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  1. Version 1.0.4 released for Android, PC and Mac. The iOS version is still at 1.0.3 at the time of this posting. - Fixed issues causing various soft-locks in the mythos phase. - Fixed issue causing soft-locks on some saves. - Fixed typos. Please Note: We have detected an issue running Mansions of Madness on Windows 10 Tablet devices in Windowed Mode. Please be sure to run the app in fullscreen until a fix can be addressed.
  2. It's always a pity when things like this happen. Hmm... even if it's an exotic request, you could try and ask for a replacement? Damaged/Missing Components Request Service Should FFG be so kind to send you a replacement, you could craft some sort of "Keeper's Screen" out of the damaged lid.
  3. What I intuitively did when the new-room-setup-textbox blocked visibility on the area to set up, was to try and move the map - oddly enough you can't do that while that textbox is up. Why lock the map in the first place? If the app stopped doing that, I'd be fine already.
  4. Version 1.0.3 released for PC and Mac. The Android and iOS versions are still at 1.0.2 at the time of this posting. -Fixed soft lock in Escape from Innsmouth finale.
  5. Well, technically the companion app isn't free. It's part of a package that comes at a price of $99.95. It was easy to accomodate every major distribution platform by making the companion app available for free, since it is useless without ownership of the physical parts of the game. A new scenario they'd develop as paid additional content is a whole different beast. If FFG wants to stay in the position to be able to pay their staff to make new scenarios for the app, they have to take precautions that only MoM2 owners who actually purchased the extra content have access to it. So it's tied to your account on the respective platform it was purchased on. Since these platforms are run by companies competing with each other for revenue generated through purchases made in their stores (Apple, Valve, Google, Amazon), they're probably not too keen on helping customers not paying for items they already paid for on a competitors platform. Unless FFG surprises us with a clever way to circumvent this dilemma, the most reasonable way to go is to try out which device best suits you and your gaming group and sticking to that device's platform when buying extra digital content.
  6. The applications I have expierence with all require to rebuy their stuff if you want it on another platform as well. Seems to be a common practice, though - so it's not just an FFG thing. If you buy any game for your mobile device you don't automagically have access to the same game on every platform it's available on.
  7. I think it's pretty obvious that the 2nd edition equivalent of 1st edition's print-on-demand scenarios will be digital only. Given the fact that other FFG applications offer in-app purchases of downloadable content, it's not that far of a stretch to presume that this one will be no different.
  8. Version 1.0.2 released for Android, PC and Mac. The iOS version is still at 1.0.1 at the time of this posting. -Bug fixes across all scenarios. -Bug fixes with the save system. -General stability improvements.
  9. I don't criticize that they went with Steam. I criticize that they didn't disclose that information anywhere on and in the box. A tech-unsavvy boardgamer won't get to the point in your theory. Because he'd never know Steam even exists. Edit: Descent's product page illustrates how to direct visitors to the different places where they can get the "Road to Legend" app (the irony is that the Descent app isn't even required to play the game): [Descent Second Edition product page]. Although it can't replace the missing information on Steam on and in the box, updating the Mansions of Madness 2nd edtion product page with information on where to get the app would be a big help.
  10. As these packages merely contain the material needed to play within second edition, you won't get much out of this as a 1st edition afficionado. The only way to utilize these for 1st edition is if you already own each box of first edition and want a second set of monster miniatures and floortiles from each set.
  11. Odd indeed. This information isn't to be found anywhere one would expect it to be. It's also odd that the current printing of the game doesn't mention Steam at all, but claims you can download a (presumably) DRM free app for PC an Mac without the necessity to own or create an account on a third party DRM platform. That's something that many countries require to be disclosed on the box with a reasonably large sticker on the shrink wrap of the box. Remains to be seen how it'll be handled as things go along. I'm sure all these issues will be rectified at some point.
  12. Yes. That's what the conversion kit was made for. There is an option menu within the app where you can select the 1st edition material (including the core set from 1st edition) you have available. The 1st edition components that can be used within 2nd edition will be made available again in the near future. [Forum Link] Clarification: The six print-on-demand scenarios for 1st edition can't be used with 2nd edition. You'll have to wait for FFG to re-release those again for 2nd edition.
  13. Corey Konieczka on the possible impact of decisions within a campaign of Arkham Horror: The Card Game: "You're going to be making decisions during the scenarios you play. They are going to carry over to the next scenario, it's really interesting. When I was playtesting the first campaign I got to the very end of the last scenario and I get to this part where the game asks me: It's like: "Hey, did you make this decision back in the... first scenario way back?" and I'm like: "Yes. I did, why?" and it turns out godawful stuff is going to happen to me now because I completely made a terrible wrong choice early on. We shouldn't talk about that." [source: In-flight Report GenCon 2016] Actually, I think we *should* talk about that. Since my gaming group consists mostly of casual players, I made the experience that events that irrecoverably destroy hours of gaming effort in an instance can ruin the fun for quite a lot of people. If taking a bad turn in the first scenario can cost you the game, that information should not be held back until the very end of the campaign. At this point I'll just hopefully assume that Corey's anecdote was from a game played on a higher difficulty mode or that I'm misjudging the severity of the consequences described.
  14. I wonder since 'Elder Sign Omens' has Linux support, will the Mansion of Madness App follow suit?
  15. At the moment the only way to access the PC or Mac version of the App is through Valve's 'Steam' platform. You'll have to install that first and create a Steam account: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ Once you have done that, you can install the Mansions of Madness App from within Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/478980/ You can run the application only while Steam is running. Steam has an offline-mode, so you'll be able to run the App without an active internet connection. iOS download page on iTunes website Android download page on Google Play website
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