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    What's coming next?

    Only a matter of time before we get CIS Savage and Ventress. Whether or not they will be on the same ship release... (I'm also hoping they don't make them crew only)
  2. Don't you mean extended is on borrowed time? For instance, I don't see FFG ever doing a rebel ARC re-print, (for logistical reasons, but more importantly also for reasons of faction identity). ARCs are now forever a republic ship from this point onwards. Would a NEW player really buy an ARC and THEN go buy a rebel conversion kit just to fly as a Rebel ship too but only for the extended formats? I guess someone might...I wouldn't though. It makes more sense to me that hyperspace will be the "official" format (though much larger than it is now), and relegating weird cross-over stuff like rebel ARCS (and probably other things like the K-wing, E-wing, or Scum Scuurg bomber) to the "fringe" play of extended. For this reason I expect most of the upcoming rebel releases to be stuff we have seen on Star Wars Rebels (they already did the Ghost but probably the shuttles, Sabine's Tie, the Wookie Gunship). Also, I prefer extended as opposed to hyperspace. IMO the *only* thing nice about hyperspace is faction identity and mechanics are a bit more clear/unique than extended, but I expect that to disappear with each wave ;(.
  3. See I was thinking brotriplets with the free jamming beam would be hilarious (and maybe even good) at creating a tokenless target for your next two shots. Like a free mini-hotshot copilot. I was thinking Ig88-A, title, jamming beam Ig88-B, title, jamming beam Ig88-D, title, jamming beam 199 points. Has anyone given this jank a try or flown against it?
  4. Excellent blog. Was getting depressed because it seems that all the x wing blogs I used to read are dead. This was a great read!
  5. In general, I think its way better than most of the community thinks it is. I'll take two ships with crackshot any day over one with predator.
  6. Agree with the CIS sentiment. Sure, the CIS is a little underpowered now. However, I think their mechanics and complexity are set to only get better power-wise, and more interesting in terms of list building.....Republic less-so (seems to me the only interesting thing about republic is the jedi, who are all out. so the faction can only get more boring from here-on out )
  7. Empire and Rebels since the 2.0 release. A tiny smattering of scum. And now, finally, probably resistance and separatists. Resistance because rebels are only getting worse and worse every point update and resistance better and better. Separatists because I finally bought them lol. I have all the FO conversion stuff, but thus far haven't used them once.... The list building synergy...isn't there.... Also, am I a bad person for thinking that republic squads and list building are boring AF?
  8. My guess is that B&N (and also target) are finally realizing how big the games market is. Notice how big their game/lego section has gotten in their brick and mortar stores? Not that I'm complaining....when ever I walk into a B&N the first place I go is the game section :3
  9. Yeah I haven't bought separatists or republic for this reason. I probably will buy one, eventually, and probably not all the ships, but now really waiting to see which faction I want to go in on, if at all. (this compared to 1.0 where I owned ~1 of every ship for every faction).
  10. Yeah contrary to some of the other people here, I think Ions + dedicated is the best way to go. 2-4 of these guys in a mini-ion swarm, all with dedicated, seem like they would be really good at keeping an Ace alive to the endgame (Anakin/Obi/Plo?), all while setting up kill shots/boxes and being annoying blockers. Haven't actually tested this though. Would like to hear from someone who has tried this.
  11. Yeah this was mentioned on reddit even earlier: I think it could be a good list. A lot of HP. Decent damage. Hard to dodge all arcs
  12. I think this is a fundamental misconception that's probably stopping your understanding here. They don't need to catch everything. All they need to do is catch one ship I5 or lower and blow it up on turn one. For 90% of the lists being flow right now, that's easy. That has ripple effects for the rest of the game that generally can't be overcome (***within the time allotted for a game***) because, again, reinforce and the hp pool. I'd also say chances are also decent that they'll manage to kill another ship too along the way before the rest of the enemy list gets behind them, but even if they don't, probably doesn't matter. If the other list falls apart after being forced to split up that's just gravey. *edit* also don't forget if you are focusing one upsilon, that leaves the other two with modded shots against your ships while the single one reinforces. If you try harder to arc dodge, take shots of opportunity, make them spread the reinforce tokens amongst the shuttles, that actually is also just playing into your opponent's strategy because of all the damage spread.
  13. TBH no one is asking the real question. Now that everyone (most everyone) got what they wanted; torps nerfed, barrage rockets nerfed, bombers nerfed, punisher nerfed, Supernatural reflexes nerfed.... What will stand up to the Uuupsilons? Especially in hyperspace? Inb4 we have to wait until July for the upsilon point nerf.
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