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  1. An obvious tactic with Stronghold is to run the Quasar close alongside an ISD gunship. The Quasar pushes the squadrons that defend the ISD while the ISD lays down the fire. If the opponent prioritizes shooting at the Quasar, that protects the ISD. If the opponent prioritizes the ISD, the Quasar will probably have opportunities to shoot at ships, while also commanding and protecting the squadrons to win the furball, and keep bombers off the ISD.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the change to Veteran Gunners? Pg. 14, "While a ship equipped with this card is attacking, it can spend ACC icons before resolving this effect. Those dice are removed from the attack pool and not rerolled." And can someone explain the errata on Intel Officer? "A ship with this card equipped can choose 1 of its own defense tokens when resolving this card." Uh, what? Why would I do that? What effect would it have?
  3. I would like to point out that I did not say that no acronyms should be used. I said that posters should write out the full name of the card the first time they use it in a post. After that, the acronyms can be used without too much confusion.
  4. Please stop using acronyms so much. The threads here are often overrun with acronyms, which is alienating and off-putting to the vast majority of Armada players, who have not memorized each card by its initials. If you want these forums to be about community, and you want new and beginning players to start playing and keep playing Armada, then stop writing forum posts in this elitist code. A new player is not going to flip through dozens of cards trying to figure out what "TRC" or "OE" means. Or worse, "TRC90", which isn't a card at all. Not even the Armada wikia can help a beginning player here, as entering an acronym into the search bar produces no result. This is even worse for *potential* players, who don't own any cards. Someone who thinks they might want to start playing is going to be shut down by what looks to them like a wall of gibberish designed to keep them out. So be friendlier to your fellow gamers, and write out the full name of the card at least the first time you use it in a post.
  5. I don't find it unbalancing that a VSD-II that totals 100+ pts. with upgrades is a very serious threat to any 18 pt. flotilla that happens to be in its most powerful arc.
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