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  1. Wes Janson (28) Veteran Instincts (1) R3-A2 (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Wedge Antilles (29) Opportunist (4) R2-D2 (4) Integrated Astromech (0) Tarn Mison (23) R7 Astromech (2) Proton Torpedoes (4) Integrated Astromech (0) Token stripping, agility reducing classic X-Wing list minus Biggs.
  2. Great write-up of this list here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/236267-can-kananbiggs-hold-up-in-this-meta/ (I suspect, it all fits).
  3. I bought two E-Wing expansions.
  4. I think some of you need to leave the x-7 Defender alone. You can't propose to fix other ships all the while trying to unfix what is a really good fix in the first place. Yeah? Yeah.
  5. It sure is, but that list could still be viable and deadly enough with an R2 astro on each Y-Wing.
  6. Say what you see for me. Vessery. Vess. Vess-man. Lets try it with someone else. Derth Veder. Yeah, nah.
  7. If using an R3, I'd recommend the BTL-A4 title. That means you can use your primary weapon to try and accrue an evade, then follow up with the TLT barrage. The downside is trying to keep your opponent in arc with a sluggish Y-Wing. Not impossible, but it'll take a lot of practice.
  8. Lando Calrissian (44) Veteran Instincts (1) Nien Nunb (1) Hot Shot Co-Pilot (4) - 50 points. Strip focus from your opponent with PS9 Lando with the added bonus of free actions! (Careful flying required).
  9. I suspect it's one of those cards that has little utility in the game currently, but is marked for a companion upgrade in the future.
  10. Check this thread first: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/126226-index-of-useful-links/ Lots of useful information provided.
  11. I think CM works well with Burnout Slam. If you find your ships under pressure (2 large bases - it's more than likely) you can use the Burnout to grab some distance, remove those pesky locks and take advantage of a higher agility in lieu of shooting that turn. I like it.
  12. Braylen Stramm (25) Alliance Overhaul (0) R2-D6 (1) Rage (1) Inspiring Recruit (1) Then some sort of modification. EDIT: Stealth Device or Experimental Interface.
  13. Just to go against the grain slightly, I would take OL. Basically, you put that guy down he'll become the Biggs of your list, should leave your defenders reasonably unchecked to wreak some havoc. That said, I think your Deathfire build will help tackle pesky regen pilots.
  14. No matter what I experiment with and practice with, I'll always enjoy my 3 X-Wing list: Luke Skywalker (28) R2-D2 (4) Lone Wolf (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Jek Porkins (26) R3-A2 (2) VI (1) Engine Upgrade (4) Tarn Mison (23) R7 Astromech (2) Engine Upgrade (4) This is obviously an old list, but a simple premise - Tarn and Porkins engage directly, Luke skirts the battle for a few turns then comes in for some kills, luck permitting. I'll have to remodel it with whatever Wave IX/HotR toys I can.
  15. The spectrum is too broad for me, but I did think of Ten Nunb with Boba Fett on board...... Could be lethal, could be garbage.
  16. I don't know how sure I am about this following post, but I can see it forcing Poe himself out of whatever Rebel meta forms post-HotR. 31 (or 33) points plus upgrades is a lot of investment in a pilot that has an ability that can be nullified, full stop. I realise there's probably not too many platforms for it (Deci/Gunner/HSCP is the biggest one off the top of my head) but it's still a legitimate concern.
  17. Don't forget everyone, R2-D2 will probably be the regen droid of choice for Poe now that Hot Shot Co-Pilot is floating around.
  18. This thread just triggers the silly part of my brain. "I AM SETTING MY DIAL" "Yeah, OK man...." "I REVEAL A BANK 2" "Yes.... I can see that...." "I HAVE CHOSEN TO FOCUS" "I concede, bro."
  19. People hate it because it's a cornerstone of competitive Rebel lists. Not to derail the thread too much, but look at the hate and calls for changes to Palpatine and Zuckuss. It's essentially the same thing.
  20. A friend of mine flat out refuses to use SD on the Baron anymore. Anytime he does, it can be guaranteed that some flukey R3 shot will disable it. EVEN with AT and tokens. TL requires a shade more finesse to stay in the game until late, but the locks pay dividends for cold dice.
  21. Forget not he who gave his life in the face of tyranny: Jek Porkins (26) R3-A2 (2) Hull Upgrade (3) Wired (1)
  22. I expect to love it on the first pass, because it's Star Wars and it's new. Then I expect on the second to third pass I'll be less enamoured and start to pick holes in it. Deja vu with Force Awakens really.
  23. Been having a tough time getting Snap to perform effectively in the last 3 games. Haven't put VI on him yet to be fair, because the middling PS is very difficult for me to use against my local groups high PS lists. However, Snap with PtL and VT is good fun to fly, although with the high volume of TLT fire I have to go against I might have to look at AT instead of VT. Something like: Snap (28): VI (1); AT (2); Black One (1); Primed Thrusters (1); R2 Astro (1) = 34 Was running: Snap (28): PtL (3); Pattern Analyzer (2); R2 Astro (1); VT (2) = 36
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