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  1. 6 minutes ago, dotswarlock said:

    A good catch: Jostero can fire his seismic torpedo, cause some damage and then attack before a higher PS ship can move or get a focus/evade token.

    Thanks! Jostero can't personally equip the torps - I'm not much of a Scum pilot so I don't know which ships (if any) can use them off the top of my head. It was a fleeting moment of list madness.

  2. Wes I'd fly with VI and R3-A2 (IA), PS10 stress/strip shot can be devastating.

    Biggs has his cement shoes of R4-D6 and IA.

    Jess works great with M9-G8, IA or AT. I'd put PA on too.

    That only weighs in at 90 points though. You could add R2-D2 to Biggs and VT to Wes to up the points a bit. Or really for the extra points swap out Jess with Snap or Nien.


  3. So, you've got a huge pool of resources at your disposal and only the vaguest idea of what you want.

    Friendly reply, read this thread:


    Triple T-70's is fun, diverse and accessible.

    Grumpy-notenoughcoffee reply:

    I dislike threads of "here's everything I have, build me a list!" Do it yourself, it's part of the fun of the game.

  4. 10 hours ago, Hawkstrike said:

    So ended up 6th of 14 and 2-2 at a Store Champs using:

    “Snap” Wexley (34)
    T-70 X-Wing (28), Targeting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Intensity (2), Integrated Astromech (0)

    Jess Pava (31)
    T-70 X-Wing (25), R2-D2 (4), Pattern Analyzer (2), Integrated Astromech (0)

    Nien Nunb (35)
    T-70 X-Wing (29), Black One (1), R3-A2 (2), Primed Thrusters (1), Snap Shot (2), Integrated Astromech (0)

    Lost to the eventual winner (Quickdraw/Vessery/Epsilon) in round 3 and the eventual second place winner (Whisper/Palp RAC) in round 4.  Both close games -- common to both was losing Nien without getting much value from him (no Snaps; only one R3-A2 use in the last game).

    Four-action Snap was good fun; came close to pulling it out in both losing games in 1v1 vs Quickdraw and Whisper, but not close enough!

    That Snap build is insane. T-Roll into a TL and boost then a focus/evade then, well, another focus I guess! Would love to find the points for VT on him.

  5. On 13/08/2017 at 7:45 AM, Hexdot said:

    BBBBZ was very strong and popular. 4 Blue Squadron PS2 B wings plus a PS2 Z. all naked. 14 Reds and 36 Hit Points to erode. Also a good starting point to Battle Harden green players. 

    The composition of the squad was silly. 4 Bs plus a lone Z 95. So I often included only BBBB plus FCS and one Proton Torp. More themed but weaker.

    When I started out with X-Wing, my regular opponent was a stalwart fan of 4 tactician B's.

    I had a hard life.

  6. So at the weekend I found myself at a retailer which unfortunately only had the Auzituck in stock from wave 11. I have to say it's the ship I was least impressed with out of the wave announcement despite the enthusiasm for flying more Wookiees. What the ****, I have money and it's more plastic methamphetamine.

    Managed to get a few games too, and found myself just loving Wullffwarro. More my opponents surprise at this tiny ships punch (and it is pretty tiny) than my skill as a pilot, but whatever.

    Wullffwarro (30)
    Push the Limit (3)
    Targeting Computer (2)
    Finn (5)
    Kanan (3)

    Ouch. 43 points! So the only respectable thing to do was to load up Han to keep my life easier:

    Han Solo [Classic] (46)
    Millenium Falcon (1)
    Lone Wolf (2)
    Chewbacca (4)
    C-3P0 (3)

    So Han just sort of, you know, Hans around absorbing fire and redistributing pain in equal measure while my new pal Wullffie skirted broadly with his 180 degree arc blasting out 4-5 dice then for 2 (sometimes 3 depending on successful reinforce actions) turns could blast out up to 6 attacks.

    Looking back, I could have shaved points on Wullff with Lone Wolf on him and something else on Han but that's what the threads for really.

    So remember, Wookiees may seem like a cute idea for a pet. But they grow up.

  7. That's prime Nien Nunb territory:

    NN (29)
    Stay on Target (2)
    BB-8 (2)
    Pattern Analyzer (2)
    Integrated Astromech  (0)
    Black One (1) = 36


    NN (29)
    Snap Shot (2)
    R3-A2 (2)
    Pattern Analyzer (2)
    Integrated Astromech  (0)
    Black One (1) = 36

    Just two variations. Just such a fun ship to fly. I've been messing around with AT too in some cases.


  8. 42 minutes ago, jmswood said:

    This build could suicide Porkins in one round. Execute a Red Maneuver, trigger Porkins. PtL, trigger Porkins. R3-A2, trigger porkins. If Porkins is dealt a third damage card after "Declare Target" because of R3-A2, then I would argue he should be destroyed before completing his attack. As we all know, Porkins cannot "hold it."

    See, this is the fact I love flying Porkins. Yeah, he'll probably die on a couple of turns (or 1!) but fly for the fun of it. Rebels rarely excel at lower points so fly this guy and wait patiently for that one game where he actions to exhaustion, has no stress, no damage and rolls 3-4 damage for a couple of turns, killing your precious Emperor in his smelly shuttle.*

    *Based on actual X-Wing events.

  9. Superb upcoming release schedule for me personally, with Guns for Hire looking as good as it is, I'll soon be investing in a Most Wanted pack plus a Starviper. (Autothrusters finally!).

    Couple this with the fact the Scum bomber is dual faction and I'm all set.

    Can't wait to welcome our new Wookiee overlords.

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