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  1. Now I'm not away from book, there are : Cortosis Shield (FnD core) Cortosis Sword (FnD core) Electrostaff (FnD core) Refined Cortosis Staff (FnD core) Sith Shield (Keeping the Peace) Morgukai Cortosis Staff (Lords of Nal Hutta)
  2. That is for using it against objects, which wouldn't be the same as against a moving target. So Brawl seems a reasonable substitute, though I'd probably apply 1/2 setback dice for using it in a way it wasn't designed for. But by the book it does damage and can be used as a weapon. There weren't enough advantages to activate Burn, though.
  3. The main time not to spend it at character generation is when using starter xp characters in a one off scenario.
  4. Cortosis ones would be immune to sunder, rather than enabling them to parry. There are a couple of melee weapons with Cortosis I seem to recall (away from books at present).
  5. Personally I’d start the nerf by removing the buff you gave them to halve the number of manoeuvres to use them. Costing only one manoeuvre means you can still move or aim or use many talents that you can’t when it needs both. Quick draw can allow it to still take one of course. Per the rules it is one to draw it and one to apply it.
  6. My players have mainly got them raiding imperial bases when they find emergency med pacs on the wall. Going shopping for large numbers of them in imperial monitored towns might not be safe. With numbers limited they are less of an issue.
  7. Can certainly understand that it is considered overpowered to those reducing use for those without quickdraw to 1 manouver from 2. Personally I'd suggest to balance it have them cost a couple of strain to use (which is the same as you are saving the character by reducing manouver cost).
  8. Is there a way to add a schematic ? Would like to add a Rival Combat Chassis Droid, as it'd be nice to have one between Minion and Nemesis.
  9. Main thing my players have pulled off so far was destroying a munitions factory making some new bombs that would have bypassed planetary fields (using Gand Findsman to suicide pilot them), thus meaning Battle of Hoth took place on the ground and that the rebellion escaped.
  10. Away from book, but what the assist maneuver does is documented in the combat section, and adds a single Boost die (some races get to add two). As I say, this is my interpretation, based on the rules, and there is some debate. I suspect maybe even disagreement among developers, due to the wording of the droid brains. Therefore GM call. The call of this GM is that for 8-9k and two mechanics rolls, being able to buy 4 skill in Piloting, Gunnery or Astrogation for 0 xp is unbalanced when compared with anything else you can buy. However, it's still very good even if used as posted above (Extra unmanned gun, 4 skill in Astrogation when not under pressure (and Pilot freed from having to make Astrogation roll under pressure), ~75% chance of reducing Red to Purple via Co-Pilot manouver).
  11. Ok, the way I take this now (after a few threads here) is this: Skilled Assistance is usable in narrative time, not structured time. This means that the brains can during combat or other pressured situation only offer unskilled assistance (extra blue die) or use the skill themselves (2-4 green die). Autopilot can probably make Co-Piloting checks if there is no other Co-Pilot, which could be very useful still. During narrative time, with plenty of time to operate, they can offer skilled assistance (so character's stat and 2-4 skill). I guess this is would be most common with Astrogation and Piloting. This works for me, as if skilled assistance worked during structured time then for less than 10k credits you are effectively giving characters 4 skill with no xp spent, which would be out of balance with the rest of things you can buy. They are still very good though. For how many they can use, it's up to the GM. One per system wouldn't seem that out of whack. Per the rules ship droid brain attachments can only be bought, not crafted, but a GM could add a droid brain rival schematic to enable crafted ones. In that case I would not allow them to be later modded to improve them, the crafting of the droid programming taking the place of that.
  12. I did indeed mean talents not skills.
  13. As a general guide to how the trees are balanced, it you look st them you’ll find all the 2 force power trees have basically no combat skills, the 1 force power trees have very few combat skills on the fastest route to the force power, and those with the greatest level of combat skills have no force power talent. if your proposed tree doesn’t follow that pattern it is unbalanced compared to the existing game.
  14. People can have different opinions without them being less committed, more casual, poorer role playing, taking the easy way out or any of the other personal ways you put it regarding people who differ from you. in among this you make interesting points, but are too easily distracted into talking down to people with different opinions, rather than thinking that isn’t for me and moving on. What we enjoy in Star Wars May be different, it may be the same, it may overlap. That is a feature, not a problem to be fixed. Vive la difference!