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  1. Gibbilo

    5 Double Tap Turret Lists

    Yeah this was mentioned on reddit even earlier: I think it could be a good list. A lot of HP. Decent damage. Hard to dodge all arcs
  2. Gibbilo

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    I think this is a fundamental misconception that's probably stopping your understanding here. They don't need to catch everything. All they need to do is catch one ship I5 or lower and blow it up on turn one. For 90% of the lists being flow right now, that's easy. That has ripple effects for the rest of the game that generally can't be overcome (***within the time allotted for a game***) because, again, reinforce and the hp pool. I'd also say chances are also decent that they'll manage to kill another ship too along the way before the rest of the enemy list gets behind them, but even if they don't, probably doesn't matter. If the other list falls apart after being forced to split up that's just gravey. *edit* also don't forget if you are focusing one upsilon, that leaves the other two with modded shots against your ships while the single one reinforces. If you try harder to arc dodge, take shots of opportunity, make them spread the reinforce tokens amongst the shuttles, that actually is also just playing into your opponent's strategy because of all the damage spread.
  3. Gibbilo

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    TBH no one is asking the real question. Now that everyone (most everyone) got what they wanted; torps nerfed, barrage rockets nerfed, bombers nerfed, punisher nerfed, Supernatural reflexes nerfed.... What will stand up to the Uuupsilons? Especially in hyperspace? Inb4 we have to wait until July for the upsilon point nerf.
  4. Gibbilo

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    I mean they told you how it works and posted some diagramns. I'm really not sure how much more explaining is needed??? What do you want besides "anecdote"? Them to craft you a youtube video and send you a link? It's really simple: 1. I6 2. You can ignore all obsticals on the board 3. Large base + 3 banks cover insane distance. 4. Deploy in the middle/middle edge of the board. Now all you do is pick any opponents ship that is I5 or lower and you WILL get shots. Modded shots. Ace one off the board then run and reinforce all game. Good luck getting behind the front two with the hard turns, and also the rear shuttle btw slow boating to clamp down on any ship that finally makes it around he other two. And also, seriously, the reinforce with the shields. After your first ship is gone you can't kill them fast enough, before the game time is over, to make up your lost points.
  5. Gibbilo

    Poe > Kylo

    Is primed really that crucial on kylo? It doesn't seem worth it to me....
  6. Gibbilo

    TIE Reaper

    lul I came here to ask if anyone has a two reaper list worth fielding? I'm currently sitting at something like this. Thoughts? Improvements? Captain Feroph Emperor Palp, Juke, Shield Upgrade Major Vermeil Director Krennic, Darth Vader, Juke Soontir Fel Juke 196 points. It think people can see the obvious strategy. The tricky part will probably be being appropriately aggressive with the Reapers, but running away just enough o keep Palp/Vader active.
  7. Gibbilo

    Poe > Kylo

    I agree with you on the FO feel. I would really like to get a FO tie swarmmy thing going but they just aren't nearly as cohesive as their galactic empire counterparts. Thus leaves you with a hodge podge of a bunch of random FO's and SF's which feels weird to me.
  8. Gibbilo

    Best build with a Lambda and two aces...

    Is there any way to get tarkin to trigger before the first system phase? Trying to make him work but as I see it now hes in this weird spot. You target lock someone and then next turn they all your ships will all be acquiring locks, which could all be wasted if the target from the previous round only has a few HP left anyway. So it's almost like you want all your ships to be shooting a different target than the one locked on the previous turn, hope to kill it, then swap targets. Some weird gambit/gamble stuff.
  9. Gibbilo

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Calling it now they'll probably be undercosted. The flexibility they have seems insane.
  10. Gibbilo

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    so is this the epic communities official 2.0 port? Was thinking of trying to get back into epic with some weird hybrid of 2.0 and 1.0. Is this the way to do it?
  11. Your description of hyperspace, to me, almost makes it sound like there is more squad diversity--in that you are more likely to get away with flying non S/A tier squads in hyperspace than extended. Did you really mean it this way? I have a hard time believing that there is actually more squad diversity in hyperspace, or that it won't be dominated by the same Top 5 list variants just like in extended--with flying ability being a secondary factor.
  12. Neither of those were widely supported at the local game-store level (at least in my city) ... so yes, basically never, for most players.
  13. tbh I would rather buy a massive conversion kit at 40$ than a whole bunch of single ship conversion kits at 10$. I'm not sure I agree with the whole lie to the player base to increase conversion kit sales,...in this particular instance.
  14. It will remain, sort of. Overall support and number of events I expect to decline. I agree with Meenie on this "The main reason I would argue that we will wind up with One Format To Rule Them All is that FFG doesn't seem to have the wherewithal to keep multiple balls in the air at the same time. " If they did, we would have seen alternative tourney formats in 1.0, missions, etc. which they never did, and I doubt they will try to do.
  15. Gibbilo

    January changes - prepare to be disappointed

    which I5/I6 squads with torps have a 11-17 point bid?