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    CCassier got a reaction from ShadowKite in Sharpshooter 2 is basically ignore cover?   
    Let's try to break them down here (keeping comand card out of the discution):
    Resistance (Veers > Leia):
     - Leia => 6 health + white defence (with surge) = every 3 hit you make she'll lose 2 hp => you'll need an average of  9 hits to kill her
    - Veers => 5 health + red defence = every 2 hit you make he'll louse 1 hp => you'll need an average of 10 hit to kill him
    NB: Nimble mean Leia will have an increased resistance against focusing fire from separate units if she has time to dodge, the fact that her unique action give dodge token is to take into acount.
    Offence(Leia > Veers):
    - Leia => 3 black with surge = 1.875 average damage per shot (2.57 with aim) => the Sharpshooter 2 ensure that thouse will go into hit.
    - Veers => 3 white with surge = 1.125 average (1.82 with aim) => Sharpshooter 1 get rid of light cover.
    NB: there are 7 very important things to note here
    1) Veer's will be marginaly more effective again armor due to precise allowing more rerol to fish for crits.
    2) Veer's Sharpshooteer 1 and 1.25 average hit without reroll can look underwhelming but the fact that 2/3 of the hit you are gone make are gone be crits that ignore cover anyway and the ability to fish for crits with precise (and that a decision you can make based on you first roll) mean that veers is gone put hit on units under cover.
    3) The lack of precise 1 on Leila is not that much of a drawback in the comparison (outside of point 1 that is marginal) because she got sharpshooter 2 and so dos not need to fish for crits to shoot in eavy cover and she'll rarely miss more than 2 hit.
    4) Veers action got to have us think that aim token will be see more than often on him
    5) They both got Pierce 1 meaning that the first hit is ensure to go trough the armor while the second may be canceled. This mean that Veers average 1.125 hit is a bit more closer that Leia average 1.875 hits in term of effeciency that what the number can suggest (depending on the oponnent defense dice)
    6) Leia melee is just better that Veers but I tend to think this is marginal because they got so many action to do before thinking to go into melee.
    7)Leia range is a real issue
    Buff vector (Leia> Veers):
    Inspire 2 on Leia is just beter that inpire 1 on Veers.
    The comparison betwen spotter 2 and take cover 2 is not that easy and we may call it a draw.
    There is however a point to be maid on Leia:
    Inspire is more usefull if you activate after friendly units took an hit while take cover is something you want to be used early on (especialy with nimble) meaning that you'll be put in front of the dilema of activing her early in the round or a bit later (will you rather save your troops or ensure there all do 2 actions). Veers dilema is less of a thing.
    Price (Veers>Leia):
    Veers chiper that's it.
    They both look to have the same efficiency to me, Leia being a bit above veers but more expensive. They just does't have the same flavor and playstyle.
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