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  1. Before I get what's bothering me off my chest - understand this isn't some sort of attack on you (despite quoting your post) or the experiences you've had to reach your conclusion about the x7 card. I see too much negativity on these boards, and definitely too many inadequate arguments to nerfs and fixes where they're not warranted. I think the x7 (and also the TIE/d) are superb additions. The Defender as it stood was overcosted and inefficient when Imperial players could take a tooled up Soontir for pennies (just an example). The Defender was (is) a favourite for those of us lucky enough to have grown up with X-Wing and TIE Fighter on the PC. Being able to take one in X-Wing was exciting, but the realisation that the pilots along with the ship itself were lucklustre saw it shelfed unless for the most casual of casual games. It didn't really fit anywhere. Now with the Veterans expansion the Defender has had a whole breath of air to reinvigorate it. The result is a thematic, challenging ship that has seen play now at the top levels of the game. I feel FFG hit the sweet spot with Imperial Veterans. Not only adding viability to an existing ship, but giving back to customers who already had a Defender or two already in their fleet.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=p.a.c.k+720&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjgg7Wf2a3RAhVJIFAKHcPJB7gQ_AUICigD&biw=1017&bih=619 4 years of study on Google images + dissertation to find these.
  3. Feldherr 4-tray capacity with zip compartment.
  4. The Rebel Transport comes with Porkins. That's basically it for me.
  5. I got Feldherr as a gift two years ago and I recommend it highly. My bag fits four foam trays and has a zip compartment for odds and ends.
  6. So it's loosely based on the Striker and it carries troops. Does it really need to be in X-Wing with the Striker already here?
  7. Both have pros and cons that are entirely situational based on who might be your opponent. Honestly though, I'd say if you're sticking to those builds, take Dash. I reckon 2-Agility and a boost/barrel roll option outweigh Rey's attacking potential.
  8. Time spent focusing on work and improving your skill set is far more valuable than excessive time spent on hobbying. I've personally went through unemployment and spent so much of that time distracted by hobbies that it dried up the fun for a few years. Good on you. Study hard, work hard. Also send me your ships. You don't need them anymore.
  9. I got a U-Wing. Technically. Because it's not out where I live yet. I've been shown the order mind you. I also got horrible heartburn. I was also exposed to some Imperial Assualt at Christmas, safe to say I prefer X-Wing.
  10. A fix. For a ship that's just been released. Words fail me.
  11. Well, with Smuggling Compartments out Stealth Device could be fun on a YT freighter.
  12. No whinging here man, I just made a post that was poorly received.
  13. But surely that kills any valid discussion? I mean, yeah, don't feed the trolls, but putting someone on ignore because they dislike Rogue One is a bit harsh.
  14. Oh I don't know, playing the game maybe? Cool. I don't dispute any of that whatsoever. My entire point is simply using the movement templates like that could possibly be considered cheating in a soft manner if a player can't commit to their dial in a timely fashion because they're too busy staring at the template, whereas I believe it's much more fun to attempt the dial because you beleive it's the best move. Anyway this is out of hand now.
  15. I think SD and SJ are a big sell for Rebel only buyers. For me it adds greater value for money to the expansion.
  16. To be fair, no one offered a valid answer to his post.
  17. I'd say carefully looking at the ships on the board is the point of the game, but like I say - not hard cheating. Just manipulative in a way. I think the fun lies in the judgement of movement without reference. Especially when you pull off a very tight manoeuvre to your advantage. In a certain light, it's like pre-measuring to me.
  18. There's nothing wrong with laying your equipment out neatly, but I've played a fair few games in the past where opponents having been staring intently at the templates whilst picking their dial. Cheating? Maybe not hard, but I'd argue it's not spirited either.
  19. Possible cheat methods: Manipulating your movements by nudging/turning bases slightly Adamantly using cards/upgrades in the wrong fashion (i.e. incorrect application) Laying your movement templates out so you can easily judge movement Cooked dice (Purely mythical, but I reckon people have tried) Looking at your opponents dial when they go the bathroom Telling your opponent their family has died in an explosion for a forfeit
  20. I saw it again last night - and it was much better second pass. (Not that I disliked it on the first pass). I really want my U-Wing now.
  21. Ha, I thought I was the only person on Earth that picked that up. "Snakehips" Vader was ridiculous, but at least the exchange with Krennic put his intimidation back in.
  22. I made this post: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/236882-thinking-the-rebel-alliance-x-wing-fix-is-a-thing/?p=2539949 A few days ago and it was derided due to bitterness. Maybe this thread will help. Anyway, see what you think.
  23. Kath Scarlett (38) Veteran Instincts (1) Tail Gunner (2) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Maybe not the best, but not exactly bad. Add titles/ordinance to taste.
  24. Write a list with your new ships only. Call the list U2. Talk in an Irish accent during your games.
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