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    Excel based Character Sheet

    I've been really impressed with the generator, started using it heavily with a new Rogue Trader gaming group as GM. Have run into a problem ranking up now that the characters have reached rank 2. When hitting the xp spend for rank 2, the character rank is listed as rank 2, but going to the Talent screen it says "Level up on Advancement sheet". When I go to the advancement sheet there is a blue "open" box for the next rank for the character, but there are no options in that drop down, and manual entry is restricted. I *can* rank a character up to an Alternative. E.g. I can rank an Arch-Militant 1 up to a Drusian Adherent. But I cannot rank it up to simply Arch-Militant 2, and so cannot unlock the default rank 2 skills/talents options. Using Excel for Mac, latest version. Anyone else run into this problem, have any advice?