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  1. I get the point of the post is to be positive. But some of the stuff here seems to be borderline hyperbole, or not very data driven. Like do we really know "Newer players are showing more comfort in learning the game through Hyperspace in both OP and local scenes, and getting more reps in flying their ships?" I don't think so... What does hyperspace have to do with a new player getting reps? If they had the same squad they could play it the same amount in extended too. That's not unique to hyperspace. "More ships and accessories are getting purchased". Really? Again, i wouldn't say that with such certainty. TBH honest a lot of the things you suggest could be open for exploration: "Outmaneuver and Intimidate providing denial of those precious defense dice that Boba gets to reroll, or the swarms get to calculate mod. Snap Shot and Foresight, which can deplete force charges or damage defenders prematurely when 50% probability hits are scored. Daredevil and Coaxium Hyperfuel, which encourage risk taking in order to gain more favorable positions both offensively and defensively. Secondary Weapons like Plasma Torpedoes and Mag-Pulse Missiles" --- are also potentially explorable combinations in extended as well. At least, thats what I'm doing. "Bringing the three smallest asteroids and placing the opponent's preferred obstacles out of play is a valid strategy now more than ever before. " Why? "Unconventionally angling one's ships during placement can yield new approach vectors in practicing how to avoid the full brunt of a joust." So your saying jousting matters more in hyperspace than extended? Maybe. I'm not sure if we actually want to get more joust-y 5) There Is Balance In The Force --- several others have already commented on this one Anyway, Its probably clear that I'm not as convinced as you are how great hyperspace is. But I'm not saying its necessarily bad either. I just think we, as a player base, should avoid the circle faffery of proclaiming how great hyperspace is to the exclusion, citing things that probably are also true in extended, and not being very objective--with the end result of fracturing our community even more into hyperspac-ers, extended-ers, and epic-ers.
  2. Totally meh on hyperspace. I only consider it because that's what "everyone else" seems to want to do. Its weird. People seem to like hyperspace because: 1. You have to be more creative. --- I feel the opposite, i think hyperspace limits creativity more than extended does... 2. Its better balanced than extended. --- I don't think it is. It has the illusion of being better balanced because everything is "thrown in the air" and peoples have to "redefine the meta." In reality I think the cross-faction balance is probably worse. And if, for experiments sake, they just froze the hyperspace format, a series of top tier lists would emerge, except now players would have less options than before to deal with those lists.
  3. I will say that my local group was interested in hyperspace and extended. But now hyperspace seems so... convoluted. We decided to only play extended now. Goes for the local tourneys too.
  4. I never said anything about Aackbar. Leia is living on borrowed time, but you knew that even before Carrie Fisher passed. Han and Luke may of had a meaningful death for you, but that's not the case for many others. You know what would be great? Not killing one of our Hero's for cheap&EZ dramatic effect.
  5. But you know they are gunna kill him right? Probably in a dumb way, just like all of our other old original saga heroes
  6. Sweet! Now they can kill him off too...
  7. TBH i agree mostly with what @Captain Lackwit is saying, compared to alot of other people in this thread. You'd think for a game that has a high component of creativity, we'd have several creative solutions to "problem" ships. For this community, compared to many other different gaming communities i've been a part of, that is the exception as opposed to the rule. If FFG exploded right now and ceased to exist, I bet you we'd have not one, but several, build solutions to the "SunFac menace." And I bet you anything that overtime we'd have build solutions to counter those solutions. Everything would probably be fine. Instead I mostly just see a bunch of kneejerk forum complaints for whatever the hot topic of the day is, instead of really taking some time to apply creativity, or try something new. And what have we seen so far? Boba, HWKS, proton torps, rebel beef, quackjumpers, super-natural reflexes, (just off the top of my head anyway) all with 'slight' points-adjustment, but effectively priced out of existence before *most* of them really needed to be imo. It'll happen to the nantex too, whether or not it deserves it.
  8. I think you got it, right here. This is what I think most people saying rebels are "okay" and not "bad" are missing.
  9. Gibbilo

    What's coming next?

    Only a matter of time before we get CIS Savage and Ventress. Whether or not they will be on the same ship release... (I'm also hoping they don't make them crew only)
  10. Don't you mean extended is on borrowed time? For instance, I don't see FFG ever doing a rebel ARC re-print, (for logistical reasons, but more importantly also for reasons of faction identity). ARCs are now forever a republic ship from this point onwards. Would a NEW player really buy an ARC and THEN go buy a rebel conversion kit just to fly as a Rebel ship too but only for the extended formats? I guess someone might...I wouldn't though. It makes more sense to me that hyperspace will be the "official" format (though much larger than it is now), and relegating weird cross-over stuff like rebel ARCS (and probably other things like the K-wing, E-wing, or Scum Scuurg bomber) to the "fringe" play of extended. For this reason I expect most of the upcoming rebel releases to be stuff we have seen on Star Wars Rebels (they already did the Ghost but probably the shuttles, Sabine's Tie, the Wookie Gunship). Also, I prefer extended as opposed to hyperspace. IMO the *only* thing nice about hyperspace is faction identity and mechanics are a bit more clear/unique than extended, but I expect that to disappear with each wave ;(.
  11. See I was thinking brotriplets with the free jamming beam would be hilarious (and maybe even good) at creating a tokenless target for your next two shots. Like a free mini-hotshot copilot. I was thinking Ig88-A, title, jamming beam Ig88-B, title, jamming beam Ig88-D, title, jamming beam 199 points. Has anyone given this jank a try or flown against it?
  12. Excellent blog. Was getting depressed because it seems that all the x wing blogs I used to read are dead. This was a great read!
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