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  1. Yeah, higher encumbrance is not something the shipbuilding rules handles well.
  2. In the same way that paintings of gods in our world prove they all exist, and are not merely visions.
  3. Darzil

    Influence: How obvious is it?

    I'd say noticing is probably something that can happen if you get threat or despair, and sometimes the roll is opposed.
  4. Darzil

    Saber Swarm question

    The same way it works with any other Lightsaber. In the (up to a minute) combat round you can (potentially) hit several times (gains Linked equal to Force rating) with using Lightsaber (Agility)
  5. Would need their reasoning. Adding complications is standard part of GMing. But if you are a GM that always makes the players plans fail outside their control, then maybe you can be a troll too.
  6. Darzil

    What makes someone a rules lawyer?

    My advice is chat about it with the GM afterwards, agree a "go along with GM at the time and look up rule later" approach. There are some rule cribsheets for stuff like combat difficulties, so GM shouldn't even have to get involved in those. Unless GM is asking for advice, then game table is not usually the best place to correct them.
  7. Well, they are situationally superior, for example when engaged in melee or whenever you aren't in a lawless backwater where you can openly carry a (powerful) rifle.
  8. Darzil

    Slicing Remotely

    My usual approach is to come up with good design, but perhaps a bit generic, and staff with the occasional bored or corrupt personnel. There is always something weak, but not always obvious. So, on Gand, an Imperial base had a standard design, but with Gand's thick mists, this meant the perimeter towers were too far apart, and with care an attacker could sneak in, as an example from our campaign.
  9. Darzil

    Let's sell the plans....??

    They are rebels? One impact will be potentially the Empire buying the ships in large numbers ! And maybe profit share rather than cash drop?
  10. Darzil

    Slicing Remotely

    Yeah, not sure they need to be cartoonishly comedic, but if the overwhelmingly powerful enemy isn't a bit careless or stupid or overconfident or all three, they win.
  11. Having seen it a second time, I'm not sure they ever say that. They say if they can use that to get past the checkpoints, they can get off world, and then get a ship. Sounded like they understood that it was just bypassing the checkpoint.
  12. Darzil

    Closed topics

    If someone gets really annoying I stick them on ignore. But I also tend to purge ignore lists every so often. People don’t often stay annoying for a long time. Usually they mellow or get banned anyway.
  13. Darzil

    Table Top Sessions Gone to ****

    Wasn't quite TPK, but back in the 80's, playing Stormbringer, it came close. GM and I were quite into Michael Moorcock at the time, none of the other players had read it much. Around the time my character acquired a demon sword that drained the intellect of foes, giving him power and also zombies in his thrall, things went downhill fast. Ended up as a solo campaign . . .
  14. Darzil

    Sense power

    Plus, it's Star Wars, you'd probably be building up the "dramatic music" for the strong NPC anyway !
  15. Yup, this is a lawless area, hence the western feel. Hopefully we've moved past that in most places of our world now! I like the moral arguments about absolutes. The only thing I can think of that is consistently disapproved of across cultures and time is hypocrisy.