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  1. Cybernetics can cause skills to cap at six (and stats at 7). More likely is true aim, which does an upgrade per rank.
  2. You definitely can do. Most characters with those sort of talents will have ways to remove setbacks anyway (or reduce/downgrade difficulty) - or should get them!
  3. Astrogation check from three ships, all flying together. All rolled despair . . . and came out of Hyperspace as a collision.
  4. Droids I'd like to see more base types to build, as they are rather limited (eg combat droid is minion or nemesis), but GMs can always add them.
  5. There are various backpacks and other similar items (from utility belts adding +1 to military backpack adding +6), as well as some armor mods (Repulsor-assisted Lifting, +5 to +7) and probably other things.
  6. I had two such encounters in the game I ran. One was Sabine, as they contacted the Rebellion on Lothal at a time when she would have been in charge of it. So a bit of fan service there. One was Hondo, as him manipulating the players into stealing a ship for him was just too amusing (plus I knew the party face OOC didn't know him, but the rest did, so that made the encounter so much more fun).
  7. Most memorable duel in our games was between a force user and an Inquisitor, on a gantry, high above a data storage facility being built by slave labour, whilst the hacker tried to shut down the systems, and the rest of the party tried to rescue the slaves and blow up the storage, whilst endless waves of stormtroopers arrived to recapture the facility. The duel ended up pretty cool (force user kept disarming Inquisitor then handing the lightsaber back), but it was the everything else that made it memorable.
  8. We have a bunch of dice, but still run out with our experienced force using party, so I picked up a bunch of blank D12's, which I drew on and varnished. Not as good as the commercial ones, but at least I get more than one force dice per die set!
  9. When dealing with ships much larger than a player star fighter, treat them as terrain with extra upgrades, where despairs are hits. That is pretty much how the movies look.
  10. The player can suggest, and GM can give, permission to use a stat other than the usual one if the situation is appropriate. So the rule is already there. Personally I wouldn’t, on game balance reasons, and I would justify it by saying unless you had appropriate special training (read talent) it takes strength to push an object into someone to cause significant damage. That and that I see Brawn is being for athletic stuff and Agility for hand eye coordination and balance stuff (mainly). also, remember that applying house rules is a thing you should still do fairly. Just because one PC isn’t going to be a munchkin doesn’t mean another will not, and you have to apply the same rules to both.
  11. Normally bonuses are only added when they apply to all rolls.
  12. And on the grenades that is simulated by the base damage being higher than the blast damage.
  13. When we sneaked into an Inquisitorial base to rescue one of our number, our GM had the Inquisitors having Jedi stored in Carbonite, rather than executed.
  14. Cut your losses mate. Enjoy playing with your system with your players, don't worry about convincing strangers on the internet. You won't convince people that your (relatively) complex solution is the answer to their problem if they don't see the problem.
  15. I’d have gone for Streetwise there probably. but depends on what they were finding. Could be all sorts of things.
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