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  1. Attack from afar is a great idea and we did this somewhat anyway. Though Monster btw... I think they're too overpowered. Attack from afar is great but monster have a habit of attack you up-close anyway
  2. What are the advantages of the other heroes over those I used?
  3. I only have the base game of descent 2nd edition. I now wonder how to pick heroes and skills that complement each other as best as possible. In my other thread I have written what heroes and skills I've used. Thanx in advance :-)
  4. Any other tips on how to make life "easier" in RtL? Its a dice-based game of course but somehow I/we often get bad luck with bounces if dice
  5. I think we tried many of your suggestions. Thanx for your input. I guess we havent figured out yet how to anticipate which monster goes next and so. Any tips?
  6. Playing in normal difficulty? Yes 4 players Playthrough 1: syndrael, knight-avric, spiritspeaker-widow t, necromancer-jain, wildlander Playthrough 2: grisban, beserker-avric, spiritspeaker-widow t, necromancer-jain, wildlander
  7. Hello! Me and my friends bought Descent this summer and have played it several times but were still beginners. We've tried RtL and we have a hard time with each mission we've played. With the new sequence system we're getting destroyed. Me personally think its too difficult. Also in comparison to the main game. Some tips and tricks ?
  8. If one door is open via lever is another closed and vice versa? Where in the rules can I find this? I interpreted that this isnt so. What is right?
  9. Me and my friends started playing the baron returns. But what is the victory condition? it says when all bubbling vials are carried by heroes or is in OL play area then its over. 1. but what if some vials are in the heroes possession and some in OL possession, is it who has the most vials who wins? or is this considered a "draw"? 2. If lady eliza is defeated and all vials on the map and in the goblins possession are discarded, is it again the one with the most vials who wins? This game really confuses me.
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