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  1. Wait, I'm a little confused about this. Are you saying I can go beyond my limits by spending extra pips?
  2. Whoa. Where can I read up on that one?
  3. (sorry to start another thread so soon) I'm looking at the Shield Gauntlet and the Energy Buckler in Keeping the Peace, as I'll need some way to stay alive in firefights until I get my lightsaber. They're both tiny energy shields, but is it only the Shield Gauntlet that can be used to Reflect? The buckler is both cheaper, and provides Defence as well as Deflection, which I find appealing as I don't have Parry. Of course, one will typically be getting shot at...
  4. Personally, I quite like the look of the crossguard hilt. +1 Defence is not to be sneezed at.
  5. I'm about to play a force user for the first time, and I would like a couple of things clarified. The description of the basic Move power states "The user may not activate this power multiple times". What does that mean? Does it mean that if I fail to pull a lightsaber out of the snow, I can't make another roll the next turn? What is the significance of certain talents being explicitly listed as Force Talents? If my one Force die is committed to, say, Sense to make incoming attacks more difficult, can I then NOT use Force talents? Does each upgrade listed with a light/dark symbol increase the number of force points I need to roll in order to use it? Say if I want to sense the current thoughts of two living targets a short distance away, will I need FOUR pips? (basic+control+range+magnitude) If this is the way it's done, then it means Force users are a good deal less potent than I thought. I'm still about 100 XP away from my second Force rank, and there's only a 42% chance of rolling a white pip.
  6. I'm going to make my first Jedi character (I've settled on Sentinel: Sentry), and my ST is going to allow a quest for a lightsaber crystal. I'm wondering about what comes next. I remember, at least a year ago, rifling through some book that went into details about what a player has to do to make a lightsaber. Can someone help me out, or at least name the book?
  7. That looks like a solid plan, Underachiever599. I see it won't even take that much more for you to earn a THIRD Force rating. The whole business with the Force rating is one of the things that give me pause, given the low chance of actually succeeding with a power with only a single dot. I mean, yes, I can accept a Dark Side hit to my morality, but that also gives the ST dark destiny ammo to mess with the group. It also looks like you'll be going a while before getting any good at fighting. And isn't the low Characteristics score a handicap?
  8. My group isn't really cut out for the more cerebral kind of games, so being a generally good survivor is kind of my priority here. And I don't like specialising in games; it always leaves you with huge blind spots.
  9. I have only played a Scoundrel, a Hired Gun, and now another Scoundrel in FFG. I'm thinking of switching to a Force and Destiny character. I don't know if my group of lowlifes is a good fit, but I want to at least plan out how I would stat the character out. I'm looking at Sentinel: Shien Expert as a decent mix or useful skills and talents, and here's my version of him with 200 XP (including starting XP): Human. Characteristics: 3 2 2 2 3 2 (60 XP spent) Side Step 5, Conditioned 5, Reflect 5 Parry 10, Toughened 10 Enhance 10, Control (leap) 10, Control (leap again) 10 Sense 10, Control (mind reading) 10, Control (commit die) 10. ... and that leaves 45 XP to spend on skills. How am I doing? You folks who have played Jedi, what has worked for you?
  10. I don't have access to Endless Vigil. But would you mind telling me why you advise against Foresee?
  11. Well... I've been going over the careers some more, and I'm leaning more towards Soresu Defender. I think it has a better array of skills, and once I've worked my way into three ranks of Reflect, I can switch to Protector for a double dose of Toughened, and pick up some good team player talents while working my way towards a second rank in Force Rating.
  12. I'm a bit confused here. I took another look at the weapon list, and ancient sword and vibrosword are both given a damage rating of 2. And yes, I know that's puny compared to blasters, but lightsabre is the only combat skill Niman gets, so I wanted to be at least a little bit capable of actually hitting a foe.
  13. So that's a no-go on Reflect with an ancient sword? EDIT: Ugh, something went wrong with quoting your post, and now I can't remove the quotation bubbles from the post. How the heck does this work? Yeah, it happens sometimes when editing posts. I think that in Star Wars anyone who knew anything about Force Users would recognise the Reflect ability just as easily as a Lightsaber. To reflect you literally must have the ability to tap into the Force and sense the actions others are about to perform. My question was whether a Jedi can use Reflect with an ancient sword, or if it has to be a proper lightsaber.
  14. So that's a no-go on Reflect with an ancient sword? EDIT: Ugh, something went wrong with quoting your post, and now I can't remove the quotation bubbles from the post. How the heck does this work?
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