After adding it to a characters equipment, it gets a crit rating of 1 when it shoundn't have a crit rating at all. Any idea how to fix this? Many thanks and may the Force be with you! Fred
  14. GM Fred

    Minion groups

    Each group gets one turn per round, initiative roll is also determined for each group. The dice pool is determined by the number of minions in a group and will change as minions go down. Example: One minion group of three stormtroopers (wound 5 each, total WT = 15) will start with GYY. Once they received more than 5 wounds, one ST will go down, thus the pool gets reduced to GGY. Once they received more than 10 wounds, the second ST will go down, leaving the last one with a pool of just GGG, since no group ranks are left. At more than 15 wounds the last ST is also down. Note: to eliminate 3 single ST, you need to deal at least 18 wounds, since each one of them needs to exceed their Wound Threshold. To eliminate a minion group of 3 ST you only need to deal 16 wounds, because only the first one needs to exceed their Wound Threshold and then one more goes down for every 5 wounds. May the your minions be with you! Fred
  15. GM Fred

    Minion groups

    That is correct. They act as if they are one person and therefore they can only focus their fire on one person at a time, unless they have an auto-fire weapon. Base damage always stays 9 and successes are added as usual. But the bigger the minion group, the better their dice pool, since they gain additional ranks in their group skills. After the minion group size of 6, additional minions will not improve the dice pool, since the max rank is 5. But they will survive longer. This actually makes sense to me in the cinematic setting: Think of a large group of storm trooper attacking. Only the first row will shoot at the heroes, the troopers in the back don't contribute much. But once somebody in the first row goes down, someone else will take their place. May the initiative roll be with you :-) Fred