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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    Oooh!  I get it now...
    Hate to tell you, but I'm neither a Sith nor an Alchemist.  My tradition doesn't have a name because it has only three members (one of whom is a cactus), and I'm a Seer/Prophet.  Maybe a dash of Magus thrown in.  For flavor  .
    But I do like where you were going with this...
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    By "secondary Lightsaber spec" I meant similar to the likes of the Arbiter, Armorer, Sentry, and possibly Executioner: a source that has a secondary combat focus, likely has the Lightsaber skill, and has a few Lightsaber talents, while still having a different, primary focus. 
    Most all careers so far released have one (the only possible exception, depending on your opinion, is the Executioner), so it's logical to assume that the Mystic will, too.  And to me, the Alchemist seems the best fit, what with lightsabers actually being a minor alchemical item, according to the description. 
    But maybe I'm getting overly focused on the first possibility I see.  That doesn't sound like me at all! 
    Also, have you guys realized that this entire discussion is talking about the ACTUAL NAMES OF THE ACTUAL SPECS OF THE ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED ACTUAL MYSTIC BOOK?!?  EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Ni Fang in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    I hope they add Cathar at some point; I wanna be my Cathar Hero of Tython already geez!
    Also i'd like them to detail exactly how Jar-Kai works {the art of two lightsabers in combat}
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    Hmm, would you look at that.
    I'll be right back. [Steps out of the thread]
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Lightsaber construction in endless vigil   
    As would my Hsing-I dragon sword (well, not a Japanese ceremony, but a Chinese one, certainly).  If I sharpened it, which I don't want to do, because I like to practice with it, and chien techniques require your fingers to get REALLY close to the blade on occasion  .  Coincidentally, that sword is ALSO black-nickel plated.  Apparently I have a thing for black nickel-plated accoutrements...
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Lightsaber construction in endless vigil   
    Well, the simple answer is this: if you didn't score the 2 Advantage and spend them on that effect, then even though you might have been trying to make it look just like my 'saber, you didn't quite do it.  Sure, it looks similar, but you missed some of the tiny details that makes it pop and grants the bonus. 
    My sister is in the middle of painting a complex Warhammer model, so let me use that as an example.  Let's say you see this model assembled by a skilled modeler.  It's assembled just perfect, the painting is pristine.  Everyone who sees it goes, "Wow! That's awesome! Look at the detail!" So you decide you want to build the exact same model with the exact same paint scheme to get those same reactions.  
    But, you're not as skilled a modeler, not as skilled a painter, and don't have access to the same quality tools.  You put yours together and paint it, and it looks great!  Everyone who sees it says, "Hey, that's pretty cool!  It's like that other version of this model I saw once!"  You tried to replicate it exactly, maybe even followed a step-by-step tutorial, but because you didn't have the same skill (i.e. get the 2 Advantage), people don't react to your version of the model as strongly as they do to the one you're copying. 
    That's the point of the dice symbols: you can try to do anything, and you might even get close.  But the symbols determine if you succeed or not.  Trying to mimic the effect without paying for it means you got close, but you missed the final spark that made it pop.
    Hopefully that makes sense.  That's why I can see it working.  Obviously I wouldn't make it a normal feature of the crafting chart, but if a player like @Daeglan asked and gave his reasoning?  Sure, we could make an exception, especially if he happened to be the only one to get less than 3 Advantage on the crafting check. 
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Lightsaber construction in endless vigil   
    This is pretty much what I was going to suggest.  Pick a general skill (not a combat or knowledge skill) and the lightsaber provides an automatic Advantage on those checks in certain circumstances.
    The big issue here, I think, is that there are only so many mechanical aspects of a weapon that can be affected by crafting, and 2 Advantage just isn't enough to have an effect on most of them.
    --You can't increase Damage, because that's the effect of the 1 Advantage ability, which has a downside of making the weapon two-handed and increasing Encumbrance.
    --Decreasing Encumbrance is, as you mentioned, useless if the weapon is already Encumbrance 1.
    --You could technically probably go with decreasing the cost of the hilt, but that affects the stats of your wallet, not your lightsaber, and so is probably not something you'd be interested in.
    --A lightsaber is a melee weapon, so you can't change the Range.
    --Critical Rating is a major ability that is worth much more than 2 Advantage.  The closest thing on the lightsaber crafting chart is the Finely-Tuned Emitter, which adds 1 automatic Advantage to checks with the 'saber, and that requires a Triumph, I believe (away from my book right now).
    --Adding Hard Points is already on the chart and is worth a lot, because each Hard Point allows for major customization.
    --And the last major availability would be adding or modifying weapon Qualities, but most qualities are worth a bit more than 2 Advantage, as they're either worth a Hard Point (through using an attachment to get them), or they're worth 3 to 4 Advantage, as given on the chart.
    So that (and page space) is probably why there's no intriguing option on the chart: the minor weapon statistics that can be affected by 1 or 2 Advantage are there, but you don't find them interesting (which is fair), and the others are too potent to mess with for that low a cost.  So my best suggestion is look at other crafting charts, find something that costs 2 or less Advantage that's not already represented on the Lightsaber Crafting chart, and use that.  My best suggestion is the special embellishment from the Armor Crafting chart.  It normally costs 2 Advantage which is where you are, and it can affect a social check.  That's probably the best you're going to get.
    And, speaking personally, I think that the +[A] abilities from various sources are quite unobtrusively powerful.  It's the one I'd go with, in your position  .
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    The Shy Ion reacted to SEApocalypse in Warriors rejoice   
    Can't argue with that. Not because I would agree with you, but because I would talk myself into a killing spree. 
    For me, TLJ is better than even Empire, especially because it had to deal with that mystery box turd JJ left behind. 
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Warriors rejoice   
    ... meow meow ... *sniff*
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Warriors rejoice   
    Or, you know, we could drop the silly debates over canon-minutiae and get back to talking about Knights of Fate?
    While obviously he couldn't give me any details, my friend who did a lot of the recent articles has told me he wrote the Knights of Fate articles as well, so assuming he did the same number as normal, I'm very surprised that none of them were posted before the release...
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Absol197 in Warriors rejoice   
    So, is anyone else stupidly happy they used Ahsoka for the cover character on this one?
    Now, normally, I'd always prefer a non-canon, custom character on the front of the career books, but I love it when us togrutas get more representation, and Ahsoka is just the best!
    EDIT:  Seven likes (and counting)... I guess that I was not the only stupidly happy person about togrutan inclusiveness...
    Or you all are big Ahsoka fans  !
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    The Shy Ion got a reaction from Aurin in Star Wars: My Kind of Scum [PbP] Long Arm of the Hutt   
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    The Shy Ion reacted to Aurin in Star Wars: My Kind of Scum [PbP] Long Arm of the Hutt   
    Great - I'm traveling this week but we'll get moving again next week on our normal timing. Looking forward to it!
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    The Shy Ion got a reaction from Rostek Horn in Very OP PbP   
    This is Gralrrua the Unyielding, retired mercenary back for one last job.
    She has seven specialization trees. Thank goodness for copy-paste, but I still had to input the first talent of each type by hand... *headdesk*
    ...I think that with a WT of 43 and Soak of 13, as well as Against All Odds, Unstoppable, and three or four ranks of Durable, that title is justified, okay?
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    The Shy Ion got a reaction from Aurin in Star Wars: My Kind of Scum [PbP] Long Arm of the Hutt   
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    The Shy Ion got a reaction from Aurin in Star Wars: My Kind of Scum [PbP] Long Arm of the Hutt   
    "Good, because we're going to Ryloth anyway," Caizu says, "since it's the only halfway decent place this computer's got. Unless you like bugs, or overly touchy rich people. I can't say I approve of the former owner's taste in vacation spots..." She finishes setting the course and glances back at the others. "Lang or no Lang, we need to get moving. Unless anyone's discovered a new crisis to deal with first?" 

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    The Shy Ion got a reaction from Aurin in Star Wars: My Kind of Scum [PbP] Long Arm of the Hutt   
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    The Shy Ion reacted to monkysundae in So they got their ship taken out...   
    If at least half the party doesn't want to part with her I'd encourage them to go in that direction. It's very Star Wars to keep what should be an inferior ship for sentimental reasons. They just have to fix it up a bit to make it more practical for them. If there are any hard points left, attachments are much cheaper than a new ship. 
    They still need to fix their ship. At a suggested 500 credits per hard point repaired that can still be pretty pricy but nowhere near new ship pricy. Obligation would work great for this if the party is credit poor. A crime boss, the Alliance, a diplomat, planetary government, whoever else fits into your campaign. They fix it up, your players owe favors. Since the 5 silhouette was the big problem, the benefactor fixing it could suggest mod(s) that improve handling and/or defense. You could tack on some extra obligation for one or two and/or have the entity suggest "Oh, you want a 'blank'. I know where you can get one of those but it won't be easy...". The benefactor could also install hidden tracking, smuggler compartments with a MacGuffin inside, ect. to add another hidden cost to not outright paying for it themselves. You could also make that 5 silhouette central to paying back obligation. The benefactor needs something really big moved. A couple of Rancors, shield generators for a rebel base... something that's going to be really fun for the PCs to have to move around the galaxy.
    Bottom line, if the PCs are already attached to their ship I'd encourage it. Having them invested in the ole clunker adds more flavor and you're adding more adventure options rather than resorting to a canned one. 
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    The Shy Ion reacted to warchild1x in So they got their ship taken out...   
    My players stole their current loronar e-9 and found out the hard way that it was very run down. They're currently limping across the galaxy with a class 4 hyperdrive and every chance they get they eye up potential upgrades (ie. Every ship they come in contact with). Plus they haven't bothered to change the BoSS transponder tag so they have all sorts of odd encounters with the previous owner's business partners and run ins with people looking for said owner. I expect they'll soon be attempting another grand theft starship and will start the process all over again.
    How you do it is pretty much what everyone else suggests and is dependent wholly on your party and their outlook and moral compass . Thieves?. Steal it. Legit? Buy it (either with creds or obligation). Crafty? Salvage and rebuild one. Charming? Win one? Any one or combination of the above works.
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    The Shy Ion reacted to kaosoe in Need help creating a child PC.   
    Nightone put into words what I was was attempting (Rather poorly) to suggest. Kudos. I wholeheartedly approve this suggestion.
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    The Shy Ion reacted to whafrog in Need help creating a child PC.   
    The problem with nerfing the attributes in this game is the scale is so compact.  There are no "weak" humans.  Adult Twi'leks default to Brawn 1.  Weequay default to Int 1, but then so do worms.  There's just no wiggle room, and the impact on the mechanics is huge.  (If this were, say, D&D, there'd be a lot more numeric room for flavour.)
    It's tempting to think you'll just be able to scale things for them...but almost every skill test would have to be Easy or Average, and the way the game is constructed, all the other PCs will have as good or better chance of doing that skill themselves.  So it just increases the chance the player will feel their PC is "insufficient".
    However, if you're dead set on dropping attributes, I'd just make the PC "as they will be when adult", then ask the player (or decide yourself) which attribute(s) to drop by 1.  Rather than offering XP to use later to boost it back up, just say that when the time comes (e.g.: they become a teenager) they'll get that -1 back.  That way they could still have a "computer whiz kid"...Brawn might be 1, but there isn't a real reason for Intellect to not remain a 4 if that's what they want.  Creating a web of house rules for XP expenditure and Obligation just seems too complicated for a one-time thing.
    As for "I work with kids", I guess actually having kids doesn't count?  If I told my son, especially at that age, what his PC thought of something, he'd have lost interest.  There's a difference between saying "You think PC X is a cute puppy, so you like her" vs "You've never seen a Dug before, kind of looks like a cute pet" and let the player decide what to do with that info.
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    The Shy Ion reacted to SavageBob in Need help creating a child PC.   
    I suppose if you really wanted to distinguish, say, a child Nikto from an adult Nikto (or whatever), you might swap a point of Brawn, Agility, or Willpower for an extra point of Cunning or Presence. Maybe do -2 Wound Threshold, +2 Strain Threshold. But that's only if you really are set on making a kid mechanically different from an adult.
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    The Shy Ion reacted to whafrog in Need help creating a child PC.   
    Even though the player is a kid, I'm not sure why you're deciding this sentiment for them.  That seems like something that develops (or not) through the session.  But anyway...
    Kids of almost any age are able to play this game, plenty of threads on kids younger than 10.  And most kids don't need to play a kid in order to enjoy it...just like they don't need to be 20 year old boys to identify with Luke Skywalker.  My friend is playing D&D with his kids (12 and 8), and they run adult wizards and rangers (albeit young adults).  Kids often like to play someone they themselves might want to look up to or become.
    I would ask what kind of character they want, and try to identify something in a media they know.  If they watch TCW or Rebels, do they like Ahsoka, Hera, Sabine, Ezra...Hondo?  Or if they've never seen these shows, are there any other shows they might identify with?  Even basic archetypes like "warrior princess" or "computer wizard" can be enough grounding.  Then just make the character normally, using an appropriate class, and maybe go easy on the Obligation/Morality so they aren't overwhelmed by the complexity.
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    The Shy Ion reacted to lecudas in HELP!!!!!!!!!!   
    There is also this.
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