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  1. Never be scared of BTL-A4: Horton (25) BTL-A4 (0) TLT (6) R3 (2) 33 points of either surprising efficiency or disappointing mediocrity. R3 gets so much (fairly deserved) hate, but this build (FLOWN WELL) can bea pain for your opponent. Been hit and miss for me so far.
  2. U-Wing and Upsilon. The U-Wing will have a lot of nice crew and tools (as I primarily fly Rebels), the Upsilon is to complete my Omega based First Order list.
  3. These Wave 10 articles are getting out of hand.
  4. Just a general thought - a swarm type list takes concentration and patience to fly effectively. You'll need to practice with it. Also the dice and templates from the core set (either) are needed.
  5. Exactly this. Blue Ace is one of those pilots I love but was hesitant to include in lists because of the middling PS and lack of EPT. Now with the superb Tech upgrades I'll be fielding this one a lot more.
  6. Jake w/ Chaardan, Test pilot, PtL and Outmaneuver. 28 points, sacrificing the high PS without VI, but slippy enough to trigger Outmaneuver.
  7. Interesting. HSCP with Gunner is brutal. Shuts Poe and R5-P9 down for sure.
  8. Autothrusters. Reason: Hypocrisy. I don't fly Scum (to get the card*) and I've lost so many matches to Imperial Aces it's not even funny. Well, it kind of is. I'd use them if I had them though. * - Yes yes, you can buy cards seperate from other sites and eBay, but I'm a strange person.
  9. I had a chance to fly Norra yesterday* after a splurge on an ARC and HotR. I flew a basic 35 point Norra with Tail Gunner, AO, PtL and R2 Astro. She's an absolute monster. My opponent gunned straight for her, taking her down to 2 hull within 3 turns. Norra then proceeded to decimate Poe and Wedge on her lonesome. Poe was victimised in the rear-arc (HAHA) and Wedge shut down from the front. Granted, I rolled well to get the four hits I needed every turn, but dice are dice. So I can't wait to pair her with the Finn/Kanan Rey Sloop mobile. Possibly adding in a regen element to Norra depending on points. * - Can't remember the finer details of the game.
  10. While that's true, I think a lot of people come on to these boards after a particularly bad beating on the tabletop with poorly thought out threads calling for nerfs and changes when they're not needed. For the record, the topic poster here doesn't read as such, but there's definitely an air about some topics that smells of bitterness from defeat.
  11. After having a basic Y-Wing stressed for about four turns yesterday, I'd say go with an R2 in place of R4-D6. K-Turning Y's can be a nasty surprise for your opponent, so recovering your actions afterwords can be vital. The Y-Wing can take enough punishment, especially since people will be gunning for Poe!
  12. If you're dead-set on using R3, put the BTL-A4 title on Horton. This means that you can use Hortons ability on his primary attack (if required) to increase the chance of rolling an eyeball. Then follow up with the TLT barrage. The downside is of course, keeping ships in arc witha Y-Wing. Not impossible but tricky. Horton+TLT+R3+BTL+VT Or some such.
  13. Remember to e-mail/call the venue too!
  14. Two more movies? But I want it noooooow!
  15. I like your idea, tech on pre-TFA ships would be very tasty. Or possibly a bit broken.... (E2 B-Wing!) Did BB-8 actually manage anything in the movie on board the Falcon? Except tethering himself to the walls and giving Finn a thumbs-up?
  16. You're not even in the top 5.Yep - YOU'RE er.... 'Your' is correct... 'Your' is the possessive. 'You're' is a concatenation of 'You are'. 'You are mum' is unlikely to be what he meant. I am aware. I was making a different joke, not correcting his grammar lol.Edit: talking about him specifically not being in the top 5 either, hence the "you are". In that case, go ahead and question his aesthetic qualities. More to the point - how did he spell his username incorrectly? What a fool. An ugly, ugly fool.
  17. Slightly off-topic: I have the Soontir Alt. Art card. Looks like he's holding a lightsaber. I don't like it.
  18. For an extra point, he could have been Scum & Imperial only. That's only my thoughts though. For that one point he's a **** good card, but not as good an investment compared to other Scum crew.
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