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  1. Caizu sucks a breath in through her teeth, then lets it out again. "Great. One of Teemo's little friends. A Dunelizard. Belongs to a Kubaz who runs a lot of errands." She gives the ship a sharp little grin. "Pulls a little up and left. Slow on the spins. Has a captain who just can't shut up once he's got a drink or two in him." Caizu shakes her head. "Good to see you again too, you little dust-worm. And nice knowing you." She raises a finger to point—somewhat unnecessarily—at the Dunelizard. "And, yes, he still comes around like that, just like he's always rambling about. Opening to take a shot in five, four..."
  2. "Good, because we're going to Ryloth anyway," Caizu says, "since it's the only halfway decent place this computer's got. Unless you like bugs, or overly touchy rich people. I can't say I approve of the former owner's taste in vacation spots..." She finishes setting the course and glances back at the others. "Lang or no Lang, we need to get moving. Unless anyone's discovered a new crisis to deal with first?"
  3. "Oh yes," Caizu grumbles, "right when I was about to rescue these two from the horrors of socialization. You know, my actual area of expertise?" She flashes a grin towards the other three. "Find out what our new friend's good at and something for him to do, okay? I'd do that myself, but apparently I'm a little too in-demand." She makes her way back up to the bridge as quickly as she can manage and starts working at the astrogation console, wincing a little bit as the motion disturbs her burn. "Let's see, let's see..." Her fingers start tapping rapidly on the console as she charts out a course. She looks at the estimated fuel usage, frowns, and adjusts. "By the way, Captain," she purrs, not looking up from the console, "call me Hutt-bait again and I'll set your cabin's thermostat to 'Csillan Winter.'"
  4. Caizu shakes her head at the medical droid's attempts. "You're not great under pressure, are you?" she says. "Don't worry, Vex, you'll learn. But not right now, and not practicing on me." She makes sure her breath mask is fully secure and starts walking back out of the room. "I'm going to see what's holding up the resident tough guys. Maybe they've found what's causing the alarm."
  5. Caizu taps at the console for a few brief moments, then smacks it and steps away, holding a hand up to her nose. "Ktah! How am I supposed to get anything done when this place smells like a rotting Hutt?" She makes a sharp gesture and stomps towards the door. "If you can tolerate the ship smelling like rancid meat, fine, but I'm going to find a breath mask."
  6. "Great," Caizu says. "Lovely. Just lovely. Scepters, girl, you're really making me reconsider my first opinion of you." She walks back over to the navigation console and starts tapping on the controls. "Alright, let's see what we've got here..."
  7. "First lesson, Vex," Caizu says. "If the odds are against you, you cheat." She winces as the alerts start going. "Think we have the time to get me patched up before we deal with whatever that is? Because I'm about five seconds and a headache from passing out again."
  8. Caizu smiles at the card's flicker. Oh, she'd love to pocket a nice little tool like that—but that sort of thing turns the odds against you. Now I like you even better, she doesn't say out loud. She's not quite ready to tell the others about the trick to the card, in case one of them is the sort to just add it to the take. We both make our own luck, don't we, Queenie? She turns to 41-VEX. "Not the sort to enjoy a good escape, are you?" She winces, her general state catching up to her again. "Then again, neither am I when I get shot during it. What do you say we wander down to wherever the medical supplies are being kept?"
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