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  1. It's one die per action, and only one die. However an Action and a turn are two different things.

    So he could:

    Resolve one Kanan Die.

    Play a card with ambush and resolve it's effect.

    Then resolve a Kanan die before resolving the ambush effect.


    What he cannot do is resolve two Kanan dice then perform an action.

  2. You cannot. The character cards that they would be associated with are not in play, as such, Order 66 cannot add the Jedi subtype to them, making them ineligible for removal.

    Edit: Assuming you mean playing the Execute Order 66 action card.

  3. This is the sequence:

    Use Kanan's before trigger and resolve one of his die.

    Resolve a die from Impulsive and gain an ambush action.

    Use Kanan's before trigger on the ambush action and resolve one of his die

    Use the ambush action.

    What you cannot do is resolve both of his dice, then choose a die to resolve with Impulsive.

  4. What you are missing is that the Escape Craft is already on the Falcon, and when you activate the Falcon, you only exhaust the Falcon, the Escape Craft never got exhausted.

    What that line prevents, is playing the Craft as a support, activating it, rolling and resolving it. Then, power action it over to the falcon, activate the falcon, roll it in and resolve it, then normal action back to a regular support and since it stays exhausted it can't be used a third time.

    Under it's own actions you should only be able to resolve the Escape Craft die twice in a round, it takes an outside source like the astromech's ability to allow it to be resolved more than that.

  5. You do the two sentences in order, not simultaneously.

    So do the first sentence, take a resources, if they only had one resource, they now have zero.

    Do the second sentence, since they now have zero, deal two damage.

  6. You know what else says showing......

    Resolving Dice, need to all show the same symbol (You would Resolve Luke's die as melee when resolving shields instead of when resolving melee, does anyone play it like that?)

    Resolving dice with a modifier side needs to show the same symbol. (Luke's die would never be able to be resolved with a +melee side weapon)

    But since, every one agrees those are possible and Ataru Strike follows the same pattern, it works. Otherwise be prepared to tell the Luke player he cannot do the above since if it doesn't work for Ataru, it doesn't work for them either.

  7. SoS takes into consideration of all of you opponents. And your first round or two opponents can be a total crap shoot. The player who only lost to the another 3-1 player, might have also beat a 0-4 and 1-3 player in the first two rounds, whereas someone with the same 3-1 record could have beaten a couple of 2-2 players which could be enough of a difference to push them ahead if their rounds 3 and 4 opponents were similar in strength.


  8. After effects enter the queue after the current effect being resolved, and don't happen until the effect fully resolves.

    Therefore, play BoG and activate/roll in Jar jar (Jar Jar ability enters the queue and waits for BoG to finish resolving)

    Perform everything after the THEN (remove the dice and deal damage to Jar Jar)

    If Jar Jar lives, resolve his ability, if he dies, it no longer happens.

  9. The modifier and the symbol are not the same thing. So if you change the symbol, the modifier still remains, and since you can only resolve a single die, you wouldn't be able to resolve a modifier die by itself. Same goes for the resource cost, you would still need to pay that as well if you changed the symbol.

  10. Change of Fate, is very situational. But an example I can think off the top of my head would be,

    Roll out something like Planterary Bombardment, hit the 6 or 7 indirect, but you lack the resource to resolve it.

    Your opponent rolls out elite Boba, gets two specials. Huge damage incoming, and discarding to reroll could end up with the same high damage

    You play this to make them change it to something else (you can't turn the die to it is already on) then this situation goes from 14 damage to 4.

    Or you use it against characters like Sabine, they god roll max damage, you play that and they at least have to reduce the damage by one or two per die depending on the other sides. Provided they don't action cheat a resolve before hand of course.

  11. This die refers to a single die, so it can only trigger one die being rolled in. As noted, this has precedent with the Clone Trooper.

    As for Palpatine, he is different because each base die is resolved independently so it creates two different trigger events which each effect a single die. So each time his ability triggers it is still effecting a single die just like the other two characters.


  12. You have to resolve either range damage or melee damage during a single action, you can't do both, therefore you cannot resolve all three dice during the same action. So you either do 3 ranged or 5 melee. Or you can resolve it over two actions doing 4 melee then 3 ranged.

    And yes you would be able to use Zeb's die showing 1 melee to "Counter Strike" ranged damage for 3 damage. However using your above example, using Counter Strike would cause you to strand the +2 ranged die as it would not be able to be used with Counter Strike.

  13. You could have just asked it here as well!

    But yes, resolving the die with Pryce's ability is handled completely within her special ability and doesn't end the Resolve Dice Action, so you could resolve a focus with her ability and then continue resolving additional specials (even ones you just turned with the new focus die)

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