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  1. I would also recommend some type of custom base because I think the big black bases, as scrubbless also mentions, are too big and blocks out too much of the board and are just generally very ugly. Personally, I made custom bases (you can read more about them here) because I wanted to have the monster stats on the bases, but the problem with my approaches is that making more bases the way I made them have turned out to be somewhat of a hassle, as I found out I when recently bought another expansion. So, I kind of regret not going with transparent bases, but I am also happy with what I have.
  2. You didn't make it up. It's part of the stand alone deckbuilding rules. From the rules section on ArkhamDB.com: "When playing a standalone game (i.e., playing a single scenario as a one-off adventure, removed from its campaign), the following rules apply: When building a deck for a standalone game, an investigator may use higher level cards in his or her deck (so long as they observe the deckbuilding restrictions of the investigator) by counting the total experience of all the higher level cards used in the deck, and taking additional random basic weaknesses based on the following table: 0-9 experience: 0 additional random basic weaknesses 10-19 experience: 1 additional random basic weakness 20-29 experience: 2 additional random basic weaknesses 30-39 experience: 3 additional random basic weaknesses 40-49 experience: 4 additional random basic weaknesses" Weaknesses do not count towards deck size, AFAIK.
  3. Nicola Zealey, I am indeed running the latest version and I stand by my assertion that the interface is black and white boxes. I am not talking about the game board, that does look good and a lot of like the official apps, but rather all the buttons and text boxes. As I said, it is a superficial issue, but one that ruins the experience for me a bit. And according to the github page, the latest version is from April 27 which felt like a long time ago to me, especially considering, as you have mentioned, that it used to be updated very frequently. I did not know about the upcoming beta version but I am looking forward to seeing what is included in it. I am sorry if I came across as overly negative. I am not. I think it is a great project, and it has come a long way since the beginnings.
  4. It is good to see that there are a lot of new scenarios been made. I love the idea of this app, and it has not been updated for a long time so I was a bit worried if the development was dying out, but I also have to admit that I am not using it, primarily because the interface is still just black and white boxes (at least, it was last time I checked). I know that is a really superficial reason, but I am a very visual person and the interface detracts from the experience, unfortunately.
  5. I think it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for more scenarios, I would probably go for Beyond the Threshold (or wait for Streets of Arkham), but if you are looking for more investigators or more variation in tiles and monsters, Recurring Nightmares or Suppressed Memories might be more your thing. Edit: it is early in the morning for me, so I did not see the part where you said that you wanted more scenarios to play with. In that case I would go for Beyond the Threshold or Streets of Arkham. Recurring Nightmares and Suppressed Memories only unlock a single scenario each, whereas the two actual expansions unlock 2 and 3 scenarios, respectively, as far as I remember.
  6. Fork... Anyone know how to roll back MoM on steam?
  7. It is! I tried it with Jenny one time, and it was quite cool The new Carcosa expansion will rectify the situation a little (50% of the new investigators are in MoM) but not enough. I vote that the next Mom expansion includes Agnes, Daisy, Zoey and Rex!
  8. I have been looking around a bit, trying to see if I could find 4 decks that me and my group could play, using 2 cores and the current expansions (I don't have Blood on the Alter yet, but it is on it's way). Unfortunately, it seems most of the decks that people share are either solo decks or to decks designed to work in pairs, so I figured I would try and put together something myself. However, I don't actually enjoy building decks all that much, so I found 4 decks on ArkhamDB that didn't seem to overlap that much and used those as a starting point. Agnes, because I found a solo deck that seemed to work. Roland and Rex for some beat-down and some clue gathering but flexible enough that they are not one trick ponies. And finally Jenny, because, well, I like Jenny, but I suspect it is the weakest deck because I modified it the most, without a clear idea of what the purpose of the deck is. I would love to hear what you think about them, because I won't get a chance to test them out for a while. Obviously they are not optimal, because they have to share the card-pool. Most notable are the neutral +2 skill cards which I would have liked to use more of. I considered using proxies (I even have some of them printed and cut, ready to go) but it just doesn't sit right with me. I wanted to publish them on ArkhamDB but it doesn’t allow a noob like me to post more than one deck a day, so I have listed the decks here: Agnes Baker Assets 1x Heirloom of Hyperborea (Core Set) 2x Forbidden Knowledge (Core Set) 1x Holy Rosary (Core Set) 2x Shrivelling (Core Set) 2x Scrying (Core Set) 2x Arcane Initiate (Core Set) 1x Leather Coat (Core Set) 2x Rite of Seeking (The Dunwich Legacy) 2x Ritual Candles (The Dunwich Legacy) Events 1x Dark Memory (Core Set) 2x Ward of Protection (Core Set) 2x Blinding Light (Core Set) 2x "Look what I found!" (Core Set) 2x Lucky! (Core Set) 2x Emergency Cache (Core Set) Skills 2x Fearless (Core Set) 2x Perception (Core Set) 2x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) Treacherys 1x Random Basic Weakness (Core Set) Roland Banks Assets 1x Roland's .38 Special (Core Set) 2x .45 Automatic (Core Set) 2x Beat Cop (Core Set) 2x First Aid (Core Set) 2x Machete (Core Set) 2x Flashlight (Core Set) 1x Laboratory Assistant (The Dunwich Legacy) 1x Smoking Pipe (The Miskatonic Museum) 1x Art Student (The Essex County Express) Events 2x Evidence! (Core Set) 2x Dodge (Core Set) 1x Dynamite Blast (Core Set) 2x Working a Hunch (Core Set) 2x Emergency Cache (Core Set) 2x Shortcut (The Dunwich Legacy) Skills 1x Vicious Blow (Core Set) 2x Guts (Core Set) 1x Perception (Core Set) 1x Overpower (Core Set) 1x Manual Dexterity (Core Set) Treacherys 1x Random Basic Weakness (Core Set) 1x Cover Up (Core Set) Jenny Barnes Assets 2x Switchblade (Core Set) 2x .41 Derringer (Core Set) 2x Leo De Luca (Core Set) 2x Hard Knocks (Core Set) 1x Holy Rosary (Core Set) 2x Arcane Studies (Core Set) 2x Knife (Core Set) 2x Flashlight (Core Set) 1x Jenny's Twin .45s (The Dunwich Legacy) Events 2x Elusive (Core Set) 2x Backstab (Core Set) 2x Emergency Cache (Core Set) 1x "I'm outta here!" (The Essex County Express) Skills 1x Vicious Blow (Core Set) 2x Opportunist (Core Set) 1x Overpower (Core Set) 1x Manual Dexterity (Core Set) 1x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) 2x Double or Nothing (The Dunwich Legacy) Treacherys 1x Random Basic Weakness (Core Set) 1x Searching for Izzie (The Dunwich Legacy) Rex Murphy Assets 1x Physical Training (Core Set) 2x Magnifying Glass (Core Set) 2x Old Book of Lore (Core Set) 2x Dr. Milan Christopher (Core Set) 1x Hyperawareness (Core Set) 2x Burglary (Core Set) 2x Flashlight (Core Set) 2x Fire Axe (The Dunwich Legacy) Events 2x Emergency Cache (Core Set) 1x Search for the Truth (The Dunwich Legacy) 2x Seeking Answers (The Dunwich Legacy) 2x "I've got a plan!" (The Miskatonic Museum) Skills 2x Deduction (Core Set) 2x Guts (Core Set) 1x Perception (Core Set) 2x Overpower (Core Set) 2x Manual Dexterity (Core Set) 1x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) Treacherys 1x Random Basic Weakness (Core Set) 1x Rex's Curse (The Dunwich Legacy)
  9. Long story short: I created black and white, printer and box friendly versions of The Miskatonic Museum and The Essex County Express mythos packs setup instructions and the FAQ. You can get the files from the following link, in simple versions as well as print ready versions with crop marks. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqqsgWBBkI1sgegTtDaqHWMCJMc2gA The mythos packs setup instructions are the same size as the regular campaign guides, while the FAQ is the same size as the rulebook (to fit in the box! Yay!) The elephant in the room: Yes, I am aware that you can get glorious Technicolor versions of these from the FFG website. I am pretty sure they weren't available when I started making these, but I might just missed them. Anyway, while I can't really claim to have saved any money on ink or paper (since I printed enough test copies to pay for multiple colored versions as well), or saved on hassle from having to go downtown to print the colored version (since it did take quite a bit of work to make these), I quite enjoyed making them and I might also have gotten a little stubborn And, now that they are done, I figured maybe someone other than me, with access to only a black-and-white printer, might find useful as well (I have also stripped out the artwork so it doesn't take up as much space). I also imagine that I will finish the Dunwich Legacy, but after that we'll see.
  10. This is not wrong - as I said, you can't judge the value on the physical amount of stuff alone - but the problem is, once you start factoring in Dunwich Legacy and further expansions, you are going to need those encounter cards again and you can't have all the scenarios prebuilt. As Doma0997 said, you need 3 sets right now, and I am sure that is only going to grow.
  11. Today, my willpower broke and I bought the second core set. However, when I got home and opened the box I felt a bit silly. It just didn't seem like I was getting very much for my money. Now, obviously, you can't really judge the value of the second set solely on the amount of physical stuff that you get. There are all sorts of considerations such as deck building options, ease of use, how many players you can play, and so on. However, I'm going to do it anyway, because I thought it might be nice for someone on the fence, like I was, to see what is in the box. So, I made this simple visual guide to how much useful stuff is in the box (based mostly on my gut feeling, in some cases). Second view:
  12. Good point! I am (almost) desperately searching for an excuse to buy another core set, and this might just tip me over.
  13. Yep, it's on steam as well. Now I only need the actual box... ;p
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