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  1. I'll be Dragon for life, but I definitely want to play Crab and Phoenix when I need a change of pace. Strange ... was listening to Covenant Cast a couple weeks ago and it seems like it's not just me on the Dragon-Phoenix-Crab train. It might be a thing.
  2. Not losing my mind, just disappointed. I like being able to keep up with my meta rather than being stomped by cards I don't/can't own (which quite often happens as I'm 16 and only have a job tutoring).
  3. I don't like this decision ... like everyone else said, waaaaaay steeper cost of entry. I hope they cancel it. If they don't, I won't have the packs until January at earliest ... Couldn't they have released a box instead ? I get that they want to accelerate the meta but to me it seems counter-intuitive of the LCG model itself.
  4. WHAT ?! I expect we'll see a preview today, then.
  5. I use fiveringsdb.com a lot. Other than that I'm not sure.
  6. I wish you all good luck! Let the games begin!
  7. Agreed. They've done a ton of work in just the week and a half or so it's been in beta alone. If you think it's bad now ... Did people have a problem with Jinteki.net? Someone enlighten me. It's called "jinteki.net". That's apparently divisive. Does it matter to Jinteki.net players anymore? Probably not.
  8. There is an Etsy seller selling some beautiful L5R playmats that I'm interested in. These are a bit too cheesy for me. I agree that they should print a generic playmat, it would really help newer players. (Including me!)
  9. Anybody else having a problem getting conflict Characters into the Conflict deck? It seems to be automatically putting them in the Dynasty deck for me. I'm really excited for this!
  10. That's a good idea, especially seeing as I still have my Star Wars LCG collection
  11. Hey all, So I know FFG doesn't usually allow the use of dice instead of tokens/counters. I haven't gotten my stuff yet, but I've been watching some L5R videos and it seems a bit difficult to keep track of the skill score during a conflict. On TTS there's a handy dial/counter that you can use to keep track of your total skill. Does anybody know if, in real life, it would it be okay if I used dice to keep track of the skill totals?
  12. Yeah, I know Star Wars: Destiny at least is also on there. I'm just waiting on Ringteki though.
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