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  1. RI only works on the initial action taken, not on any effects generated by the action. So if you activate Sabine, and use her before trigger to play a card from the discard pile. The action you took is Activate a character or support. You did not perform the play a card from hand action, as that was a triggered effect. (edit: so this means you cannot use RI to block the play a card from hand action) This also means, if you played running interference on playing a card from hand. The Sabine player would be able to activate her character and still use her before trigger to play a weapon from the discard pile because she took the Activate a character or support action. She did not take the play a card from hand action.
  2. At this time, I would say reroll everything, however I don't have a strong feeling on that and can see either side of the argument being valid. So you might want to submit the question to the support email and see what response you get. As for the second question, the enemy player forces you to activate Jar Jar, he does not do the activation for you. So all triggers behave as normal by the player who controls Jar jar.
  3. Also, Feint doesn't remove either Krennix or the Sister's extra die because they are not even in the pool yet to be removed since they are after abilities. The steps look like this: Play Feint Activate Character, roll in character and upgrade die (DON'T DO ANY AFTER ABILITIES YET). Decide to remove all character and upgrade die that you just rolled in (since those are the die that the "its" refers too) and ready the character. Feint is now finished and you can move onto After abilities triggered by activating the character. Roll in Death trooper or Droid die now.
  4. No, saying "his character die" is not the same thing as saying "Greedo character die" because for it to be the same thing it would need to be "Greedo's character die", that 's is what makes it possessive. And yes it is semantics, the exact semantic you are ignoring to make your false case that a Greedo Character die that isn't owned by the card in play is the same as an Greedo die that is owned by the card.
  5. Yes, the HIS denotes ownership...... BY THE CARD, not the player. It's talking about dice owned by the card, how many dice owned by the card is determined by whether or not it is elite. If it wanted to refer to any die owned by the player in the set aside zone it would say "Roll any number of YOUR Greedo character dice into the pool" and then maybe it would work as you say. Heck, using your definition that HIS equals character dice owned by the player, you wouldn't have to limit it to Greedo dice, just throw ALL your character dice into the set aside zone and roll them in.
  6. The HIS in the card text refers to the dice associated specifically with the card in play. Not just any random Greedo die. This is why if you are playing a mirror match you wouldn't be able to use your opponents Greedo dice either. If the die could be rolled in from the set aside zone it would be worded like Seventh Sister or Krennic's abilities which do exactly that. Sorry, you have not found some amazing loophole.
  7. Because of this line in the RRG: "C-3PO can turn other dice into specials, at which point the value of the die does change to 0."
  8. I vaguely resemble that remark! I have been using a RAC - EI - Expose - Palp - Rebel Captive build with a backdraft tie/sf. If you can get RAC in range 1, the 5 dice with a focus, Palp, and his ability, getting 4-5 hits with lots of crits is a thing of beauty. It really catches people off guard, however it biggest weakness is the lack of green on his dial, meaning you mainly end up circling around on his green two banks, making you somewhat predictable.
  9. No amount of healing will remove the event "Defeat at the end of the round" that has already been triggered.
  10. I got 7 out of 5 boxes, which while that is the lowest amount I have gotten for a common, I also only got 7 for several others, so it seems normal on my limited sample size..
  11. While an after ability would happen after the event fully resolves, the trigger itself happens before that time period and the card is not in play when the trigger happens (in this case take an action to play a card)
  12. Both of them have the same trigger (after character activates), so you would be able to decide the order.
  13. The Guavian Enforcer ability is an action and not a trigger condition, therefore, playing the card and doing his action are two separate actions and can't be combined into one.
  14. There was an AT-AT on Endor (it's what dropped Luke off to Vader) so it is not a Hoth Exclusive vehicle. Also, while the vehicles need to be larger, they don't need to be at the exact same ratio as the human(oid!) figures. The 40K vehicles certainly don't match their troop counter parts(Just try and fit 10 space marines in a Rhino model!) and it still works really well, as long as the vehicles are scaled the same with themselves it should work even if they are different from the troops.
  15. There was an image grab from the Team covenant demo video which showed the "force org" chart. However I can't seem to find it at the moment. I think it was something like: 3-6 troops, 1-2 commanders, 0-3 support, 0-3 heavy, and 0-3 "something i can't remember"
  16. Ooof, Sabine....if any figure needs to come prepainted, it's hers!
  17. It wouldn't be unlimited, because he never exhausted the Master upgrade (which is what prevents it from being unlimited), which means the maximum number of actions from the combination is 8, two of which have to be used on Activating Mace the second time and resolving the specials on the force speeds.
  18. So the steps for playing a card should look like this: Step 1: Check for restrictions while card is still in hand (Blue character only, another unique card in play, etc) Step 2: Play the card placing it by the character you want to attach it to. Step 3: Pay the resource cost. (Before trigger exists here to reduce the cost of the upgrade by discarding another upgrade in play) Step 4: If more then 3 upgrades exist on the character, discard down to three, owners choice.
  19. "Before a player plays a card, they should first check to see if there are any play restrictions on the card. If there are, and those conditions are not met, then the card cannot be played." In this case, the restriction is that no other unique copy can already be in play as noted above. And what may be confusing you is that the rules don't say you can't play an upgrade if you already have three, they say if you have more then 3 on a character the owner has to then discard down to three, however, a before condition exists that you can trigger to reduce the cost of an upgrade by discarding another one already in play on that character.
  20. You cannot play Prized Possession if you already have one out, even if you are over writing the existing one in Play. In order to discard an upgrade to be overwritten you first have to play the upgrade you are going to replace it with in order to start the process, and that would mean there are two of them in play at the same time. The only way to play the second Prized Possession is to first overwrite it with something else, then once it is in the discard pile you can play it again.
  21. It's number two because dice is the plural of die.
  22. The you in "after you resolve this die" is the owner of the Palpatine card. Since you are not the owner of the Palpatine card, you don't get to use his ability.
  23. I honestly feel like this card is a typo/grammatical error and the if able is supposed to be for the resolve portion but somebody done goofed and terminated the sentence at the wrong spot.
  24. Is the Death Trooper die provided by Krennic's ability considered either a character or upgrade die? Or is it simply a die with no type?
  25. Your ship is destroyed, having zero hull is enough to destroy a ship even if it was still somehow at max shields.
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