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  1. I'll be honest, I'm not seeing a meta defining expansion here.

    What I do see is a reason to load up on X-Wings (casually) in the future without knowing I could probably get more for my points elsewhere, including the mighty Porkins.

  2. 7 hours ago, Rakaydos said:

    Jek Porkins (26)


    Push the Limit (3)
    R5-K6 (2)
    Integrated Astromech (0)


    7 hours ago, PhantomFO said:

    Jek Porkins (26)


    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Flight-Assist Astromech (1)
    Renegade Retrofit (-2)
    Servomotor S-Foils (0)
    Integrated Astromech (0)

    These guys get it.

  3. I'll never fathom why trust was never given to Mark Hamill to lead this movie. As far as I'm concerned he's a great actor.

    Harrison Ford, who could not express enough how little he wanted his character to remain in the franchise was given the role of leading the new cast through the audiences Star Wars universe in FA - that's a big deal (herrherrherr) for any character. If you can't offer a script that allows some more dominance for someone who is considered the main character of the series then you've went wrong straight off the bat.

    Granted, Hamills career never hit the stratosphere like Fords, but this is Star Wars. Put Luke in the driving seat and take it from there.

    I could expand on more LJ negativity but that dead horse is long beaten. Plus I'm sick of being told I'm sexist or that I didn't understand the movie. (Not on here, just with people I know).

  4. 20 hours ago, Frimmel said:

    Standard Marvel fare so entertaining enough. Better than "okay" not really up to "good." Very strong cast though doing fine work with what they were given. 

    Muddy action. Too much shaky cam for the sake of shaky cam. Nausea inducing edits between moving camera shots. Went to the spinning camera move too many times. There is some sub-par CGI in this.

    Spot on here for me. By no means a bad film but has suffered from overhype.

    Not to say I disliked Killmonger (or Michael B Jordan in his role), I enjoyed his psychotic nature a fair bit, but he was kind of all over the place in the sense that he wasn't unpredictable or quite as threatening as he should have been. I think MCU top movie villain still sits with Keaton's Vulture.

    On that note, I had a small thought about this possibly being a good set-up for Kraven in the next Spider-Man movie, what with the bell flowers and Africa etc etc. Oh well. (That's not a criticism btw I'm just a Spidey fan).

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Yesterday I noticed that I had access to a 10 hour trial of the game - so much for research!

    After playing a bit of Arcade while the game installed (still not finished) I have to say it's very pretty and seems tight in the gameplay department. Can't wait to jump in properly.

    Also, this article


    shows more changes coming in the not-too distant future.

    I reckon next months pay will invest in the game.

  6. Sorry for the bump but this really doesn't warrant a thread of its own. And before anyone asks, yes, I have done research before posting here but it's better to see feedback from a familiar community.

    Basically, I'm itching for a bit of Star Wars gaming and I refused to touch Battlefront II due to the poor launch and lootbox heavy game.

    How is BFII faring at the moment? Is there a marked improvement since the poor reception? Is it a good multiplayer experience? Or is it more worth my time reinstalling the first Battlefront and saving hassle? (Even though I wasn't overly impressed by the sluggish progression)


  7. 6 minutes ago, Odanan said:

    So you didn't watch the Star Wars Episodes 1-7, right?

    Meaning what exactly? I think this was a terrible SW movie. As boring as AotC and outstretched as TPM.

    1 minute ago, Odanan said:

    So if a person thinks different than you he is malicious? Man, that's low.

    No indication of malice towards the OP there. Just the same as I'm feeling - did I watch the same movie as the people who are giving it flawlessly glowing praise?

  8. debiler has addressed a lot of my issues.

    Anyway, saw it after midnight and left confused and ultimately underwhelmed by a lacklustre and tepid story that was doggedly pulled along by, what I consider, either pointless new characters or butchered existing characters.

    SPOILERS again, I know there's tags but the thread carries a warning.

    Poe was Leia's most trusted agent/pilot in TFA sent to retrieve the map that would lead to Luke. TLJ Poe apparently doesn't take orders and is content losing battalions of ships in the process. We know you're a good pilot Poe, not everyone else is you clown.

    About that map: this will lead us to the last Jedi! However, Luke apparently never wanted to be found anyway so why would he leave any sort of trail? Why did R2-D2 have the remainder?

    Snoke: who cares at this point? Powerful, evil, cunning. Also dead.

    Leia being Jedi Supergirl was actually laughable. Still a solid turn for CF's last role in which she was playing a confident and competent leader.

    Rey. Yeah, ok, whatever. She's STILL amazing at everything and the only being in the universe that showed any potential of being stronger than her is now in literal pieces. And dead. Oh and she overpowered Luke Skywalker. Swearing's filtered on the boards. I was lukewarm to the character originally but TLJ didn't give me any sympathy, empathy or care for her. Daisy's cute though.

    Finn takes a backseat for the most part. Rose, like Rey before her, carries him through a lot of the film before he takes up a melee weapon against the bad guy at the end and blah blah blah we seen this two years ago. Except he wins this time I suppose.

    Phasma utterly pointless again. Finns final fight would've been more interesting against "TRAITOR" guy.

    Benicio Del Toro, I liked the character. A true scoundrel, it would be stupid of me to complain about how he exited the movie but at the same time don't give us a pretty cool character played by a great actor then drag him away without so much as a glance back.

    Kylo for me WAS the most interesting character the new series had. Now that's offically gone. He's just another bad guy. The film LITERALLY closes the door on him at the end, left to his evil devices. Also he's no real threat now because Rey is just as powerful as he is despite, you know, lack of training and experience. Whatever. If they wanted to hammer home the Vader wannabe he is, mission accomplished I suppose. Also, Ben Solo is shown as trained enough to build a sleek and stylish lightsaber, I think it makes his iconic saber look a bit too jarring. (I know it's something to do with an unstable crystal but it bothered me all the same).

    Luke. I can't yet articulate my issue with how very poorly Luke was implemented in this movie. He's not powerful, he's readily powerful, then he's apparently awesomely powerful. His final act carried no weight for me whatsoever, despite it's inspiration for the surviving mob of Resista, sorry, REBELS. We could've had a renewed and powerful Luke in the film far earlier.

    I'm tired. I didn't outright hate the film but I don't have any love for it. Please don't take this post as some vile vitriolic vomit, I went in spoiler-free and ready for a good Star Wars romp, I just never got it. It's a shame.


    EDIT: Just two more things - how did Rey escape from Kylo and the ruined destroyer onto the Falcon? Pretty big gap that doesn't quite get filled by "escape pod" for me. Also, this entire movie takes place over the span of less than a day.

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