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  1. I didn't read the whole thread, but I will still mention how I feel about the game. Lately because of kids and work I became a casual gamer and anyway, I don't play to beat a mathematical engine but to play the story. For me the good guys (the, protagonists, the character(s) I'm playing) neet to win (at least most of the time). When the game came out, I thought it will be the perfect game. Focused on story, and has 4 difficulty levels. I thought this is the game for me. I bought the base game, tried ot and found it to be extremely difficult on easy mode. If a game has 4 difficulty levels then I think it's not unbelievable to expect the easiest difficulty to be be easy. I lost interest from here on. I mean, the base game on easiest mode was still too difficult. What would happen later where you even have to do deck-building? I was really (and still am) really disappointed that they did not include a "real" easy mode. Some PC games might call it story mode. What I need is a mode where I win at least 50-60% of the time without deck-building (too much). I think the main problem is that the difficulty modes just change the tokens and not the cards. There should be game cards that are left out of the game or work completely differently on easy mode. Maybe even include cards that you only use when playing easy. Anyway, this game is "dead" to me, even if they change it in the future it won't change too much for me. I hope at least that the next single player story based game that they will be doing, will have a real easy mode.
  2. I also do not get the completionist argument. That is not my problem. This actually reminds me of computer games that I never play. Ones that have randomly generated content. Some randomness is not a problem of course, but most of it should be handcrafted and it should have a partly linear story that can be changed a bit. So as I avoid these kind of computer games, I'll avoid this as well. Regardless of that, I simply don't get what the point of this is with coop games. Release a lot of small expansions if you want to, everyone will be OK with that.
  3. Still, having to restart 3-4 times and then remember which starting tile you already played is not really an optimal solution. We're in the 21st century and it's an app we're talking about.
  4. I was wishing for different difficulty option from the beginning. Still do. I know I can house-rule stuff, but what do we have the app for? I also find it unacceptable that I can't manually choose the different scenario version. The concept of the game is great but the end result leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. I simply play with the colorful tokens that have art on them unlike the dull grey minis that take up too much space. I wish they made this game like Eldritch Horror. We could have even more content instead of the minis.
  6. No they don't. Scenario 1 is supposed to have 6 versions. 4 with the main game and another 2 with the 1st edition tiles. I don't know how many different (non-random) versions the other scenarios have but they do have them as well.
  7. Hi, The game is really great and I like the idea of apps for boardgames. I've been waiting for one for IA (once it get's released I will definitely get that game) and now we only need one for Eldritch Horror. But anyway, here is what I'm missing from the MoM2 app: - Easy mode. You made an easy mode for the Lord of the Rings LCG, Eldritch Horror has different difficulty options, and even the upcoming Arkham Horror LCG has them. So this should not be a problem. Maybe simply longer turn limits (or disable them for a more story / role playing based play) - Let me chose the different scenario version manually. - A campaign with short connected scenarios (willing to pay for it) or simply more short scenarios. Short is important here, so we can play the game even if we don't have much time. - And of course several save slots and cloud bases save games
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