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  1. No, it's just a memory game. If you can't process 210 Tb of information each turn, you're not tailored for this game. Now, you can either learn to remember all that stuff, turn into a cyborg, or just do like every other average Joe, forget stuff like a cool guy.
  2. Well, in Belgium, for example, half the shops get their product from the UK (Esdevium?), so that's a spreading problem.
  3. Which is probably what happened to Unicorn when designed for the Core Set.
  4. What does Midnight Revels have to do with high Glory?
  5. Well, if it's the only difference you've spotted between the two timeline, you're in for a wild ride...
  6. Because there are too many utility cards for 45 spots.
  7. Well, I'm pretty sure if you ask FFG nicely, they won't touch the cards in your deck. Or maybe they don't care and they'll do whatever they want. With them, you never know.
  8. There's no "Mountain does not fall" because it costs 1 and I tried to only put costly events if they actively help me or hinder my opponent. If you replace Yori by Taka, the 2 "Cloud the Mind" could easily be replaced by something else, like Mountain does not move.
  9. I think you should stick to this deck idea, even though it probably doesn't have all the needed tools in the card pool yet. Of course, if you want to go on to higher levels and competitive play, people will tell you there's only one functioning Crab build and that is what you must play. Don't listen to them. Play whatever you like and have fun with it. Choose a victory condition, a theme and keep your deck close to these two. You want to build a deck around Yasuki Taka messing with everyone's plan at court? Fine, do it. Don't listen to people telling you it can't be done. Deckbuilding away from the standard deck everyone plays is a great way to get better. It is the people who have success with innovative deck that are the most deserving. If you have your deck on FiveringsDB, I'd be happy to take a look at it. This is my Crab deck, and you could easily switch Yori out for Taka in this build. The aim of the deck is to pressure the honor and economy of your opponent and to severely limit their option. Defend in stead of attacking and watch them suffocate.
  10. Yes, milling is not that strong. Coming from a Phoenix player with access to Isawa Tadaka v1 is kind of humorous.
  11. She'll definitely be a x3. Not only because she can protect a province you don't want attacked, but when you're down to two row provinces, you can make sure your opponent will hit the most damaging one.
  12. He's obviously pissed because he can't enter the forest right behind him. He'd get stuck...
  13. I agree. Shiro Shinjo will open up a new strategy, which will be aimed towards a longer game where the economic advantage will weigh out more. HMT is more oriented towards a quick game where you destroy 4 provinces bu turn 2. Of course, in tournaments, aiming for a longer game can bring well over the time limit...
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