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  1. I hope it's ok that I add a question to this topic. What would the difficulty be when the player wants to know if an NPC is lying, but the NPC is telling the truth? Can't be the Deception of the NPC because they are not lying. Shouldn't be trivial either IMO because it's never a sure thing to read someones intentions, even if they are not at all hostile towards you. There should be a risk that the PC falsely assumes that the NPC is lying... But how do I set the difficulty?
  2. You could argue that this is an opposed Mechanics check. While attachments might normally be quite easy to remove, in this case the mechanic who installed the Gene Lock took precautions to make it difficult to remove. So either use the Mechanics skill of the Morgukai they took it from or of some made up Morgukai weapons Smith if the weapon's owner isn't good enough at Mechanics...
  3. I think if story-wise the enemies can't tell he's sniping at them or going to snipe at them, it is reasonable to allow his stealth to come into effect. I would use one of two three solutions: If he is planing the ambush carefully you could allow a stealth check against the enemies' perception. If he is successful, he gets the chance to fire a shot before initiative is determined. Alternatively, you could start initiative as normal, but as long as the sniper is hidden, anyone trying to shoot at them must spot them first (their vigilance against the snipers stealth, plus setbacks for concealment through environment). Once the sniper starts shooting, he either gives away his position completely (no perception check necessary) or the perception checks become easier (e.g. boost dice). This could be decided by advantages,, disadvantages, triumphs or despairs. (E.g. despair on the snipers roll: All enemies spot where the blasterfire came from) Add setback dice to the initiative roll of the enemies, because they can't see him. Just remember it always works in both directions. If the player can hide and snipe, so your the adversaries. 😉 And don't let him set up an ambush/sniper situation for every encounter. The player should still be encouraged to improve his coolness or get some ranks in Rapid Reaction.
  4. I agree. Would make no sense to cancel the book after all the work is done and the writers have been paid (hopefully). They could still announce the end of the RPG with the arrival of the book ("This concludes the game"). But I think as long as they have the Star Wars license they would be ill advise to cancel the RPG. Hopefully they will continue with a reduced output of 2-4 books per year, using freelancers. This way they could make a buck on the side with the SW RPG while X-Wing and Legion bring in the money. But only time will tell. Always in motion the future is.
  5. And that's the real beauty of this theory. "Again, it's like poetry, so that they rhyme." 😂
  6. Don't think of it as time travel. It is the Will of the Force. A self-fulfilling prophecy. It rhymes, like poetry. It really is the Palpatine Saga. Anakin is Palpatine's great-grandson and good rises from the evil to destroy it and in the end it is evil's destiny to be their own undoing. Or something like that. 😓
  7. In my headcanon at the end of Episode IX when Ben Solo transfers his lifeforce into Rey, he not only brings her back to life but also creates a new life within her. Later, on Tatooine, Rey finds a hidden door in the Lars homestead which leads to the world between worlds. (It was hidden really well behind the fridge.) Rey uses the world between worlds to travel back in time 77 years and takes on a new name: Shmi Skywalker. She then gives birth to Anakin Skywalker. You think this is brilliant?! Oh, but I'm not done: Later when Anakin returns she fakes her own death (she paid the poor sandpeople to fake kidnap her) because she feared that her knowledge of the future might interfere with his destiny. By that time she had figured out how to let her lifeforce leave her body and return shortly after, so it was easy to fake her death. She also put in her will not to be burned but only buried in a shallow grave. After returning her lifeforce to her body, she continues to live a hermit life on Tatooine for the remainder of her days. In 35 ABY, as an old woman, she walks past the old Lars homestead where she meets her younger self and says: "There's been no one for so long. Who are you?" Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?! Doesn't it?!!!? 🥴
  8. The 4 Beginner Boxes each provide a free bonus adventure: Edge: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d7/ee/d7ee55a8-0c22-4841-ab48-666ee909fe88/long_arm_of_the_hutt_hr.pdf Rebellion: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/aa/cf/aacf30a2-1222-468e-bcbd-5b66b84031bc/swap01_operation_shadowpoint_hq.pdf Force&Destiny: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/74/9f/749fc12b-fd71-489f-aee9-cf8b23b03e60/swfp01_lure_of_the_lost_lr.pdf Force Awakens: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/b1/aa/b1aaa46b-70ad-4f27-bd4d-930c245db53d/a-call-for-heroes.pdf There are also two free bonus Characters each, except for Force Awakens. Most people seem to like the Edge Beginner game adventure best (of the beginner games), I also like the Rebellion one. Haven't read/played the other two. But I own all of them, for the DICE! They are not much more expensive then the set of dice alone! There is a way to try the game entirely for free, the "Free RPG Day"-Adventure: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/18/ff/18ff8afe-bf19-47a3-97e5-a313ded3d6b3/under_a_black_sun_lores.pdf It also includes a short version of the rules, but the rules are slightly simplified in the Beginner Boxes, too. But you still need the dice. Or you can use an App that simulates the dice. Not my style, but some people use them and there are free versions out there.
  9. They didn't. They just erased it from their plan and are doing some Keyforge stuff on that date instead... 😡 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/ffg-live/
  10. Looks like they finally cancelled the SW RPG live-play 😢 This might be a bad sign... 😨
  11. The theory I just read isn't even considering clones... She's Chewie's daughter but she doesn't look like a Wookiee because she is half-human. You have one guess who the mother is... 🤣
  12. Quick google search reveals.... you were right! 😵 So, I stand corrected. Nothing was off limits, not even Yoda... 🤯
  13. Thank you, docs I can work with! Much appreciated!
  14. No. See under "Interpreting the Pool" in any of the core rulebooks (e.g. p. 31 FaD). It describes the cancellation of Success and Failure, as well as Advantage and Threat. And how Triumph and Despair are interpreted separately, since the triumph/despair part doesn't cancel, only the success/failure part.
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