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  1. Darzil

    Avoiding Dispair while modding

    Some have a house rule that you upgrade past five difficulty when modding. It is a (reasonable) house rule. (Though it’d work very badly with the ship rules where some things have 10’s of mods.)
  2. And defensive states that you need to be wielding the weapon to gain it.
  3. I think I'd rule that if you are gaining Defensive from the shield, then you are using it.
  4. Darzil

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    I’d certainly want the all the players to be engaged though. Whether dice are involved is less relevant.
  5. Darzil

    5 second default Combat Rounds?

    Just make sure the computer check is a fight against some one (or AI etc) defending the system, so the Slicer is having a fight whilst others fight to defend them. Everyone is then doing one action a round and feeling involved.
  6. Darzil

    Why GM Rulings are better than Rules

    Also, it's usually better to make a quick GM ruling than spend minutes looking for a rule. Can always look rule up later and correct for future sessions.
  7. Darzil

    In Stock!!!

    I’d never heard of it and found it first time I searched based on the clue.
  8. Darzil

    Capping stats at creation

    I have a house rule that you can spend xp on characteristics whenever you want, but only up to the levels you could get at character creation. So if you want to have a bunch of talents in session one and buy a stat with 30 xp later you can, but you still can never spend more than starting xp plus 10 (for obligation etc, less any you spend on credits to start) in stars. Also means it is helpfully enforced by Oggdudes.
  9. Darzil

    In Stock!!!

    Aw, no Fully Operational.
  10. The base ability states just "once per game in an urban setting" (Which is reasonably balanced compared to other signature abilities, but a little narratively odd - A bit like sleeper agent) But the full description has fluff about "where the Sentinel lives", and rules reference "chosen urban setting". If I had to guess, they changed how it worked during design/playtesting. Given the conflicts, I'd defer to the only authority that matters. Your GM. (And my advice to them, is unless 90% of your campaign is in one city, make it apply to any - but specify a minimum time exploring the city).
  11. Darzil

    Juyo in the Old Republic

    I couldn't read this without just thinking "watch The Princess Bride".
  12. I reckon success, total belief (the triumphs), but that soldier was either in trouble for something or had some other mission the commander now wants to know about (the despair) !
  13. Page 203 - Resisting force power checks. Against anything other than minions, they'll be having to roll more than just force dice to succeed.
  14. I'd suggest to keep it fairly simple, use stats for the chosen weapon (maybe use energy stats/cost rather than projectile?), two advantages gets you knockdown. Won't get close on raw damage or pierce, but at a fraction of the cost, and you can make it easily enough. The crafting rules aren't really designed to implement the very rare specailist items.
  15. I'd require them to obtain a schematic somehow, reduce rarity by one, halve price, give it a high difficulty and time to create, and slightly reduce the base stats( with things that can be bought back with advantages).