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  1. Ahoi! Тхе Мичо here-author of the drawings Ill try to explain my story.Im a fan of ASOIAF...and i did start to draw illustrations (they are more portraits) just for fun of it. I start drawing them in the style that i imagined-some sort of animated style-being a big fan of the subject (and yeah-i love Samurai JAck).So nothing serious,more like loosing up between two jobs.Than the people start to like the stuff and i start adding more and more of the drawings-so this is again me drawing as i like for a people liking the stuff they see .Than FFG got in and ask if thay can use them for game and afcorse i was more than happy to accept being fan of the subject.My only concern was if i should remove drawings from my page - and from the wiki pages (becose in shortage of images they are using most of my fanart stuff).And after all-i did kind of draw them all becose one group of people liked them.FFG games were and are awesome in that field. . I really understand you all concerning art style-so no hard fellings there-heck i was suprised too-everybody has taste and likings so i really really support you all on that field.I personaly would really like to see more Justin Sweet,Adrian SMith,Kormack,BIsley etc...becose i do love their work.But i really love the games that tend to go in more caricatural and cartoony art style.And comics and illustrations You can see more of ASOIAF stuff on my page https://www.facebook.com/%D0%A2%D1%85%D0%B5-%D0%9C%D0%B8%D1%87%D0%BE-198918470118215/photos/?tab=album&album_id=232323176777744 and again,comments and critics are allways more than welcomed.And BIG thx for FFG and Bruno for the oportunity.
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