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  1. 13 hours ago, ayedubbleyoo said:

    Got smashed by 4 B-Wings! Did alright with Jess and Poe taking them one way while Snap flanked around behind. Was working OK until Poe got dragged into their arcs by a tractor beam and shredded in one round. Just one flying mistake ended it.

    That's the only thing that's scared me off flying trip70's as of late, that ONE costly error that's difficult to recover from.

  2. I like the idea of trying to get Jabba in there, so by all means fly it. Worst case is you lose a few games.

    I'm not much of a Scum pilot, but I reckon  most replies will be about how you'd get more economy from an identical third JM5K.

  3. Corran isn't so obsolete, just needs skill and practice to fly effectively.

    Standard builds weigh in around 48 points, with R2-D2 and Engine Upgrade included.

    The key here I feel is to load up a tough wingman/woman. Namely:

    Super Dash - Dash with PtL; Kanan; HLC; Outrider and Engine Upgrade*

    Fat Han - Threepio; classic Falcon title; Predator/Wolf; Engine Upgrade*

    Flawless Rey - Finn; Kanan; new Falcon title; Expertise/Veteran Instincts; Engine Upgrade*

    You can hang Corran back somewhat with a beefy partner that can absorb and dish out damage.

    * - not exactly costed in correctly or optimally built, they're just rough estimations.

  4. 9 hours ago, Wiredin said:

    I had my two A-wing with evade tokens one shotted in the same round of combat to defenders. I haven't received that kinda green dice betrayal in a very long time. I actually rolled maybe four evade results the whole game. Grrrrr

    A-Wing, R3 through an obstacle with a focus token.

    Hit-Hit-Crit. 5 blanks. No Autothrusters at the time.

    Why didn't I take the evade token? Why does an evil shaman type person put all of my Direct Hits on top of my deck?

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