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  1. Very cool! Looks pretty nice, too.
  2. Thanks! I'm refining it still, but I'm releasing newer versions slowly as I playtest it and get private email feedback.
  3. No problem! Figure that's the fastest way out while I wait for wait for them to load up at BGG (they're mostly up now, though). As a side note: the Interceptor has 1 extra mod slot, for anyone looking to switch to it. It's fixed on my end already (it has 1 less than what is currently shown), and will be fixed in Version 0.3.
  4. Okay, so based on feedback (and some testing myself), I've changed some things in the PDFs for balance and clarity. Updates to Version 0.2 (I've already sent PDF updates to the people who sent me their private email, and I'm currently waiting for updated files to load to BGG): (1) Updated icons mostly away from ships to other symbols to cut down on confusion. (2) Updated the balance on some missions based on very limited feedback. I will change this more thoroughly as I get more personal experience and more feedback. (3) Changed how Twists are decided, so that they are no longer random: As of now, each mission has 1 of 2 possible Twists, and the twist is chosen based on how the current mission is going (unique to each mission). For example, in the first mission, if you destroy an entire Rebel Squad and do not let any Rebels escape, you get a beneficial twist (Imperial reinforcements). Otherwise, a bad twist happens (Rebel reinforcements). (4) Scaled many missions to better fit the number of players. They will likely need to be further tweaked, but some didn't scale at all (like having to destroy an entire Space Station -6 emplacements- with 1 player or 6 players). Like everything, I will change this depending on my experience and the feedback I get. (5) Added escape edge rules for when there is no player setup area that touches an edge (if you end the mission in the player setup area, you count as escaped). (6) I took off the free player EPT slot. That shouldn't have been there. (7) Moved the Twist section to the Imperial Campaign Rules PDF, so that it can more easily be referenced with the Missions PDF opened separately. (8) Made some clarification in wording on a few pages. (Changed "ion cloud" to "ion storm"; cleaned up the wording on the Guardian Angel mission; the wingmate cheat sheet now lists all ordinance and modifications for Bombers and Interceptors; the Defender now counts as 2 Imperial ships in addition to you losing a wingmate slot as originally intended; etc.) (9) Potentially a couple other things I've neglected to mention.
  5. Well, I'm in a tricky position due to a couple of factors: I don't want the players to win every mission (if they lose some, their path through the winding campaign structure is much more interesting since they have to make 2-3 laps through it before the campaign ends). Losing too often -as pointed out- will hamper XP, leading to a situation where it's hard to win down the line. I do want the players to have fun, which means getting 1-shot can't be a normal occurrence. I don't want the rules changing too much as the campaign goes on (use this X-wing Template now, and then switch to this one after your 5th missions). I want the Rebel ships to remain consistent (as mentioned above) and dangerous, even as the players level up their abilities. When originally designing it, I was going for overall campaign balance, rather than tight mission balance (like Josh Derksen was able to produce), because I don't have the playtesters on my end to get that balance. So, some missions will be about even (based on rolls), some will be all but lost causes, and some will be pretty easy. Overall, statistically, it should just about even out, hopefully with a slight edge to the players, since they get several benefits the Rebels don't (initial placement after Rebel/terrain placement, etc.). I wanted wins, losses, and a variety of difficulty levels. Now, that's not as popular. But it was much less fine-grained, and a much easier goal to achieve. I'm still going to tweak the missions based on player feedback (as I've shown in this thread), but I explicitly don't want the Imperials to win every mission (though they should probably have a shot, in theory). It's a hard balance. I hope people are open to a middle ground, because that's likely the best I'll be able to achieve. I want to take the long term into account (overarching campaign balance with wins and losses), but I don't want to neglect the short term (individual mission balance). Actually giving the only the Ion turret and locking the turret forwards with the BTL title, migh be the best...then it would be limited to range 1-2, and not really cause much more damage. I could swap the Y-wing ordinance for something else. Heck, for the built-in upgrades on the ships, I could just leave them all off, just as in Heroes. I just felt they'd like a certain bite if I did that, and be mostly bags of hull and shields. I still think someone should try running the first mission with 40-50XP for everyone. Hopefully that's what pass 2 through the campaign would look like (because you will end up replaying Galactic Struggle 1-2 more times). You'd have enough for some nice upgrades, a better ship yourself, and some wingmates (with upgrades), depending on how you wanted to spend the XP. Sure, you might lose Galactic Struggle on your first pass (or get decent to good Attack and Defense dice rolls and win), but how different will it be on your second pass? That is just as important to me.
  6. I guess Zs just aren't as iconic for me as the other Rebel ships, so I wasn't planning on adding any to this campaign (though I think it'd make sense for Imp vs Scum campaign). I might be willing to adjust if there's a big clamoring for Zs, but I guess I just don't see that happening.
  7. Thank you for being open to constructive feedback. You're welcome, but that's the whole point! You guys are play-testing something I'd never be able to adequately do myself. So thank you for giving such detailed feedback. On that note, if the free TLs remain an issue, I'll end up changing them. But like I said, last resort!
  8. Okay, I tried moving some stuff around. I've made Third and Fourth Squad show up on Turn 4, I've adjusted the twists to be based on the number of players (to a limited degree), I've eliminated the random Rebel Elite on Turn 3 that often pops up, and I've made the mission twist based on performance by the midway point (shown at the bottom of the second mission page). Let me know what you guys think: http://imgur.com/a/4t67K
  9. It has 1 defense die. I would think your results were an anomaly. Use the Focus action and get your hits in anyway. Speaking of dice anomalies, your rolls need to be really weird to get 70% k-turns, or you need to be behind it constantly and have it consistently target that closest ship. Only then does it have a 66% chance to k-turn. I cannot build around statistical improbabilities. If you are riding it and it keeps k-turning, well, at least it's able to fire back, rather than just maneuvering around while you follow it. That wouldn't be much of a fight (or game) if that was the case. Lazy, do me a favor and give each player like 50XP and try the mission again. Let me know how it goes. Yeah, that's true. But not too long after the start of the campaign, player PS will outstrip Rebels (and they already fire first if they're in a Bomber or against an A-wing). The Imps can fire first, make them eat their own Focus token. Then they just have the TL. Plus, as I said above, for consistency reasons, I'd rather adjust the built-in upgrades before the auto-TL, as the Heroes campaign has pretty much all ships with a TL gain it automatically. Yes, but most of the Imperial ships that get the free TL are only 2 attacks ships, so it's not as big of a problem. That's true, but again, if you're shooting first (which will be the case in the vast majority of the campaign against these standard ships), you'll be stripping away the focus tokens from them the majority of the time. Maybe someone can try this mission with 50XP given to every player to see what it'd feel like (the players will be playing this same mission later on again). I'd rather not do that, as I'm trying to keep the auto-TL consistent with the Heroes campaign. The less rules differences, the easier it'll be to remember everything. I'm not dead set against it, but it's kind of last resort for me. I'd love to add Scum, but personally have zero experience playing with / against them. I wouldn't even know where to start with them. Defecting Imperials was a thought (as evidenced by some TIE Fighters betraying you in one of the mission twists), but I wasn't sure about working it into a cyclical campaign structure. If it happened multiple times, it might feel weird. Though I like that idea, too.
  10. As an aside, the files are finally up at BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/135259/imperial-campaign-rules
  11. I'm not sure how it's possible... but you're right, it needs to be done. And I'll do it! Gives me something to work on. And again, if the TIEs are firing first (which will happen very quickly after the first mission, with XP and upgrading PS), they'll be stripping Focus tokens off of Rebels (and the Imperial player can direct who his wingmates attack and fire at, so he can decide to split fire to rip off Focus tokens if he thinks it's more important than focus firing down one ship). Rebel ships will start the campaign with a high difficulty, but XP will rein them in. Players will get more wingmates with higher PS and some Upgrades, or they can load up on upgrades / ordinance for themselves. Play strategically; use obstacles, drop bombs, throw around some ion tokens. There are more of you than there are of them. The first mission will be hard (and as I've said, I can already do some things to balance it out some), but things will get better as the campaign progresses. Iiiiiiiiinteresting. I really, really like that idea in theory. Makes it less random, for sure, and adds another layer of strategy as compared to randomness (something I'm positive most of the X-wing community will prefer). I'm definitely going to work on this. Maybe each mission can fork 1 of 2 ways (with the 6 I have written up as a template), based on how the mission unfolds by the midway point? I like it!
  12. I guess. I could just include it in a separate file, too. The same place where I put my "random mission" generator (though I think that'll get much less use than the campaign will). I want the base Rebels to be dangerous. Now, it's very possible I went too far, but I want them to be scary, and to have a shot at taking out Imperial ships quickly. On the flip side, as you progress and get some XP, they will lose some bite. You'll gain Upgrades that let you arc dodge, better defenses (Stealth Device / Shield Upgrades should be common enough), better firepower and higher PS (including your wingmates) to fire first with. The first mission is going to be hard, and maybe even a losing mission at this point. And I can adjust that. I can push back Third and Fourth Squad to Turn 4. I can adjust the built-in upgrades, but personally, I'm leaning towards keeping the auto-TL, as pretty much every ship with TL in Heroes gets it automatically as well. I'd rather adjust other options before the auto-TL, just to keep that consistency. So for now, maybe Turn 4 instead of Turn 3, and losing the Rebel Elite from mission setup (if you roll it). Give that a spin (and ignore the twist if you must). Yeah, that's true. But not too long after the start of the campaign, player PS will outstrip Rebels (and they already fire first if they're in a Bomber or against an A-wing). The Imps can fire first, make them eat their own Focus token. Then they just have the TL. Plus, as I said above, for consistency reasons, I'd rather adjust the built-in upgrades before the auto-TL, as the Heroes campaign has pretty much all ships with a TL gain it automatically.
  13. Great feedback! Keep in mind that with 1 player, there are no Twist random enemies at Turns 6 or 8 (unless your PS is 6+). That is literally a worst case scenario, too, but you're right that it's not a winnable mission. While I'm okay with those occasionally (as it just sends you down a different campaign path), 6 on 2 isn't right. It probably needs to change. I'm thinking of dropping the random Rebel Elite on Turn 3. The twists I'm torn on... those are made to be swingy, but I'm guessing it'll frustrate people more than it's worth. Despite how I feel about them, I might have to rein in the randomness. But, keep in mind, the mission could go completely the opposite way. 2 TIEs vs 2 ships at startup. You roll a red crit and green focus, and you can add a decimator to your side and a hit to each Rebel ship. Turn 5 twist is Might of the Empire, and you get a red focus (+3 TIEs) and a green blank (upgrade them to Interceptors). In that scenario (best case), you have 2 TIEs, a decimator and 3 Interceptors vs 2 damaged Rebel ships. Easy win. In all likelihood, it's somewhere in between. But I know a lot of X-wing players don't like randomness. I'm open to changing it if it makes it more enjoyable
  14. Wingmates are not necessary, no, but they are assumed to some degree (if you start as a TIE Fighter, you get a free wingman). You can always choose not to deploy them on the mission with you if it's too crowded. If you look at the Rebel deployment chart, there is a benefit to this: less Rebel ships come after you the less ships you have. Will it balance out? I hope so, but I'm only taking an educated guess on most of the balance as it is while it gets playtested. And yes, I know that the assist mechanics might be changing. I'm using HotAC as the backbone of all the rules for this campaign, so if it changes over there, it'll change over here as well. Josh is just too good at what he does to ignore his insights. I could show which Imperial Pilot Abilities can qualify, yes. It might not be as clean as Josh's sheet (since the space on my sheets are rather limited), but I can put a mark next to certain abilities that qualify. I figure most people already know what might work, though, so while it crossed my mind, it wasn't a priority of mine. But if you'd like it, I can squeeze it in somehow.
  15. Sure! The PDFs are still pending over at BGG, so I can't link them yet. PM me your email and I'll send them to you (like I've done to a half dozen others so far).
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