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  1. Jadotch

    Rey a Sith Sleeper Agent

    Cool fan theory that covers most of the anti-Last Jedi fans complaints. A fun watch if nothing else. https://youtu.be/v89GEy4chm4
  2. Jadotch

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    Let’s convert it to a full blown video game and be done with it. You can immediately balance it and fix continuity errors with DLC. (Obviously sarcasm.)
  3. Jadotch

    X-Wing TMG 2.0 Feels Watered Down

    For me 2.0 doesn’t have the same addictive mystique as 1.0. It is like comparing Final Fantasy Tactics to A1 & A2. For me they have cut out half the fun of trying to get impossible combos to work. (And if they work too well expect them to get neutered in the future.) To me half the brain power should go into ‘prep time’ and reading the meta for your next list, and failing. Then working out the kinks. I don’t want a “balanced” game. If I did I would play chess.
  4. Jadotch

    Do away with cards?

    The 2.0 app concept already lost me. I just don’t like it one bit. If cards went away, I would be completely out at that point. Just play online.
  5. Jadotch

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    Did Indy get the Golden Idol? No, he lost it, just escaping with his life. (It also demonstrated his fear of snakes!) With all that skill he was outwitted by the other archeologist in the end. Again, it introduces him losing to a rival. Thank you. On a side note: I do think the First Act of the Force Awakens is very well done. It is the 3 following acts that ruin the movie. (I really don't know why there are 4 acts in it? To re-introduce Han Solo maybe?)
  6. Jadotch

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    @Cleardave Fair enough. I think the main point I was getting at, you can introduce a villain with whatever power/skill set you wish without too much of an explanation. (It is nice, but not needed.) Antagonists are often static in character (yes there are exceptions), they are not required to grow for decent storytelling. They are often a reference to show what the protagonist has to overcome.
  7. Jadotch

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    This guy? The guy that got beat up by bullies in the beginning? That was highly dependent on Bucky in the beginning? Compared to Rey's first fight? It is all about the Heroe's Journey my friend. Imagine if Steve Rodgers was able to beat up the bullies in the beginning, and able to surpass the other Soldiers in their training before he took the serum?It would greatly diminish the Steve Rodgers character. This is what Rey is.
  8. Jadotch

    Star Control: Origins

    September 20th a prequel/alternative universe Star Control video game is being released. I was a huge fan of Star Control 1 & 2 for the Amiga and then PC. When I heard Origins was announced, I became pretty excited. (Especially since building my first PC in like 15 year. I went MAC for video editing.) Anyways, in the game they have a ship building app that was available in the beta version. The company held a ship design competition to be included in the game. Needless to say, some shameless self promotion, I was one of the winners. https://forums.starcontrol.com/490726/page/1/#3724668 Just thought I would brag and share a little. Plus if you are a Star Control fan, it is good seeing there will be a new game coming out!
  9. Jadotch

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    You forgot to adjust for inflation.
  10. Jadotch

    A real Disney Strong Female Character

    Villains are supposed to be "Mary Sues" and all powerful beings though (Or on their way to be one) !!!! Yes, I hold Villains to different standards. (And I even hold mentor roles, like Obi Wan to different standards than the protagonist of the story.) You want to see these people defeated partially because they have these traits Mary Sue-ish traits. Villains should always have the upper hand in a decently written story. The one which the underdog has to defeat. No one wants to see a protagonist play in "god mode" through out a movie. Which Rey is practically doing.
  11. Jadotch

    Rank the Disney-era Star Wars Films

    Rogue One- It is number 1 on the Disney side of things, and number 3 overall. (Beating out The Return of the Jedi.) I think this film proves what we already have known, Star Wars is really about the Villains. Solo- A fun film, but forgettable. Nothing really caught my imagination. Everything was fairly monotone. Out of the planets they visited, none of them really stand out. But still, I want to watch it again. Force Awakens- The first act is awesome, and it goes down hill from their. The introduction of Rey and Kylo Ren is great. But where did Star Killer base come from? (The Death Star was the high concept in ANH, Star Killer base just sorta pops up in the final act.) While I see Force Awakens as majority flawed, I still enjoy it more than the prequels. The Last Jedi- I admit I am a hater. Granted, there are some really good scenes in the film, Crait was one of the best planet concepts in the franchise to date. I enjoyed trying to incorporate some of KotOR II force concepts into the film. (However, it was the wrong character and it never followed through and explored the thoughts.) I will argue to this day, The Last Jedi's greatest failure was the Villains, or the lack of a serious Villain. Disney Marvelized the villains, to make them a punchline. (Snoke being the the exception, but we all know what happened.) The next biggest flaw for me is the multiple breaks of suspension of disbelief. Then there are all the little things ...
  12. Jadotch

    Your first 2.0 list?

    I am going to give this a shot is I ever invest in 2.0 Dash Rendar — YT-2400: 100 Trick Shot:1 Lando Calrissian: 5 Outrider: 14 Ship Total: 120 AP-5 — Sheathipede-Class Shuttle: 30 Ship Total: 30 Leevan Tenza — X-Wing: 46 Juke: 4 Servomotor S-Foils: 0 Ship Total: 50 200 points
  13. Jadotch

    2E Norra and 3CP0

    Norra is the pilot on an ARC-170, 3CP0 is the crew. When guessing for 3CP0 do you add Norra's added evade result? If so, and you always guess "1" you are always guaranteed at least 2 evade results (if you are in range 0-1), maybe 3 if you have elusiveness or lone wolf .
  14. Jadotch

    2e Rebel Squad

    Here is my list thus far: Dash Rendar - 100 Outrider- 14 Trickshot- 1 AP-5- 30 Leevan Tenza- 46 Juke- 4 R4 Astromech- 2 S-Foils- 0 Total: 197 With 3 Points to spare. Leevan and AP-5 work awesome together. I may exchange Trickshot for Lonewolf. I don't know ... No crew member really stands out for Rendar. I agree, 2.0's upgrades aren't nearly as good. The upgrades have been totally neutered.
  15. Jadotch

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    Don’t forget the Outrider title, which is another 14 points.