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  1. Start searching for really old mosquitoes...? Re: huge ship "armor", I'm definitely in favor. You never see tie fighters just firing puny pew pew lasers at larger ships to any effect. No, whenever you see huge-class ships firing, they're either exchanging turbolaser shots, or being attacked with ordinance (or being rammed, I guess). Having the Huges flat ignore one damage sounds good to me.
  2. If it's the main character's ship, we can be pretty sure it will show up in the game at some point in time.
  3. takfar

    Wave 5 announcement

    Meanwhile I'm upset about having to rebuy the sheathipede (I have the 1.0 phantom 2, but never got around to buying ghost+phantom). I suppose the OG phantom will be a standalone pack, later..?
  4. takfar

    Wave 5 announcement

    Aw. It looks like TAP's wingies don't fold. Teh disappointz.
  5. takfar


    Bebblblah Bubbalard Boobiebarbie
  6. My main pet peeve was: when Tam was about to board the shuttle, why did Kaz not scream out to her that the first order had destroyed an entire solar system, including his own world!? Surely it would give her pause, even if the FO told her not to believe it. The only possible reason is that they want to use that revelation as a plot device later. Either way, it bugged me a bit.
  7. I've already got the new ywing and am definitely getting the new Bwings for the new sculpts. Also, pre-ordered the z95 for the alt paint scheme.
  8. Well, he was never in a ship on epviii, and the only power he manifested was to project across the galaxy and mess with Kylo's mind. So based on that, his ability would have to be decoy-oriented. I'd wager he might be around ep ix as a force ghost, tho. That might bring in some more information and thematic ties as to what he might be able to do in the sequel Era.
  9. Dat Bwing model.... Hnnnnnffff ♥️
  10. Nah. Forget splitting in eras. The solution is blatantly obvious: Faction A: Scum Faction B: Villainy. Genius, amirite? 😎
  11. I'd assume Rebels and Empire (other than the Tie Brute) will be restricted to re-releases only, up until the new TV shows introduce new ships (and you can bet they will. Disney wouldn't miss a chance to sell more toys). Tbh, I'm fine with that. I could use a break from spending a fortune in plastic ships (I'm also refraining from getting prequel stuff). Edit: forgot to add: a viable alternative to bring in new stuff for OT factions would be a co-op campaign. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
  12. This. More accurately, the announcement of 2.0 with dynamic ship/upgrade pricing.
  13. Ah... Thanks for the post. I've been saying it for a long time now, it's a huge wasted opportunity that FFG didn't think to (or chose not to) include pilot pic&bio on the back of the ship card..
  14. How about a special ability: receive a stress, or maybe spend a force, to negate an enemy's R1 or R3 bonus attack/defense?
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