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  1. Oh dear, how long have you been waiting to break that one out?
  2. Great list! Looking forward to playing some T-70 only lists when I get my grubby hands on HotR. I'm absolutely convinced that Ello has great value against top-end pilots, but I've yet to find a decent build that's worked for me.
  3. Your Mum not even in the top 5. Yep - YOUR Mum.
  4. I caught one game live - Rebels runner-up vs Mindlink Protectorates and Manaroo. Even though the game was a loss for S&V, it's made me consider picking up a few Scum ships with Mindlink - it looks like great fun to play and co-ordinate.
  5. A lot of players took it very personally when Deadeye was amended, so outcry about a Zuckuss nerf after Scum winning Worlds would be a bitter and empty complaint.
  6. At 12 points minimum for a fairly effective ship, I don't think a basic TIE Fighter needs any help. Strength in numbers (and good knowledge on flying them) coupled with a good dial and decent actions make the TIE good enough.
  7. What can we do to fix the TIE/sf thread?
  8. I think the overall consensus is that the errata on "Deadeye" nerfed Contracted Scouts/Jumpmasters. I don't understand how you can be so miserable about HSCP affecting one ship then laugh about another.
  9. Despite the lack of love apparent for the TIE/sf, I like your list. A lot of spread for firing each round with a lot of tools to help along. Although, Ryad doesn't *really* need PtL, even with the range of green on the dial. I'd maybe give her Predator, but to be honest your list looks great!
  10. I have no interest in the Protectorate fighter. I think because it's an expansion that's exclusive to itself in terms of card content.
  11. If I put an Evade on my car, I guarantee I'll get driven into.
  12. It doesn't really matter about it facing the ships I mentioned, it matters because for less points you get more ship and more options than you would otherwise. Therefore, they have more than enough justification to play and come up against the best ships in the game. For a generic PS3, that's excellent. You don't have to put together a list in full because any player can see that a verstaile, tough ship for 30pts is better than a below average ship for 40pts. So no, I'm not plain wrong at all. Perhaps misinformed, maybe ignorant to top level tournament play, but not outright wrong. Wow. Who pissed in your chips? For the record, I would compare the TIE/fo to a standard TIE, and T-70 to T-65 for all that it matters. So many people angry and teary-eyed about the meta and power balance, completely overlooking the practicality of a **** good ship. EDIT: Censored "d-amn" and not "pissed"?
  13. So by that logic we compare generic low PS ships to aces? Or ships that can be flown as a swarm? Large bases to small? I don't see it personally. Regardless of meta or powerlevel (Is this an episode of Dragonball Z?). Whatever anyones taste in this game is, I still maintain the JM is a great ship to buy, play and experiment with.
  14. Ships nobody ever uses because they're pricey and have limited upgrade access. There's no need to put together any list with CS to try and prove anything. It's still a cheap, large base ship that has a slew of available upgrades and a great dial. Still a reasonable comparison, it show's the JM is staill a fantastic investment, financially and list wise.
  15. 2 points cheaper than an ORS, 5 points cheaper than a WSF. Same primary attacks. Better upgrades and dial.
  16. This thread is hilarious. CS is still only 25 points. Still has an EPT. Still has S-Loops. Still has hard 1 turns. The only real point is the timing of the update relating to tournaments. Other than that, boo-hoo.
  17. Rex + Gunner popped straight into my head for 2-Crew ships. Not bad.
  18. In my opinion, like the Y-Wing, the E-Wing could use a few more unique pilots to add some flavour. The only possible, very slight, just maybe, perhaps, a little bit, could an overall point reduction be applied (such as x/7). But I don't honestly know how I feel about that. Any more aces that are introduced in the E-Wing would likely range in the 32-35 point range. There again, sensor slots and EPT's make all the difference.
  19. Lightning Reflexes. Just for laughs.
  20. What? No smartdevice? How much are you getting paid working back there in 2005? Believe it or not, I only just got a cell phone two months ago. Haven't had one in over a decade before that. Still running low bandwidth though so clicking those new fancy fangled moving pictures hurts the wallet. Yes, I'm used to all the jokes. YouTube must be murder on that stubborn 56k......
  21. What? No smartdevice? How much are you getting paid working back there in 2005?
  22. Vader emerging through the smoke......
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