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  1. It's all about preparation. It's more obvious with Heroes like Black Panther or Iron Man, but solo play always should follow the same MO. You don't rush into a fight without some planning (that's why Aggression is seen as the worst Aspect for solo play). You need to keep the threat low, the side schemes off the board, and the HPs high until you're ready to take on the big bad guy. Unless you can hit for 30+ damage in one turn, but I can hardly see how you could manage that on turn 2 or 3...
  2. I would love a Squirrel Girl Hero Pack so much !
  3. This is so full of wrong. I'll agree that only restricting Spyglass is not enough, but you must admit it is a step in the right direction. Yes, undying crabs are a problem, but when they draw 2-6 less cards a turn, they'll get severely toned down. Tyler probably won't touch the undying cards of crab, as it is their trademark. Crabs are all about sacrificing some and never let die others. What the game needs to rein down decks like that is a card that gets rid of all attachments in play at once. And you think attachment-heavy clans are not competitive? Crabs just got nerfed because their whole strategy is stacking a pile of attachments on a single guy and get all the mileage in the world from them. Dragons got nerfed into the ground because they had the same, reliable strategy. The problem with attachment hate is that there's not even enough. Attachments are way too powerful as a mechanic, as you will most of the time get 3 or more turns of their benefits for a small cost. This is the reason why Dragon has been regularly splashed so much since the beginning of the game. This is not for Mirumoto's Fury, Ancient Master, or aything else than the three mandatory Let Go... You don't offer any solution, you might as well not say anything.
  4. No, it's just a memory game. If you can't process 210 Tb of information each turn, you're not tailored for this game. Now, you can either learn to remember all that stuff, turn into a cyborg, or just do like every other average Joe, forget stuff like a cool guy.
  5. Well, in Belgium, for example, half the shops get their product from the UK (Esdevium?), so that's a spreading problem.
  6. Which is probably what happened to Unicorn when designed for the Core Set.
  7. What does Midnight Revels have to do with high Glory?
  8. Well, if it's the only difference you've spotted between the two timeline, you're in for a wild ride...
  9. Well, I'm pretty sure if you ask FFG nicely, they won't touch the cards in your deck. Or maybe they don't care and they'll do whatever they want. With them, you never know.
  10. There's no "Mountain does not fall" because it costs 1 and I tried to only put costly events if they actively help me or hinder my opponent. If you replace Yori by Taka, the 2 "Cloud the Mind" could easily be replaced by something else, like Mountain does not move.
  11. I think you should stick to this deck idea, even though it probably doesn't have all the needed tools in the card pool yet. Of course, if you want to go on to higher levels and competitive play, people will tell you there's only one functioning Crab build and that is what you must play. Don't listen to them. Play whatever you like and have fun with it. Choose a victory condition, a theme and keep your deck close to these two. You want to build a deck around Yasuki Taka messing with everyone's plan at court? Fine, do it. Don't listen to people telling you it can't be done. Deckbuilding away from the standard deck everyone plays is a great way to get better. It is the people who have success with innovative deck that are the most deserving. If you have your deck on FiveringsDB, I'd be happy to take a look at it. This is my Crab deck, and you could easily switch Yori out for Taka in this build. The aim of the deck is to pressure the honor and economy of your opponent and to severely limit their option. Defend in stead of attacking and watch them suffocate.
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