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  1. No one really cares about Garven or Dutch. They smell.

    Porkins is the real hero of the Rebellion. Anyone that hasn't loaded him up with Rage or PtL or EI or R3-A2 and given him a spin has never had fun in their life. Ever.

    Also, his ship, pilot ability, cost and pilot skill have been all but replaced by Nien Nunb.


  2. On 05/05/2017 at 11:34 PM, ayedubbleyoo said:

    “Snap” Wexley (35)


    T-70 X-Wing (28), Black One (1), BB-8 (2), Primed Thrusters (1), Outmaneuver (3), Integrated Astromech (0)

    eye_sm.png View | upload_sm.png Tweak | export_sm.png Export as XWS

    It's a good list, but you'll need to drop Black One from Snap here, unless you drop outmanoeuvre to VI. Which would free up a juicy 2 points for AT or PA on Nien!

  3. So what is everyones concrete T-70 builds? For me:

    Poe (33)
    Black One (1)
    BB-8 (2)
    Integrated Astromech (0)
    Push the Limit (3)
    Primed Thrusters (1)

    A hefty 40 points, but fluffy and thematic.

    Two reasons for posing this:

    1) To see reasonable/alternative builds for specific pilots and craft a couple of lists with these ideas

    2) Keep this thread going because it's hands down the best thread on the board.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Stevey86 said:

    Each time you are assigned a focus, stress, or ion token, each other friendly ship with Attanni Mindlink must also be assigned the same type of token if it does not already have one.


    How's that for a fix? Now it's susceptible to stress! ;)

    Technically, it's the ship that receives the Ion effect and not the pilot.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Embir82 said:

    Kind of you don't understand how good and bad designed counter works. One  leaves you room for outplay (and Aces did that to Jumpmasters), another just counters you hard and you can't do anything about that (Sabine's crew card).

    No - that has nothing to do with what I said.

    You're saying to nerf the Sabine crew card outright, but don't nerf another card into oblivion (being mindlink). Contradictory.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Embir82 said:

    It doesn't matter. The very fact that such a hard counter to aces exists make them risky to take. Add to that horrbile Palpatine nerf and natural gatekeeper of Jumpmasters is gone. Thus yesterday's results.

    Yeah, lets nerf another upgrade card into oblivion - just like Palpatine crew card. Great idea. s/

    Kind of contradicting yourself there.

  7. Unfun? Cold dice. I mean, putting thought into your list, strategic flying ideas, synergy and carefully selected upgrades being completely wrecked by awful, awful roll results. I've double blanked with target locks on more than one occasion. I've lost A-Wings at R3 through asteroids too. Can't be helped, but it can leave you feeling discouraged.

    On a more whiny and personal note, being an Ion victim can be the antithesis of fun. Having a favourite ace slow rolled off the board is deflating. Having it happen in consecutive games is infuriating. Although that's really branching into NPE rather than core "unfun".

  8. I don't doubt for one second that FFG don't have something(s) planned for the future of Scum that includes Jabba.

    A few comments RE: "Not Scum Palp".

    Good. Slow roll with Jabba and future releases. We haven't seen the last of Illicit upgrades or Scum ships.

  9. Asssuming it's a list that I've put some reasonable thought into, about three to five straight defeats.

    This is factoring in loss margin; difference in opponents lists; my overall positioning and performance and the actual tabletop synergy of the list compared to how I thought it would be on paper.

    I try to strecth the games to five when I can because ultimately the dice really let me down. Like, A LOT.

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