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  1. Nera with Deadeye is definetely the best bet.


    I see it struggling against big double ship builds like Dash+Lothal, Bossk/Dengar/Kath and Brobots etc


    I think the large ship problem relies on Nera offloading a suitable amount of damage to strip shields in order to provide a chance for Ten's unmissable critical to go through.


    Because of Ten shooting first you'll need at least two turns of concentrated fire - no problem thanks to Nera's ability but trickier with Ten.

  2. 34 Wedge w/ PtL, BB8, IA.

    40 Keyan w/ Rage, AdvS, HLC.

    26 Biggs w/ R4D6, IA.


    Excellent advice. Only change I would possibly make is to drop the HLC from Keyan and institute the E2 title with Hera Syndulla on board, with a Mangler Cannon to fill out the points for a 99 initiative bid (for what that would be worth).


    Either way, you have a punchy list that people wil approach with caution.

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