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  1. Where can I find the templates for making units?
  2. Please don't (and Harry Potter TCG players will no what I mean immediately) include any "curious ravens", or cards that are found in the full quantity for legal decks in the starter set, but still can be found in boosters. This really lowers the value of the game for me. Make the cards in the starters fully unique, unable to find in any boosters please.
  3. Sorry. I meant it wasn't there Friday. I posted this on Saturday, but for some reason it didn't go through until today.
  4. I can tell you for certain that this was not on their minisite yesterday:
  5. Everybody is entitled to express his opinion, so, if it's OK saying "want" it's also OK saying "pass". If you don't like reading the opinions of the public, then avoid these threads. Finally, if this were a board about cars, saying "pass" to a Ford won't be so odd to read. I find very interesting reading how many are happy with the format and how many will boycott the product, and I'm sure others are curious as well. You go girl!
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