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  1. I think you mean during. But, well, we know what you mean and what are semantics between friends?
  2. That's all true. Not sure why I forgot about MEE - as you were everybody!
  3. Yeah just imagine a group of racially diverse companions wandering through an underground mine filled with treasure, goblins, and an evil demon. Tolkien would be rolling over in his grave. Touché. I'm honestly not sure if you disagree with me though.
  4. Harad is in the south. The blue wizards went east. I was all ready to click 'like' on that post up until that point. Agreed with pretty much everything else.
  5. A LoTR dungeon crawler? I think it's pretty safe to assume that the Tolkien estate would block that. And I'd have no problem with them blocking it.
  6. I feel a bit weird linking to this but I have been working on Dìs, as well as a number of other named dwarves, such as Frár, Náli, Flói, Lóni, etc. here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/135002/aules-legacy
  7. Strider. And one more Leadership card? Dwarven Sellsword. Interesting as that card looks, is it just me that thinks the art's a bit off?
  8. Grimbold and Ghan-Buri-Ghan both look great to me, although as a thematic player I don't think I'll be able to fit them into the decks I'm playing at the moment. Also, it's just nice to see Ghan-Buri-Ghan in the game!
  9. Fair enough - mine stand out for not being sleeved! Your strategy is cheaper than mine though.
  10. True, but it only takes one sloppy eedjit spilling drink on it to ruin it I sleeve everything in play. I ony play solo, so if that happens the sloppy eejit is me.
  11. I always love hearing how different people approach this. I sleeve all my encounter cards when I get them but never sleeve the quest cards. My reasoning is that the encounter cards get more use (sometimes in different quests) and get shuffled. Wear and tear on the quest cards should be minimal.
  12. Fair enough. I like to keep my active decks sleeved in the art sleeves so that they're quickly distinguishable from my other cards, which I keep in clear sleeves. Swapping things in and out can be a faff but I don't do it so often that it really bothers me.
  13. Yeah, sorry, I realised that and wasn't sure what the etiquette was here of reviving an old thread versus starting a new one. I do know of one store in the UK that still has stock of all of them but yes, for the most part prices are high now, which suggests scarcity. The fact that there's still stock at all after five years though?
  14. I'm guessing these never sold particularly well and, although I own two sets, part of me does wonder if the choices for the sleeves contributed to this - running your hero deck with a Nazgul or eye of Sauron would be bizarre, the one ring adds nothing over sleeving with standard clear sleeves and Gimli (as others noted here) is not the best picture for enlarging, lacking a little detail. That leaves Golden Wood Singer (Daughter of the Nimrodel), which I can see being popular with those that run Silvan decks, and Gandalf, which is a 'safe' choice. All of that said, I'd still love to see more of these introduced for sleeving different thematic decks now that we can build them - Rohan, Gondor, Dunedain, Noldor, Hobbit, etc.
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