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  1. have you heard of Tabletop Simulator? Its available on Steam. Since of course its not a real "video-game" (eg. you dont click your card you want to play, you have to move your cards and token on the table around via drag and drop), its a simulation of sitting with your friends at the table, this is maybe the closest thing you get. Although no official DLC (like Scythe, Zombicide, Mistfall) is available on Warhammer Invasion, there is a Community Made Mod for it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=298216345 with - as far I can read all expansions in it. I never used this Mod, just did a bit of googleing, but after I return from my holiday, I will install it. Anyone wants to test it - or even do some game-dates in the future, let me know. best regards Michael
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