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  1. Jaketensity is too complicated. His innate ability is plenty and works better with PtL.
  2. R5-TK is so deliciously.... Scummy. Have your Z95 (or equal approved) with Dead mans Switch in prime position and take out your own pilot to cause damage. Highly situational but I really like that!
  3. Wedge (29) Flight *** Astro (1) Integrated Astro (0) Intensity (2) Utterly ridiculous. But still...............
  4. How dare you spell that correctly.
  5. Whatever faction you favour, whatever your personal style of playing the game may be, this FAQ for the most part is reducing the amount of "easy mode" lists that have been prevalent for the last 2 years or so. Not perfect, but at least can encourage some tighter list construction.
  6. You know, I think that Biggs "nerf" makes a whole lot of thematic sense.
  7. Oh boy, this is going to be an entertaining thread.
  8. Excellent report. Long live the humble X-Wing.
  9. Procastination

    PS 9 Pilots

    Would Han be of any use to the faction? There's so many better options for Scum, even with classic Han re-roll ability.
  10. Astromech Purging Tube (0pts) Attack 5; R 1-3 When attacking, you may discard your Astromech upgrade card to perform this attack. If this attack hits, remove the enemy ship. Don't look at me like that. You all wanted an X-Wing fix.
  11. Let's not forget pilots such as Roark Garnet or similar who expressly use PS12 in various forms. The whole idea there is to offer counters to pilots that can achieve 9 and above.
  12. That's the only thing that's scared me off flying trip70's as of late, that ONE costly error that's difficult to recover from.
  13. I like the idea of trying to get Jabba in there, so by all means fly it. Worst case is you lose a few games. I'm not much of a Scum pilot, but I reckon most replies will be about how you'd get more economy from an identical third JM5K.
  14. Well that's us told. No one do or say anything, you might upset this guy.
  15. Corran isn't so obsolete, just needs skill and practice to fly effectively. Standard builds weigh in around 48 points, with R2-D2 and Engine Upgrade included. The key here I feel is to load up a tough wingman/woman. Namely: Super Dash - Dash with PtL; Kanan; HLC; Outrider and Engine Upgrade* Fat Han - Threepio; classic Falcon title; Predator/Wolf; Engine Upgrade* Flawless Rey - Finn; Kanan; new Falcon title; Expertise/Veteran Instincts; Engine Upgrade* You can hang Corran back somewhat with a beefy partner that can absorb and dish out damage. * - not exactly costed in correctly or optimally built, they're just rough estimations.
  16. A-Wing, R3 through an obstacle with a focus token. Hit-Hit-Crit. 5 blanks. No Autothrusters at the time. Why didn't I take the evade token? Why does an evil shaman type person put all of my Direct Hits on top of my deck?
  17. I'm more "tilted" about the wait for Legion to be released to be honest. Also this thread is stupid. (Not you dedicated posters, obviously).
  18. Procastination

    Nerf beer!

    I think we should FAQ the Beer card to "Limited" or "Once per Turn".
  19. I can't post on the forums right now.
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