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  1. During the live stream it was mentioned that there is no current plans to release anymore ships for the Rebels and Imperials in the near future, but that they are looking at additional content for the factions. Obviously there are the campaign expansions that they can use to release content, but I am interested to see what other ways they could release additional content. For me, I like the idea of cardboard expansions for specific ships eg: Neb-B - Medical Frigate expansion, which could come with two copies of a new ship card and two ship tokens for the medical frigate. It might be only blue dice and have a different defense suite. It could then come with one new title and upgrade cards that match the new cards from the current wave of clone wars ships. They could also use this method to do cross factions ships i.e. Rebel Quasar etc. What are your thoughts on new content FFG could release for them to keep the existing factions feeling fresh while the Clone Wars factions are being fleshed out?
  2. I agree. Armada has never been dead to me and nor will it ever be. While I agree that it would be nice for FFG to give us some articles and new expansions, they are at least still doing the OP stuff. I have collected Armada since it came out, but never really played except with my family. Without going into my life story, basically the OT was something that my brother and I watch with my dad over and over growing up, so it means a lot to me. My brother now lives in LA while the rest of us live in Queensland Australia. He would come for visits and we would have epic Armada days. In the last year, I started playing with my Dad, getting my Brother to help him with lists, to help us all feel just a bit closer. It works great and it is a lot of fun and it gives us something to feel connected with even though he is the other side of the world. To me, this game will never be dead and while my Dad is able we will keep playing. In my Brothers most recent visit, they tried to convince me to find a local group. Through my wife's persistence I did just that and I have been having a blast ever since. I am almost getting 1 - 2 games in a week at a store and then I have the games with my Dad. My local store runs monthly Tournaments so that combined with the other games I am getting at least 8 games a month and that is in Queensland. If we can do it, you can too Finally, there is so much content online like YouTube, podcasts and blogs with regular content. This is entertaining in its own right. I have been a subscriber of Crabbok's for a long time now and always enjoy watching his videos. MOTF are great and Aussies too, so bonus and they have great content. For podcasts I started with Renegade Fleet Command a local group and just recently started listening to Comms Noise from the UK and have really been enjoying those. Finally, the Cannot Get your ship out blog, entertaining read for your lunch break. TLDR: For me Armada will never be dead even when FFG eventually releases the final expansion. We have a wonderful worldwide community for a fantastic game, people should focus on that.
  3. I am not talking about specific ships, but more classes of ships, upgrade types and potential mechanics. For me I am hoping for the following: Flotillas Anti ship flotilla for each faction. Maybe this could be the first medium flotilla? Anti squadron focused flotilla for each faction (small) I would like to see a flotilla that interferes with relay. Medium/Large Ships More medium ships for rebels More large ships for imperials Campaign A campaign that focuses on large epic battles, that could include special rules for each epic conflict, like the Battle of Endor. I would probably like it to stay on the standard play area size which would restrict the points. I have played a 1200 pt game before with the standard size, got a bit cramped but ships poped pretty quickly freeing up space. Mechanics/Upgrades As above, rather than nerfing relay, i was hoping for an upgrade or some other mechanic that will interfere with relay forcing the flotillas to come into play. Might not be practical and situational, but I think that would be a good idea. Even if relay is nerfed there is still room for a counter to it that prevents a relay squad from using relay, making positioning of the relay squad more tactical. Would like to see an upgrade that does splash damage to squadrons on a crit. This would have to be an exhaust card. Anyway, just interested in what people think. Sorry if this doubles up on other discussions, I don't always get a chance to read everything here.
  4. What if FFG releases a new flotilla for each side that comes with a Fleet Support upgrade that prevents relay at distance 1 - 5 of your ship and has good AA. Just a thought, there might already be a counter to relay in the works.
  5. I personally only play casual games typically at over 1000 points. Given this I plan on getting CCx1, Peltax2, Arquitensx3(Will eventually get a forth), Imp Squadsx2 and Reb Squadsx3. I like having a ton of ships on the table and I want to be able to field both types of the Pelta. Never get a lot of time to play so when I do, it is a day long massive game filling up all the play area, it is epic.
  6. So really there is potentially years of Expansions remaining. I hope they do introduce more mechanics, I am particularly interested to see if they even introduce flak like damage against squadrons, like with a particular upgrade it might say "Crit: Deal 1 damage to ALL squadrons distance 1 from your target". I digress. I also hope that they do release more campaigns with additional ship cards for existing ships. It will be interesting to see what The Corellian Conflict brings to the game. I am particularly interested in campaigns that focus on large 1000 + point battles for casual games. This is another reason why I would like to see a flak type mechanic, because if you have ever played a large game, you know there is a lot of squadrons on the table (BTW: I love seeing mass fighters and ships on the table and don't mind putting aside a whole day to play one game, it is just epic and fun). I digress again. I do agree with others though, I don't want any new ships to make the old ones irrelevant, but so far things are going good. I say, keep them coming, 40 new ships could be another 5 - 10 years worth of Armada and I will still be buying. The question is now, how quickly can they get them to us. Not quickly enough I say, but I am impatient.
  7. I did think of doing that, but I like the look of the single ship card in a sleeve. Basically I am one of those that FFG are going to make a heap of money from lol . Having said that, if we get another 40 expansions and Armada is still looking strong, then I always have the option of doubling the ship cards in the sleeves then
  8. Ok, so first off, I am a casual player/collector, I live in Australia and I will probably never play in a tournament. Having said that,I love Star Wars and love Armada, it is a fantastic game even if you play by yourself Now I have just managed to snag myself four packs of the very hard to find Tarot card sleeves. With the ships that I currently have (30 ships from wave 1 - 4 both sides) I have the ability to sleeve another 88 ships. Now I plan on average I will get 2 of each expansion (Some like Home One and the Interdictor I will only be getting one of, while flotillas I might get four. NB: I love Home One I just prefer to see only one on the table at a time) and excluding the 8 from the 80 that would mean I have room for another 40 ship expansions. My question is, do you guys think there will be another 40 ship expansions for Armada? I was a fan of Empire at War and they already have the vast majority of ships from that game, the only ones that are missing are: Rebel Marauder Cruiser Corellian Gunship Imperial Acclamator Tartan Cruiser Broadside Cruiser That leaves another 35 ships assuming that the above are eventually included in the game. Are there enough ships from the target time frame to keeps things going. I am sure FFG and Disney will want to keep producing ships while people are buying so they can always make stuff up. I am just interested on what people think, I have seen other speculation threads about ships and this to me is just an interesting take on what the future may hold. To me the more ships the better.
  9. Second post woot. Seems like I have been reading this topic forever. Please be an article this week. Please! Also, I live in Australia and the guys that I buy Armada from gets them about two weeks after the US so looks like 2017 for me . Not that I play in tournaments, I just collect a bunch and play casual games when I get the chance, but I still want those new plastic ships now.
  10. I would just like to add to this if I may and I do apologise if this is a little off topic. I have minimal experience with Armada and have never played in a tournament and probably never will. I live in Queensland, Australia and I doubt that there are any near me anyway, not that I would look because I am a bit of a social introvert. In fact this is the first time that I have ever posted anything online at all. I see both sides of the argument and for me personally I like seeing more ships and squadrons on the table as it brings me back to the very first time I saw Return of the Jedi. Does this mean that the standard games point limit needs to be increased, I don't know. I would say yes, but then I haven't tried to play 3-4 games in a day with limited time. I also think it is more complicated than just the logistics of a tournament or the cost to new players, sure those are factors but there are also balancing issues with the point system for objectives and the power of certain commanders for example. I have been fortunate enough over the last week to have my brother visit from California and while he was here we have gotten a few games in. Sure we are probably doing some things wrong and we are sure not keeping to points limit, but playing this game reminds me of when we were growing up, watching Star Wars at my Dad's house once a year when it was repleted (Until I got them on VHS one special Christmas). Anyway, I digress. My point is we have played three games so far, two 600 point games and a 800 point game, but we had to stop there as I didn't have enough Imperial stuff. I have some more imperial ships coming this week and we are going to play one final 1000 point game before he goes back. They were a lot of fun and absolutely epic, it really gave me the feeling of a Star Wars game. I can't comment about tournaments, but I can about causal games. I know the rules allow for you to pick any size fleet as long as both players agree, but I feel that is not enough. I definitely see the potential for FFG to expand on the "custom" rules and provide a guide for casual users to play much larger games. This could come in the form of an expansion like The Corellian Conflict, say "Battle of Endor" and be something like 1200 - 1600 point games. Having objectives and any other rules slightly modified officially by FFG would make it feel just that bit more satisfying than using "house rules". So far at 800 points we just doubled the objective points and that worked ok. Also, even at the higher points you still have to make tough decisions (Sure it is not really the same), but there is still that element just not at the same level. I know I am the odd one out, but I am sure there are more people like me that enjoy playing this casually and probably will never go in a tournament. I understand that the game is set up for tournament play and casual players are a minority. Just remember as a casual player I have one of every expansion and I have duplicates and I plan to continue to do so including the Corellian Conflict Expansion and wave 3 and 4. I am even planning on getting 3 Liberty Expansions because they are my favorite ship. Armada is a fantastic product and brings a lot of nostalgia for me and I hope in the future there are more defined rules around much larger battles for casual players.
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