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  1. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    We’ve not even home brewed them, and just had cybernetics that encase a limb (with links into nerves etc so they cannot be quickly removed again). Don’t think the rules say anything about removing limb first.
  2. I think just that rather than taking a second manouver for 2 strain, you are trading an action for a manouver. Hence not taking 2 strain.
  3. sage's robes

    Just want to point out quickly that this "mods: 2 "add A to combined force checks" mods" is pretty powerful in the hands of a force sensitive crafter with Manipulate, as it'd be a straight +2 advantages to spend improving crafted items.
  4. The Brawn Characteristic and Species

    I guess results and approach can also vary. So the human uses careful positioning and exact lift where the Wookiee of same strength lifts casually with one arm. (thinking of princess bride - “I don’t even exercise “)
  5. Some questions

    pg 175, Force and Destiny Core - Lightsabers cannot be sundered. For calling lightsaber, only way I can see is "The Force is my Ally", which lets you do it once per session. Though if you are just picking something up, it's just narrative flavour to use the force.
  6. FAQ and Errata got updated!

    It is probably write them, then get approvals, then upload
  7. New Erratas

    There was another thread raised on ithttps://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/268776-faq-and-errata-got-updated/
  8. Personally, if I was starting my campaign again I'd give a starting character around 20 xp after starter xp, so they can get things other than characteristics without being gimped, rather than waiting til the end of the first session.
  9. Set for Stun Problems

    There is a crystal that does stun, Kimber Stone. It doesn't crit and has no Breach, Vicious or Sunder.
  10. Overcoming invisibility

    Smoke/Mist/Fog, so you can see (with great difficulty) them moving at medium range or below, from the movement of the visible atmosphere.
  11. Set for Stun Problems

    I find stun situational, but might overrule some of the more powerful stun weapons, in favour of an extension of some of the basic ones. So for example, short as maximum range (as stun setting - unless it is something like firing a stun net, in which case long reload time and medium range), and no pierce or breach (regardless of base weapon - as per kyber crystal that stuns). Could also give something like a hard resilience check to come round during the combat, if there are still combatants up, if taken down, but suffering setbacks afterwards.
  12. I seem to recall swoop bike races including obstacles, if you fell behind then I'd narrate shortcut as creative use of them to gain a boost.
  13. Morality problem

    I pitched an evil idea, not sure how unbalanced it is, of giving the character 1 xp each time they use dark side pips. The lure of easy improvement! Only to be used in a party of force users who want to try to remain light, but might be tempted!
  14. Allowing characteristic boosting yay or nay

    There is a way to boost characteristics using credits. Cybernetics. Can house rule that they can be sheaths that fix over existing limbs if they don't want to cut up their characters - they just need medicine/mechanics checks and a few hours of operation to add or remove. Special Modifications allows building custom cybernetics that add to skills also.
  15. As you've noted, the way the system is designed, offence is largely determined by skills, defence by talents/force powers. If you add skills into defence, then you tilt the system towards drawn out combat, which it has been designed to avoid. Not saying you can't do it as a house rule, but bear in mind that you also change the balance of ranged vs melee considerably if difficulty is affected by skill for one but not the other.