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  1. Hell, Biggs in general if you're flying trip X's and want a chance to use your better pilots. That Poe build is optimum (also a beast if flown well).
  2. There's a good many threads about the VCX and its viability at the moment. Best advice, read this thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/236267-can-kananbiggs-hold-up-in-this-meta/ Superb battle report and a strong variation of the Ghost and Biggs. Study hard!
  3. Not that I didn't enjoy it..... but it was OK. It didn't thrill me as much as I hoped. I don't know. Can't really put my finger on it. A lot of the action was great to watch, plenty of tie-ins to the OT, the 3D was worth it (which I can take or leave most of the time). The main cast and their coming together didn't gel over with me. Eh, I honestly can't pin down what it was I didn't like, because I did enjoy the movie. I don't know, perhaps second pass will freshen me up.
  4. Potential 4 primary via Swarm Leader with a crit being added on top? Yes please.
  5. I hear you. Since I've started running Nien Nunb I can't really place Ello anymore. Which is gutting because he was my favourite card in the T-70 expansion, hands down. One variation of Ello I ran a few times was: Ello Asty (30) Push the Limit (1) Proton Torpedoes (4) R2-F2 (3) Intergrated Astromech (0) Granted, no regen and 38 points heavy. The general idea was decent movement, hopefully using PtL off a lovely white T-Roll and pumping torpedoes out.
  6. I'm seeing it tonight at midnight. I'm being a bit blasé about spoilers and stuff because I honestly believe there won't be much in terms of revelations and twists. All I'm hoping for is a movie that might give my next viewing of A New Hope a little breath of air.
  7. Surely it's the 3 primary attack rating that has it priced this way?
  8. Is there any true 'fix' for the X-Wing though? The reality is it was one of the two ships to first be released for the game. It's functionality was polar to the TIE fighter regarding movement, pilots and upgrades. It was a foundation used to build the game upon, digging that out may undermine a whole lot. Waves that have come after have added new movements, actions and attacks. For a ship with limited movement and minimal actions can we expect it to be hauled up from its current standing? I mean, look at fan made proposals. Title cards. Two mod slots. Multiple EPTs. Flip cards. None of that can really refresh the ship at its core. Not like a thematic and balanced upgrade that came for the TIE defender (an upgrade I'm a fan of, despite not being an Imperial pilot). Honestly, I can't think of anything that will add that flavour short of re-releasing it with a better dial and more actions, but that's already been done with the T-70's and they're still finding their feet. The X-Wing still comes with some of the best pilots in the game, maybe we just have to move on?
  9. I've wasted god knows how long lamenting poor dice. It can't be helped, it's at the very core of the game. They'll either love you or hate you. For general sportmanship, head back to basic lists built around your favourite character each and go from there. Rediscover the joy of flying? Even back to the core set games could help. What I mean by that is maybe both of your lists have so many upgrades included you're assuming they'll be 100% effective all of the time?
  10. The ship itself looks incredible. I can see myself getting three of these.
  11. People competant with Phantoms might put Expertise to devastating use.
  12. Another thing - would it kill them to make some decent Star Wars video games? (I have Battlefront, but where's the Jedi Knights and KotOR type games?). No MMORPG please.
  13. Good old Snap. I've flown him once and not really tried to find his sweet spot since. He's kind of eluded me. Loving that list though. Consider it stolen to be flown poorly by me.
  14. That's a great build for Nien too, agreed. I prefer running him at PS9, just to maximise the chances of me personally using his abilities and upgrades more. (I'm not the best at flying, especially against opposing high PS). It's just that shade easier to fly, R7-T1 means you're opened up to getting in arc at R2, taking a focus, using EI to TL and boost into range 1 and remove the stress. Doubly so if it was a red manouver with PA. So in essence both builds do the same thing in a different way. (Both wind up stress free with a focus and re-rolls, minus the stress dished out with R3-A2). EDIT: Also saving a point on your build could be important. I'll need to practice!
  15. That's a good idea. I've ran Shara with M9 and WE before. You don't really need Adaptability though, just keep Biggs as he is. If you really want an EPT though put Crackshot on her for giggles.
  16. The Ghost is very much worth the purchase. The crew cards alone make it worthwhile, but the model itself is very nice. The attack shuttle is a great filler ship and you'll find the Ghost populating a fair few "meta" lists now. Go and buy it now. (Can I have my commission now please FFG?)
  17. My favourite film franchise is Star Wars. My favourite comic book character is Spider-Man. What a time to be alive. Honestly though, I think the market is over saturated with Star Wars merchandise, but that's Disney and that's their prerogative. As long as FFG are left to keep the quality of this game in tact and not pressured to throw release after release out (which I feel it's coming very close to becoming too much) then I have no real complaints.
  18. So, in a nutshell, can the best point-for-point pilot in the game, that can equip two modifications on his fast and agile ship still be viable? Probably I guess.
  19. Dash Rendar (36) Push the Limit (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Kanan Jarrus (3) Outrider (5) Smuggling Compartment (0) "Hot Shot" Blaster (3) Countermeasures (3) Nien Nunb (29) Veteran Instincts (1) R7-T1 (3) Experimental Interface (3) Black One (1) Pattern Analyzer (2) So I'm not the best at flying, but this list is easy mode. Dash has one turn without donut hole woes and Nien is an absolute monster built this way. I don't know how I never spotted it before. NN with EI and R7-T1 is just incredible! (3 for 3 currently, that's unprecedented!).
  20. You'll have to make do with garbage for Christmas.
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