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  1. Well, there are rules for armor crafting (Keeping the Peace?), but maybe you can give them (or let them have) some custom schematics. The balance point is usually set at half the price and one less rarity for the parts as a standard bought item.
  2. For Renegade Form it worked fine for me, I just added Lighsaber five times in the Skill Characteristic box, once with each non Brawn characteristic. In theory this allows it to be switched on the fly, but I guess that is unlikely in practice. I doubt there is a way to add it exactly without a program change. Lightsaber as a career skill just doesn't seem to work via the Data Editor for some reason. It worked fine when I edited Talents.xml, so just a bug with the editor I think.
  3. Genesys seems solid from reading it, but is a framework to create games rather than a game in it's own right, as I see it.
  4. It's sad, particularly for those affected by job losses. Doesn't really affect my desire to play the game, though, as it is complete enough, and open enough, to run Star Wars games until the end of time! Edit - Though in an ideal world, reprints would continue!
  5. It is probably also worth noting that with a stagnation of earnings (and least in US/UK) over a considerable period, that as discretionary spending drops, collectables would be expected to drop faster than toys for people's kids. Thus lines aimed at adults will be hit harder.
  6. Totally right, I forget that True Aim is its own thing rather than an upgrade to aim
  7. I find true aim really shines along with the mod that lets you aim as incidental. With true aim you rarely aim twice as you get most of the pay off up front on the first aim, so you aren’t sacrificing much to never spend a manouver aiming. I love anything in this game that downgrades actions or manouvers as it really helps action economy.
  8. JJ brought back JJ's characters and sidelined Johnsons. I don't think having multiple directors helped this trilogy. Sure, it could be going along with previous backlash, but a preference for his own creations is a simpler explanation.
  9. JJ brought back JJ's characters and sidelined Johnsons. I don't think having multiple directors helped this trilogy. Sure, it could be going along with previous backlash, but a preference for his own creations is a simpler explanation.
  10. Yeah, interesting, arguably The Last Jedi (which I actually enjoyed) could be said to be the reverse.
  11. Scavenger made good. Largest pile of scrap in the galaxy and only she knows how to navigate there!
  12. I had the same issue during the movie, but in hindsight, it's just development of the hyperspace tracking technology from The Last Jedi. (JJ level development, of course!) Did anyone else have KOTOR flashbacks with that Fleet? Was definitely getting an Eternal Empire vibe (or maybe Star Forge). I think I could pick holes in that movie for hours, but at least unlike Force Awakens it was trying to tell it's own story, not retell another. As a trilogy, I think it suffered from having very different visions between two directors, and I think it should have been just one (don't really care which one, it's interesting to see what people do with storytelling in a universe all of us here know).
  13. I had similar thoughts, but they were on the lines of if he's a clone, when were the clones from Clone Wars created. We looked it up later, Sifo-Dyas went to Kamino in 42 BBY, and clone army started production in 41 BBY, 50 years before The Mandalorian starts. On the episodes generally (watched them back to back tonight for the first time), seemed more fan service in the first, better direction in the second. Probably because Dave Filoni is more fan than director!
  14. According to Google/Wikapedia: Hands On Throttle-And-Stick HOTAS, an acronym of Hands On Throttle-And-Stick, is the name given to the concept of placing buttons and switches on the throttle lever and flight control stick in an aircraft's cockpit, allowing pilots to access vital cockpit functions and fly the aircraft without having to remove their hands from the controls.
  15. On the top characteristic to 3 or 4 question, for me it is something that is group dependent. With 4-5 players, you probably want a four so there is an area you shine, which others don’t have in the same stat. With fewer players, or players who mostly don’t have 4 in high stats, 3 is fine. it also can depend a bit on role or what your GM throws at you difficulty wise.
  16. I made 10 like that (we had about 6 dice sets, but three Force users with multiple ranks of Force Rating), the addition of some spray varnish made them hardier.
  17. People have different perspectives. It is easy for me, in a position of comfort, not part of any minority, without many personal tragedies, to not be offended by what others want to do. However, it is important to recognise that many have these raw wounds, and that some subjects can cause significant offence.
  18. Cybernetics can cause skills to cap at six (and stats at 7). More likely is true aim, which does an upgrade per rank.
  19. You definitely can do. Most characters with those sort of talents will have ways to remove setbacks anyway (or reduce/downgrade difficulty) - or should get them!
  20. Astrogation check from three ships, all flying together. All rolled despair . . . and came out of Hyperspace as a collision.
  21. Droids I'd like to see more base types to build, as they are rather limited (eg combat droid is minion or nemesis), but GMs can always add them.
  22. There are various backpacks and other similar items (from utility belts adding +1 to military backpack adding +6), as well as some armor mods (Repulsor-assisted Lifting, +5 to +7) and probably other things.
  23. I had two such encounters in the game I ran. One was Sabine, as they contacted the Rebellion on Lothal at a time when she would have been in charge of it. So a bit of fan service there. One was Hondo, as him manipulating the players into stealing a ship for him was just too amusing (plus I knew the party face OOC didn't know him, but the rest did, so that made the encounter so much more fun).
  24. Most memorable duel in our games was between a force user and an Inquisitor, on a gantry, high above a data storage facility being built by slave labour, whilst the hacker tried to shut down the systems, and the rest of the party tried to rescue the slaves and blow up the storage, whilst endless waves of stormtroopers arrived to recapture the facility. The duel ended up pretty cool (force user kept disarming Inquisitor then handing the lightsaber back), but it was the everything else that made it memorable.
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