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  1. Hi, can Jyn use Hair Trigger ability on Bantha when playing Jundland Terror at the end of round. Similar example would be start of round Call the Vanguard with eRangers. So are these interrupts considered activations so Jyn can trigger her ability? Hair Trigger: At the start of a hostile figure’s activation, you may interrupt to perform an attack that targets that figure. Limit once per round.
  2. Nice write up. Could you share your full command card list? Currently I'm trying to figure out similar list, but struggling to find rly good cards other than obvious ones. thx
  3. No he can not work with Sorin as IG's skirmish upgrade is merc only.
  4. Hmm, that's interesting. And why controller (owner) of the figure performs the attack? Murne Rin has similar ability False Orders that allow performing attack with enemy figure. False Orders: Choose a hostile figure with a figure cost of 3 or less within 3 spaces. Perform a move or attack with that figure. I can see wording difference between two abilities, but it's not clear to me why I as a Jabba controlling player can not perform attack with enemy merc figure.
  5. Hi, I was going through Jabba stuff, when I came over one of his abilities: Order Hit. Order Hit: Spend 2 VPs. A [MERC] figure of your choice may interrupt to perform an attack. Then, it gains 2 movement points. Does it mean that I, as a Jabba controlling player, can order enemy [MERC] figure to perform an attack and then move it 2 spaces?
  6. Yep, print quality is really subpar to what it used to be. I wrote to pixart about it but only received offer for reprint without quality consideration. It's a shame.
  7. Thanks for clarification. But now I think of another interaction of Parting Blow and Davith Elso. When he Fell Swoop adjacent to Royal Guard, can Royal Guard play Parting Blow and potentially stun him in place and disable the attack? From what has been written I would say that this is possible.
  8. Thanks for fast reply. And I have a follow up question. Let's have a situation like this: RG - Royal Guard T1, T2 - Troopers Let's move T2 to spot B through T1. And let RG play Parting Blow when T2 is exiting space occupied by T1. And assume that RG rolls surge and apply stun to T1. Now T2 can't voluntarily move and two figures can't share same space. Where do you place T2 after Parting Blow resolves. Or is it even possible to play it like this?
  9. I have question about abilities/skirmish cards that are triggered by entering or exiting adjacent space. Are they triggered when one figure is moving by other figure? Please see the picture: Lets have standing Trandoshan (T) and some other figure that is moving from point A to point B. Does that figure trigger event Entering and Exiting adjacent space for T when moving like this? If so, then Trandoshan can play Dirty Trick when figure enters space 1 and Parting Blow when that figure moves on. I was going through rules and forums but I'm unable to find conclusive information that would clarify my question. Any insight is appreciated.
  10. Just to give you guys a heads up. Got my maps from pixartprinting.eu today, and I can say I'm disappointed. This was my third order, and print quality this time around is noticeably lower. Maps are now all grainy and sticky (from paint?), with less detail printed. Mission text are barely readable. Older maps that I got from them are smooth and bit shiny with better fidelity, just better print job. I got few shots of old print and new print side by side to compare: http://imgur.com/a/rKSPQ So I double checked my print job if I did something wrong, and all my print jobs have same properties, so I'm guessing they're doing something different now?! Please let me know how has been your experiences lately.
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