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  1. So we have only about an hour left on the campaign, so it is now your last chance to pledge! This will be the cheapest time the PDF and book will be available, not to mention the only time the Kickstarter exclusive cover will be provided! So if you've been himming and hawing, now is the time. We are at nearly 61k, which is mind blowing considering our starting goal of 7k. Thank you so much for the support, we can't wait to get this game to you guys!
  2. As we still go along down the path, we've developed two new Stretch Goals for you guys to really top out the campaign! The first is at 43k, upon which our resident artist Dejan Mandic will draw an exclusive Kickstarter-only cover! The cover can be chosen at the end of the campaign, and we for sure know it will be beautiful! Finally, at 53k, we will release Zweihander under the Creative Commons Liscense, meaning the public can hack and modify Zwei to their hearts content! And one final thing: we are starting to slowly phase out the Channel Power Tier. Since all Kickstarter backers will now get the PDF with art, the Channel Power Tier no longer has a purpose. If you want to keep pledging 25 dollars that's great, but we recommend downgrading your pledge to Intermediate for $20. That's all for now! Stay tuned as we keep breaking these goals!
  3. Amazing news! In just four days we raised nearly 6k more, and we have just hit our final stretch goal of 33k! This is so amazing you guys have no idea. We've all put a lot of hard work into this and it is massively humbling to see such support from the community! So what does hitting 33k mean? It means the Early Access Edition, which is the entirety of the game minus the art by Dejan Mandic, will be released FOR FREE to the general public! That's right - taking cues from folks like Goblinoid Games and Posthuman Studios, we are releasing the whole game without art free of charge! This also means all those of the Basic and Intermediate Tier get their pledges auto-upgraded, meaning they will also get the final PDF with all the art! We still have 19 days left on the campaign, and we do have some plans on what to do, but we need them to burble like a stone soup before we announce anything. But once again, thank you all for the support and spreading the news! It means so much, really.
  4. It's been a while since our last update, but we are know sitting on 27k! We are so very excited and humbled by everyone who backed, and we are here working hard to give you the best product available! All Stretch Goals have been unlocked, save the final one at 33k - which allows us to release the art-free PDF to the public! Those who pledged for that level will get bumped up to a free art filled PDF, and we are just 6k short of making it happen! We are at that phase in a Kickstarter where we tend to coast on our numbers, but we are still growing daily! Please spread the word to any who are interested, and let's make that general public release happen!
  5. Just as I write this, the campaign has breached 16k! Wow wow wow, it's beyond our wildest dreams! We have a whole ton of new Stretch Goals listed (and even more secret ones in the works), and 16k unlocked the Reputation Point section and 37 illustrations for Abyssal and Animal monsters in the bestiary! Our ultimate goal is to get all 120 monsters illustrated individually! Our next goal is 17.2k, where we unlock the Custom Creature rules and 37 more monster illustrations, this time for Beasts and Humanoids! As a reminder, backing at the $50 level will now get you a hardcover book! We also have two new tiers: 'Channel Power', which gives you the art complete PDF with no print, and 'ZWEIHANDER!' - which not only gets you five books, but you get a real, honest to goodness Zweihander sword! There is currently only one space in the Zweihander tier left! We also have an Add-On option for those who wish to add more books to their order! Our final goal has been bumped to 33k, upon which we release the art-free PDF for the general public! We still have 28 days left, I know we can do it and make this book so dang amazing!
  6. Chia-like, we have grown past 8.7k, completing our final (current) content goal! This unlocks 21 more illustrations, as well as Dark Astral: rules for playing in a grimdark future where mankind in spread thin about the stars, set upon on all sides by aliens, demons and each other! Since we have busted past these stretch goals, me and Daniel are going to talk tonight about some more great goodies we can offer you all! As of the moment, though, our next goal is 11k, upon which all $50 backers get their softcover upgraded to a hardcover! Very exciting! Stay tuned for more!
  7. We've just breach 8.2k! That means we add 21 more new illustrations, including some more in the Bestiary! We also now have the Slaves to Darkness Appendix, which adds the Skrzzak, Aztlan, Orx and Grendel races! We'd also like to thank all the supporters for putting us on the second page of the What's Popular section on Kickstarter! This is beating our wildest expectations! Stay tuned for more!
  8. Hey everyone, this is Tanner Yea, the co-author! I just got a new account, so it's barebones at the moment But we have been fully funded in just under 5 hours! Not only that, we hit our first stretch goal, which adds 21 new images and 11 new Professions to the game! Next stretch goal is 8.2k, and is 21 more illustrations and the Slaves to Chaos appendix! Currently we are also #10 in the Games category of Kickstarter! Thanks for all the support so far, we appreciate it so much
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