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  1. Happy Friday indeed!

    This week on the forums has been sadly hilarious. Like a sick clown.

    Ten years? Hope so - teaching my children how to play. (I don't have kids yet but the way life's going it won't be long).

  2. Ashamedly, missing with torpedoes is the one thing I get really salty about.

    4 points, an action and no results my way every time takes its toll. I don't run them anymore. Not even seismic.

    Point being I think any upgrade (viable or not) would have to add them to the X-Wing load-out for a reduced cost.

  3. I'll give you that Palpatine was ok and didn't really need thrown down the reactor shaft THAT badly, but come on.

    You can't throw a thread up (at least, you shouldn't throw a thread up) pointing the finger at moaners and whiners when all you're doing is, you know, moaning and whining.

    At least do us all a favour and put the resulting fist fight from Poland up on YouTube.

  4. If I could say one thing about this FAQ, it's that FFG want to steer away from easy-mode token gains and dice modifications to focus on tighter flying and better planning.

    Personally, I think Zuckuss is warranted; Palpatine is overkill; Manaroo could have been range 3 and x-7 is a good compromise (I was a fan of that card).

    I forsee a big shift towards Kylo and the Upsilon shuttle. Which is perfect as First Order is my bag at the moment!

  5. 14 hours ago, wfain said:


    100 points


    Ello Asty (33)
    T-70 X-Wing (30), R2 Astromech (1), Sensor Cluster (2), A Score to Settle (0), Integrated Astromech (0)

    Nien Nunb (34)
    T-70 X-Wing (29), R3-A2 (2), Sensor Cluster (2), Rage (1), Integrated Astromech (0)

    “Snap” Wexley (33)
    T-70 X-Wing (28), Black One (1), BB-8 (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Adaptability (0), Integrated Astromech (0)


    Snap with Black One and BB-8 should be very difficult to pin down while Nien can use the token granted by Rage to ensure an Evade via Sensor Cluster and can use the Stress-Bot (as you had him) for "free." Ello with a Score to Settle should allow him to use his Focus defensively for the most part, though I think it is the weakest ship in the bunch and you might be better served with some other T-70 instead. For example:

    That's a very good list but I'm not sure Black One is legal on Snap with Adaptability, due to PS not changing until after deployment.

  6. Instead of 2 blockers, i prefer a big base ship with tactical jammer.


    That's a good alternative. U-Wing + TJ = 24 points leaving an initiative bid.


    Although, if Heroes hasn't made it to Italy yet I doubt any of Wave 10 has. Sadface.

  7. A bit of remodel from me, but here goes.

    I'd drop the Z-95, it's role would be as a chaff type blocker, which the A-Wing can do even better. Get the R3 Astro off Luke, it's pretty useless at the moment. Give him R2-D2 instead. Instead of VI, give Luke Predator. (Luke now = 35 points).

    For Poe, I'd swap Sensor Cluster for Pattern Analyzer - this will give Poe ridiculously good action economy even off Talon-Rolls. BB-8 if fine, but consider R5-P9 for regen. Finally, give him the Black One title for target lock shenanigans. (Poe = 41 points w/ BB-8).

    Promote the A-Wing to a Green Squadron test pilot with refit, Push the Limit, Daredevil and Autothrusters. (25 points).

    [i THINK I've got my points correct here]

  8. Happy Friday to all, again on fridays lets mix it up just a bit this year.


    Way ahead of that. As a bonus with finally getting a U-Wing, I've splurged on a Striker too. What a fantastic model. This year I'll be playing more Imperials and may even branch out to Scum as well.


    Which Ship from Wave 1, including Red core is the best of the wave and why?


    X-Wing. Although he still is, Wedge was far more of a threat way back when. (I'm sure that was Wave 1).

  9. Sad to see no one has given you any feedback.

    Anyway, if you're struglging to keep a lone B-Wing alive, drop Jake for Biggs.

    Biggs + R4-D6 + Integrated Astromech = 26pts.

    Not only does flying Biggs next to your B-Wing keep it safe for a couple of rounds, it frees up two points, which I personally would use on Poe's PS9 card.

    I don't know if it's a casual group you're playing with or what, but the B and X can be easily outmanoeuvred so you'd need to put in some practice - but that goes for any list. Fly Biggs close to the B, flank/perimeter with Poe for a powerful end game ship.

    Happy flying!

  10. #1 Seed - Paul Davis

    Fenn Rau - Title, Autothrusters, Mindlink

    Asajj Ventress - Latts, Mindlink

    Manaroo - Mindlink

    100 pts


    #3 Seed - Curtis Liddiard

    Kanan - R2D2 Crew, Rey, FCS, Anti Pursuit Lasers, TLT

    Miranda - TLT, Homing missile, munitions, Long Range Scanners

    99 points


    #6 Seed - Eric Grant

    Norra - details missing

    Nera - details missing

    Gold Squad - stressbot, TLT


    #8 Seed - Dennis Rusin

    IG 88 B - Veteran Instincts, Title, Autothrusters, Glitterstim, FCS, HLC

    IG 88 C - Veteran Instincts, Title, Autothrusters, Glitterstim, FCS, HLC

    100 points



    The mindlink lists intrigue me. I've played against one before and despite coming out on top, it was clear to see the potential.

    Really digging the Kanan build too. I can't be bothered to check for the details of the Norra/Nera list, but that's an encouraging sight to see a named B-Wing.

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