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  1. Overcharge certainly makes sense, would probably go with Eye for Detail too. Our game didn't use the Cybernetic skill, as our high int characters would want Medicine and Mechanics, rather than replacing them with such a specialist skill as cybernetics.
  2. I’d say under no stress on a well known route maybe you don’t bother, but off the well known routes always make a roll.
  3. I find highlighting it helps, though even with that it's hard going if over a few sentences.
  4. As a very very rough guide, it isn't whether the action was right or wrong based on the options you could think of at the time, it is whether it might cause a moral person to have difficulty sleeping. The Jedi did many terrible things during the clone wars, that were certainly justifiable, probably saved lives overall, but some of them fell to the dark side as a result, and some believed they turned from the light.
  5. Epic Ted's answer was better, and more accurate, but mine was right too. This isn't. Because the chance of rolling a triumph on each dice overlaps, the chance that at least one is a triumph is slightly smaller than the chance one is a triumph plus the chance the other one is. You can see this in the extreme case of rolling 12 yellow dice, the chance would not be slightly over 12/12, it'd be less than 100%. In Arlo's, for example, you can see that chance of rolling at least one triumph on two yellows is 23/144, not 25/144.
  6. Chance for one triumph on two dice = chance of rolling it on dice one + chance of rolling it on dice two - chance of rolling it on both = 1/12 + 1/12 - 1/144 = 23/144
  7. I have also used Astrogation to understand planetary mechanics, which has come into play once at least.
  8. Yeah, that paragraph isn't as good in Edge. "In addition, each specialization has career skills. These skills now count as career skills for the character." Or in Age. "In addition, each specialization has it's own career skills. These skills now count as career skills for the PC."
  9. Both, really. At the same xp/credits level a lightsaber master and a gun bunny will have a good chance against each other. However, Han and Vader were not at same level of xp or credits, and Han hadn't invested as highly in combat skills as Vader. Consider the powerful Jedi from the fiction who are basically invulnerable to blaster weapons as very high xp characters (but also remember how well the likes of Cad Bane - high xp gunslinger - does against them in the fiction).
  10. Up to your GM, probably. Either Mentor can't help with Farsight or reduces to 0 xp. I'd probably go with the latter, given GM will have to have first given them a Mentor who can teach Farsight, as a Mentor isn't necessarily able to Mentor all powers.
  11. Was it shift change of guards or shift change of prisoners we crept in on? ie. have we sneaked through into prisoner level or balcony the guards are on? How many guards are there in this warehouse? Are there obvious panic buttons or comm links so they can call for outside help?
  12. I am absolutely not saying you have to use things because they are canon : "Whether your campaign goes there or not" I am saying that whether you (or I) like it, there are things that are canon that other people may want to include, but you (or I) may not. And it's our game, so we can not include it. But we can't say it isn't canon or part of Star Wars.
  13. On 2, also, first post here (under The Force, Sense Force Power) : "Each ongoing effect requires an Action to activate (and you'd need the Force Rating to activate both as well)."
  14. 1. Not sure which rulebook you are looking at, but F&D has it on page 103, second paragraph under Acquiring New Specializations "Also, each specialization has four additional career skills. These skills now count as career skills for the character. 2. Am looking for it. Edit, not found anything definitive, but commiting force dice usually relates to a force power, and pg 282 Force and Destiny Core states "In any case, unless the power's description specifically states otherwise, using the power requires one action in structured time". 3. It is allowed. pg 338 Force and Destiny Core "Cross-game line compatibility". Am struggling to find the rules at present, but the only wrinkle is you can only use Force powers if you have Force Rating 1, including +1 Force Rating, so you need to either start with an F&D Career (as you get 1 Force Rating from Career not Specialization, or from Force Emergent/Exile) - Edit, that is on pg 279 FOrce and Destiny Core.