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  1. I can already imagine the toys department at Disney going: "hey! The top and bottom should detach! Call Lucasfilm!" Followed by the film crew: "you know what, screw it, make it detach. We'll film the scene around that" (yea, I'm looking at you, Lando's Millennium Falcon. And you too, Asajj's split double lightsaber. )
  2. Jar jar binks, commander. The first time Jar Jar's ship receives a damage card, that card will be dealt face up. Once you're done screwing up your own ship, grab all of the opponent's dials, shuffle them around and redistribute them randomly on your enemy's ships. It's okay if you lose a dial or two in the process.
  3. Well, 2.0 phantom reprint is still not out. So maybe it would be part of the rebels pack, along with the Phoenix A wing and maybe the experimental B-wing?
  4. OK, so, wishlist for future ships (yes, already). These follow the very broad pairings they seem to be using: - Heavy craft: B-Wing vs TIE/Defender (since they seem to be stretching things enough to balance TIE/ln vs X-Wing) - High-tech craft: E-Wing vs TIE/Advanced And some multiplayer (ie. 2+ players per ship) craft: - Large support: YT-1300 vs Lambda Shuttle - Heavy Bomber: K-Wing vs Punisher - Heavy Support: VCX-100 vs Decimator And my dream ship: - Support Fighter: HWK-290 vs anything (maybe TIE Aggressor, since the dev team is into XWTMG) 😀
  5. Definitely great trailer and interview. The one thing I'm wishing for, now, is an old-school space-Sim type single player mission structure. Give me a target or a flight plan, make it super tricky to get right, and let me figure out a way to get that to work. Doesn't need to be cinematic boom kapow action all the time. Let me feel the mission tactics. I'm really really not excited about the multi-player thus far. Sounds like the sort of rinse-and-repeat gameplay (eg. Battlefield, counter strike) which I've grown bored of over a decade ago. But the flight system seems to be headed in the right direction, and if we can get a good sp campaign, I'm good.
  6. If you do, maybe try Elite: Dangerous. Pretty fun space combat, great VR and HOTAS support (even tho there's some pretty hard grind you need to to get the top-tier ships.. but low-tier can still be fun).
  7. While this makes perfect sense for us, I doubt they'd make a ship as iconic as the TIE/ln unplayable. Would certainly frustrate a lot of SW fans which are not necessarily space combat buffs. But yea, no idea how they'd balance that. Maybe give the player's tie/ln some special equipment (eg. Shield), given they seem to be part of an elite squad, and then have run-of-the-mill spit-and-glue TIEs for NPCs.
  8. Alpha would be amazing, but yes, unlikely to come before T/defenders and T/advance...
  9. A shame there's no B-wing in there, tho. Hard to think of a direct imperial equivalent, to be fair. A TIE brute, maybe? We know so little about the thing. Edit: had missed previous posts on the lack o B-wing. I still wonder what the imperial analog would be, tho.. Is it more defender or more tie brute?
  10. 54 secs for the copperhead.. Whew! 😅
  11. I'll go on a tangent and approach this from a different (thematic) point of view. Tbh, I'm OK with bombs not having a huge effect in dogfighting (ie. standard 200/6 gameplay). Please correct me if I'm wrong, and I might very well be, but we don't often see representations of eg. Tie bombers being used specifically do destroy fighter craft. Thematically speaking, bombs are appropriate for attacking (preferably immobile) ground targets while minimizing exposure of the bomber craft to anti air retaliation. If you refer to real battles, the closest thing we'd have to bombs being used against other active combat craft in a 3d space would probably be depth charges VS. Submarines, which have low maneuverability, and thus will have trouble avoiding the devices. That, or aircraft bombing capital ships, which might as well be ground targets given their slow speed and restriction to a single plane of movement. With that in mind, maybe that's what bombs should really shine at...? Faster ships attacking immobile or slow targets. I guess what I mean is: bombs don't really need to be super competitive in standard if we can get more scenario play in the game.
  12. That sounds like something I might say during particularly hard days at work.
  13. Maybe..? Good catch! The YT-2400 has gotta be somewhere around there. Wouldn't it be nice if they released a browsable 3d scene of that battle..?
  14. There should be, tho. Iron Squadron would have answered the call, wouldn't they? Also, is Hondo's flying saucer in the battle?
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