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  1. Miranda would be a perfect example as well. You use the second attack to regen a shield by performing it with one less attack die.
  2. Free actions are not tied to the perform action steps, but that doesn't mean they can be done whenever you feel like it. Something has to grant you that free action at a specific time.
  3. This was true of the previous version of Palp as well.
  4. Ozmodon, your confusion comes from thinking anything on a card is a "Special" ability. When rules refer to "Special" it is referring specifically to the Dice Symbol (circle with the star in the middle) as found on Page 9 of the RRG. Therefore when the rules says Specials and Blanks have a value of Zero, they mean any dice face with those symbols should be treated as zero. The X is not a Dice Symbol and is not included in that statement. Launch Bay doesn't even have a Special symbol on any of its facings, nothing on the card is classified as a Special, therefore the rule saying Specials have a value of zero has no effect on the X. Therefore we have to look at the rules defined for what X means to get its value, which in Launch Bays case is the number of cards in the owners hand.
  5. We read fine, when you talk about a strategy to rolling to prevent it from landing on a specific side, there is no other way to read that action as rolling naturally. You can't remove the randomness from something without eliminating the random part which would be were the cheating claims come in. In all honesty I would have to see how the dice rolls before I would call it out. If it looks more like a flip with you choosing the same side to start as up, it will look shady. If the dice truly rolled across the table and looked to do several bounces, I probably wouldn't mind.
  6. When you play craps at a casino, you are allowed to set the facing of the dice before you toss them. However, when you toss them you have to throw them across the very large table and they tell you that you need to have them bounce off the wall of the other side of the table if you manage to fail to do so after a couple rolls. When playing destiny I highly doubt you are playing on a surface that large with something to bounce them off off, and there is no way anyone wouldn't call you on rolling that way as trying to cheat by trying to flip the dice a certain way rather than rolling them.
  7. For melee and range damage the rules say: "Deals damage to a character equal to the value of the symbol." Notice it doesn't say, deal damage to an opponents character, which means if you wanted to you could deal damage to one of your own characters. It also means if the target player chooses the character, there is nothing that says it can't be dealt to one of the dealers characters, and clearly that is wrong. The person performing the dice action chooses the character that receives the damage.
  8. It maybe resolved as your card, but that does not mean it is equipped to your character, the jetpack is still attached to the opponent's character, and it gives the shield to the character it is attached to not the player.
  9. In that tray meant for dice you use to hold the various game tokens. In each compartment designed to hold 100 cards you can instead hold 33 cards and the dice for one deck.
  10. They are not the same thing because due to cards like Rey or Ambush types you can have more then one action in a turn.
  11. I was originally thinking it was a support card.....but on the other hand, You are not allowed to discard a previous upgrade until you play the new upgrade.....so if you are not allowed to play the card, how do you get to the discard step?
  12. Except you can't play the second instance per the rulebook: "A player cannot have more than one copy of a unique card in play at the same time. There cannot be more than one copy of a unique character on a team, and a player cannot play a unique support or unique upgrade if they already have another copy of that card in play." There is no rule that I can find that allows you to overwrite a unique card in play.
  13. Lusiphur05

    New Mats

    Just use the star field map with each player using all six asteroid tokens!
  14. Ya, the FAQ definitely muddies the water of what was a pretty straight forward answer. Although the FAQ also refers to friendly ships, and BMST are from an enemy ship. Who knows if that makes a difference as well. Looks like we need a FAQ for the FAQ. Blah
  15. "After you remove a stress token from YOUR ship" Black Market Slicer and Wingman do not remove stress tokens from your ship, therefore Kyle never kicks in
  16. I had something similar happen when the base of a tie fighter broke off in the Gozanti docking port. I tried tweezers and glue to get it out but neither worked. I then used mounting putty/poster tac to pull it out successfully.
  17. I would say the 44 is right, but you missed the minus 10 in it, so it would technically look like: (21*2) + (4+4+4-10) = 44 However keep in mind you should not be subtracting the 10 from the total ship cost but just the upgrades and which can never be less then zero. So removing Engine Upgrade from the above example (21*2) = 42 + (4+4-10) = -2 which is then changed to 0 (no idea how to represent this mathematically ) So 42 + 0 = 42.
  18. If you suffered a combination of 3 or more (damage and crit damage) So, you receive 3 damage and 0 crit damage. Add those together and you get a combination of 3 or more (damage and crit damage). Zero is a valid number to use in addition when combining things
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