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  1. Probably already covered but not been able to get a definitive answer: I have preordered 2 conversion kits, but do I need the SE core set to be able to play?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Been some interesting discussion and it has highlighted as we all know that there are problems, but this will be noticed more in a competitive environment rather than in a fun casual environment. I find it funny that some have mentioned recently release ships as being DOA.
  3. What would be the best way to make they playable? Repricing?
  4. Thanks for the reply! look forward to the game on Sunday! UTV!
  5. Nothing to do with that, I have other ships like the Decimator, K-Wing, HWK. But newer ships on the whole feel over powered for the price. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  6. I only play casually at present with my brother and love the game to bits. My brother buys everything and I occasionally buy a new ship or two. Recently he has had the better of me. We use all the cards in the game and just limit to the ships that we own. I am not he best at building efficient build but I am reluctant to spend much more money on this game as it feels that some ships such as TIE's and A-Wings at present feel pretty useless against some of the new ships/ pilots and new metas. Does anyone else feel the someway? Are there other ships you would caution about spending money on?
  7. Can anyone recommend anywhere around Birmingham or near by that do tournaments?
  8. Cheers chaps. Hi wife has got him the core set with Han and Royal Guard. Ive got him Twin Shadows with C3PO and R2
  9. Wow!!! Loads of great replies!! Still no closer to deciding
  10. Hi all, X-Winger here. My brother is 30 soon (also an x-wing and huge SW fan) and his wife is buying him the IA core set. I was going to get him some extra stuff up to £40-50 but not sure where to start. I think we will be mostly playing campaign mode. Can anyone give me some ideas what I should be looking at here. Many thanks!!!
  11. Hi all, X-Winger here. My brother is 30 soon (also an x-wing and huge SW fan) and his wife is buying him the IA core set. I was going to get him some extra stuff up to £40-50 but not sure where to start. I think we will be mostly playing campaign mode. Can anyone give me some ideas what I should be looking at here. Many thanks!!!
  12. I'm wondering if ion cannon might be better especially as it may mean T-70's can get in close with their movement.
  13. Hi all, playing a casual game tonight and wanted to play with my 2 T-70's. I've put this together as the manoeuvrability looks quite fun even if it isn't too robust. Has anyone got any other ideas? I am using ships that I own and pilots that I own otherwise we use any card available as we print from Squadron Builder. Many thanks! Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) (41) T-70 X-Wing (31), Black One (1), BB-8 (2), Weapons Guidance (2), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2) Ello Asty (34) T-70 X-Wing (30), R2 Astromech (1), Weapons Guidance (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Gold Squadron Pilot (25) Y-Wing (18), BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0), R2 Astromech (1), Twin Laser Turret (6) P.S. I also have 2 A's, 2 B's, a K, an ARC, a TIE, an attack shuttle (Phantom), Ghost, HWK, and YT 2400, if these are a better fit for the T-70's.
  14. I'm happy to change it up a little. I just haven't had much chance to think about it. Not got the tie advanced yet. Have a Phantom, Striker, SF, 2 Bombers, 2 Defenders, 3 x Interceptors, 4 x TIE and 3 x TIE F/O.
  15. Playing a game tonight and had a pretty bad streak recently. Can anyone improve this build for me and advise me on tactics please! Many thanks, Villan Rear Admiral Chiraneau(63) [Rear Admiral Chiraneau(46), Veteran Instincts(1), Engine Upgrade(4), Gunner(5), Darth Vader(3), Hotshot Copilot(4)]Maarek Stele(36) [Maarek Stele(35), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II(1), Juke(2), TIE/x7(-2)]
  16. It was good fun. I flew the AC down the centre to deploy the TIEs in a suitable location. However I didn't consider how I was going to turn it around hence the crash. Will keep it on the outside next time!!
  17. Hi Chaps, Just to feed back. Didn't go to well... I used the Decimator to irritate his Tantive and made a huge dent in its shield and hull initially meaning it didn't get to fire for a couple of rounds with its double turrets. I ionised both of his A wings in front of his Tantive but he scrapped by...just... leaving them intact!!! I then had terrible dice with my defenders barely pushing any damage through on his 2 x wings and TIE fighter!!! I then proceeded to get my Decimator and Assault Carrier in a position where I couldn't avoid a collision. I lost my Decimator, followed by 2 TIE Bombers, and one of my Defenders was on its last legs before finally eliminating His Z-95 and Tie Fighter. I lost one of my defenders before deploying my TIEs behind his X-Wings, and taking one down straight away. I lost my other defender and after that my TIEs were turned to dust by his A Wings, X Wing, HWK and Tantive. We set a timer for 4 hours play and Tallied up points.... I was left with my AC vs his Tantive, 2 A Wings, X Wing and HWK....
  18. Cheers chaps. Will let you know what happens...
  19. Is the best way to go for the capitol ship or the others? Is the docking of the TIEs primarily to protect them until they are in a suitable position? Thanks again!
  20. Thanks for the reply. I will check it out.
  21. Wow...Thanks for the brilliant comprehensive reply! Are there any decent app or websites which allow you to print squad lists with card abilities?
  22. Im planning to play first epic game this coming weekend using the imperial assault carrier. I honestly have no idea how to approach building an epic list. Do you guys bother to use the carrier for carrying TIEs? What sort of ships should I used to support it? i.e. cost allocation, should I bother with named pilots? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I think I'll be up against the Raider. I have the following imperial ships: 1 x Assault Carrier 4 x TIE fighters 3 x TIE FO 1 x TIE SF 3 x Interceptors 2 x TIE Bombers 2 x TIE Defenders 1 x Decimator 1 x Lambda Shuttle 1 x Striker 1 x Phantom 1 x TIE Advanced Prototype Cheers
  23. Would intelligence agent be any use on the 2sigma pilots?
  24. Just wondering fleet officer and Comm relay is better?
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