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  1. I think you guys are kind of illustrating the point that no one knows, no offense.
  2. don't the two expansion boxes (Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares) come out in the Fall? So ikely two scenarios then, the Hangman Hill zombie one and the Dunwich re-Horror. Does anyone have information on anything sooner or are people just saying things they hope are true?
  3. How do you ship 'em? I have no background with this, but I love the art. I live in Japan though, it could be cost-prohibitive.
  4. Not dead but dreaming, 1e is the superior version, by the time everyone realizes it'll be too late. Guard your copy with your life lol
  5. This is the one that was nearly lost to time, the creator ran into copyright trouble because of some of the sources so they've blocked it most places on youtube. But here it is in all it's original glory - it's not perfect Lovecraftian gaming music - but I challenge you to find better. Tristan Hall's Arkham Radio 2hours40minutes YOU'RE WELCOME.
  6. Yes single checks for each investigator via the same monster lengthens play somewhat.
  7. ...or, the minimum required, depending on how you look at it.
  8. "Shattered Bonds" scenario has a repeated paragraph in it's win condition if you save the whole family.
  9. Not dumb really, vestigial place where you put the tokens that said how much damage a creature had taken.
  10. Or maybe avoid entirely? I'm being a tad glib but it's a bit of an unwieldy (and unfair) mess atm IMO. Yet "Shattered Bonds" is good clean fun.
  11. I have problems with the way they do the "picture puzzles" in game. If you haven't seen the picture previously for at least two of the puzzles (I've seen so far) you have little idea how to solve it as the clues in the tiles themselves are far too numerous and subtle to follow in a couple of player turns. I got lucky once, had a hard time three separate times. At least with the "code" puzzles there is a analytical logic to them.
  12. I can't promise what your friends will like, but honestly I think Eldritch Horror is a poor game and I don't enjoy it. I'm often alone in this, because criticism of a large, fan-favorite Lovecraft game is like attacking a sacred cow. But after some time, most of the other gamers I know have sold or traded off their copies as well, because they realized they didn't really have fun when played Eldritch either. I can say that Mansions of Madness doesn't move at the snail's pace of Eldritch as you wait for other players to finish a turn, and the game just creaks along and monsters spawn. You really move around the board, and reveal things and turns are short. Each player takes a minute or perhaps two usually to finish his "turn". If the question is really "should I get a game everyone likes or this one?" I think you answered your own question. I like the idea behind MOM (it's far from a perfect game), but if you want people to come over and play with you get something you're sure they will like. I'd get MOM too myself, and try it out - but the last thing I'd want to do is try to get friends over and put things in front of them you think they wouldn't want to play. Good luck!
  13. This is a good point, and would work better in a game that wasn't "tuned" so strongly to have you hopping with monsters/insanities/injuries so soon. You often just do not have the spare movement time to be exploring. So in the first game knowing where things were assuaged this. I think if they pulled back on the monster spawns juuuuust a tad, the game exploring wouldn't feel like such a poor use of your movement... or you wouldn't continually feel you'd blown a decision by exploring the next tile instead of doing something else.
  14. I think the problem is I've seen lots of examples of the painted miniatures, and just so few that are truly interesting/inspiring. I'd like to paint mine, but so far have not been moved. Thinking though, that a shaded pen and ink look, or a faux bronzed, or copper look might be better than trying to make them look realistic (and likely failing lol).
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