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  1. Just a little gush on how impressed I am with the conversion kit and core kit I had delivered to me today. I've kept myself relatively shaded with 2.0, trying not to theory-craft too much or hammer out lists before having a physical copy of the new cards. New core kit - a shiny new S-Foils X-Wing for me to pop Porkins into. Not much else to say really - nice clean tokens and cards with the usual rules print out. The conversion kit - hoo boy. I'm going to be here for a while. I only have the Rebel kit but this thing is packed full, I underestimated how much this would be to put together and organise. Wow. So thank you and well done FFG, I certainly got my money's worth and I'm eager to get some games arranged. Hopefully many more on the boards are having the same experience upgrading their kits!
  2. X-Wing for the looks, TIE for that "Elephant trumping through an empty toilet roll tube" sound.
  3. Despite LJ being far too easy a target to pick apart, this was entertaining. It still baffles me how a main story Star Wars film could be wrung through so many manglers, it became a lifeless slop.
  4. Despite the razor thin article I'm really pumped for 2.0, like REALLY pumped. Can't wait to get some X & Y lists together.
  5. Oh man, this thread. ? CoC was a campy Star Wars cash-in that missed the mark for so many people. Apply that statement to LJ but sprinkle in some crap about subverting expectations.
  6. Porkins - 46 points of holding it.
  7. These threads are always so dramatic*. Genius will make one ship, ONE SHIP, pretty strong in dropping bombs. It's hardly broken or unfair or NPE from where we are all standing right at this moment. I reckon we can have a bit more faith that 2.0 will tighten the game up and bring back the dogfighting most people are craving, and again, ONE SHIP with ONE UNIQUE UPGRADE won't bring it tumbling down. As for the accusations of trolling from the OP - maybe, maybe not. Perhaps posting up threads with "I forsee a problem"; "I'm not too keen on this card" or maybe a simple "Help me see this positively" instead of seeing the word BROKEN in the thread title would start everything a bit brighter. * - absolutely laughably hilarious.
  8. There's still no confirmation of points costs yet either - cool off.
  9. Probably Dengaroo heading towards triple Deadeye scouts. After that I'd say Kanan-Biggs. Another no fun allowed list. Honourable mentions to TLT and the Harpoons post Emperor/JM5K nerf.
  10. First and only tournament I ever participated in I lost Porkins in every game. That hurt my feelings.
  11. You know, I overall enjoyed Solo. The main problem for me was the gnawing fact that the plot was wafer thin and only exacerbated the needlessness of the movie. It was fan service at best, I imagine that going through different directors and rewrites/reshoots hampered the vision* intended. What's really bugging me is a stand alone Han Solo movie is welcome from me but a movie detailing the stolen Detah Star plans gave me little interest (Long time Dark Forces fan). Yet I really, really enjoyed Rogue One in its entirety and would watch it multiple times, but Solo was a single pass and I wouldn't be fussed about seeing it a second time. If anything I'm glad Solo hasn't gotten on my nerves anywhere close to LJ and I can look back on it positively. * - Dryden Vos hahahahaha ?
  12. The AOTC connection is basically that Dooku is rallying the seperatists for resources and funding. The engineering (Erso) came later when the Emperor had control. Life lesson: Don't be an engineer. Be a Client or a Contractor.
  13. Loved it. May be tempted into seeing it again. It does have some slow parts and it is long....... short of that though it kept me entertained.
  14. Oh yeah, I mean in terms of utility as a lone ship, a TIE isn't going to do much past blocking, but isn't that the point of it? My train of thought is on the expendability and mass-produced style of ship that the TIE is, especially for the Empire. If any free upgrades are introduced to improve survivability it's surely going to be against the threat of harpoons and not much else. A survivable swarm sounds like a bit of nightmare to face off against.
  15. Granted, a few of the named TIE pilots are probably crying out for some more table time, but really does the TIE fighter at it's most basic need any help? It's points efficient and manouverable, it fills its role perfectly as is.
  16. A game like X-Wing is never truly balanced. That's both a good and bad thing - it means things you prefer might not be so hot for play compared to stuff you have comparatively little interest in. There's also the fact that the people who are responsible for promoting the game and keeping it healthy are fallible. Best comparison I can think of here is the JM5k expansion compared to Guns for Hire. A 1-ship expansion pretty much broke the game compared to a 2-ship multiple card expansion which tidied up a couple of ships without smashing the power curve. This only happens because nothing's perfect in expansion terms. The X-Wing seems so drastic at the moment because it's been there from the start and has been notedly poor since the first few waves, even with the Rebel Transport pilots and Integrated Astromech. From my perspective the X-Wing is now simply more fun to list craft and fly, trusty T-65's are still going to get decimated by turret and harpoon spam.
  17. Perfect. I'm stoked for Spidey so this is good to read. I won't get to see this for at least a week so it's going to be tough staying spoiler-free.
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