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  1. I wish there is just a way for me to get the older edition's hero minis, without trying to hunt for an old, out-of-print edition of something I already own...
  2. You'll notice it when you put the Farrow siblings beside Arvel.
  3. Right because a real hybrid class hero can magically buy 2 class cards for every 1 class card another hero affords?
  4. BETTER as in more balanced, not more powerful. Becauae in the old version, not only can he do it once per turn, he can do it as many times per turn as he wanted (up to 3, ofc) as long as the condition is triggered every time.
  5. I dunno, do I seem bitter? Can you tell that I'm bitter? For over I month, I had completely misread the hybrid classes, believing them to be waaaay more awesome than they actually are. It led me to vocally oppose the complainers across multiple threads, when they decried Chains as being a subpar expansion. I sorely regret that now, now that I realize the truth. The hybrid classes are indeed SUBPAR. I thought it was like AD&D multi-classing... hah. It doesn't deserve to be called "hybrid classes"! No wonder sometimes another poster would keep saying "WTH are you talking about?" I thought it was this forum's form of sarcasm or something. All these new hybrid classes really allow, is new interactions from a larger combination of hero sheets and class decks. As if you received revised hero sheets of existing heroes. And instead of 1 archetype badge on the sheet, it had 2 to choose from. While that is nice, as some posters said: it does not justify having only a total of 12 class cards in the expansion. Thankfully, we're talking about a board game, not a computer game or -god forbid- a console game. As Matt Damon never said, I'm so gonna house-rule this ****.
  6. Clarification: That Leoric Of The Book would choose a Fighter archetype deck, insert the 3 Battlemage cards into that deck, equip that Fighter archetype deck's weapons and items, and sally forth. He will never have any cards from any Mage archetype deck. None.
  7. Epically-overpowered house-ruled hybrid classes, here I come! I regret nothing~!!
  8. O...M...G... I went back and reread the CtR news posts with what Zaltyre said in my mind. He's right, all the hybrid classes do is allow heroes access to more archetype decks as his chosen deck (singular). It does NOT allow heroes to combine 2 archetype decks. ..... THAT IS SO STUPID!! For over a month, I have been excited for this expansion... FOR NOTHING!! Well... y'all know what I'm gonna house-rule once I get my box of CtR... >:-(
  9. @ Zaltyre: Wait what? The Monk class is officially Scout-to-Healer. You must be a Scout archetype hero to be a Monk. Meaning, you choose your archetype deck (say, Wildlander). You take the Monk intro card, and then you choose a Healer deck. According to FFG's CtR news blog, you then get all the starting cards of that chosen Healer deck (the weapons, items, and I guess the 0xp card). YOU are saying that your Scout archetype hero, who chose to be a Monk, will only ever get the Monk cards and your chosen Healer deck cards. That is completely at odds with everything we know from all the news blogs and forum discussions. If your name wasn't Zaltyre I'd be laughing right now. But now I am just confused.
  10. Say you are Scout archetype hero with Wildlander deck. You decide to be Monk. You choose Apothecary deck.You can get the 3XP cards from the Wildlander deck and the Monk card. You cannot from the Apothecary deck.
  11. It's a good skill for Overlords who are kaiju-lovers...
  12. I re-read the Monk and Watch cards, and my opinion's unchanged.BTW, it seems the hero can still get the 3xp cards of his original class, just not the 3xp cards of his chosen secondary class. The Monk has 3 cards which all makes himself better, which is what I'd expect when a Healer decides to veer into Scout. 2 are straight-up combat cards. Inner Balance is a hybrid card: you can use it to help a friend, but it will always benefit yourself. Most Scout archetype heroes start with ranged weapons and may have abilities enhancing ranged effectiveness. I want to give that up for 2 barehanded cards? The Watchman has 3 cards which all improve his friends' movement, stamina, and search card usage. This is what I'd expect for a Scout archetype who now wants to help out his friends more. The 1xp card is a hybrid card: it heals a friend (and increase movement), but it will always heal yourself (and increase movement). If your archetype is healer, you probably already have some basic healing ability on your hero sheet or starting card. Why would you get a 1xp card which heals 1 hp?
  13. This makes sense. The runes and wands should not be bows with maybe some fancy surge effects. They should be items which add enhancements to the Mage's class cards, which in this game is effectively his spell menu. For example, "This rune adds X effect to your AoE attacks against Fire enemies." Etc.
  14. Wow. I guess the factory just has an assembly line flaw. Using some sort of metal clamp for pushing the leg piece into the torso piece. *Shakes head...* Thanks. Guess I fix myself.
  15. Your descriptions of the class combo characteristics is what I came away with from reading the articles and posts. But I came to the opposite conclusions. 1st, I have no qualms with Steelcasters vs Battlemages. Only Monks vs Watchers. So I don't think Scout archetypes require additional attack power; that's something more Healer archerypes require. What Scouts should get from their unique cards should be a way to share their movement and search advantages with their friends, instead of using all their skills for themselves. That is what Watchman cards offer, and their secondary healing skills would be from the healer deck cards they select.
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